10 Simple Exercises and Cardio for Beginners

Date: 26-May,2020Last Updated: 26-September,2022
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Exercise is important, do not let anyone tell you otherwise. With the lockdown going strong, we cannot hope to get weak, now can we. So, we compiled together 10 simple exercises to do at home for beginners.

This list contains different types of exercises to do at home while breezing through this lockdown. Stock up your Immunity Power to combat Coronavirus! Keep yourself in shape and feel good, helps, right? Let us get right to it.

Since we have newbies in the house, we will be dividing the list into two-halves, Simple cardio at home, and basic bodyweight exercises. We will begin with cardio and then move onto bodyweight exercises.

What are the benefits of good cardio?

  • Burns fat and helps in weight loss

  • Improves the quality of sleep

  • Expands lung capacity

  • Increases bone density

  • Lowers stress levels

  • temporary relief from depression and anxiety

Let us warm those muscles up:

Different types of exercises

1. Spot jog:

The most basic exercise in the cardio book, the spot jog, is as simple as it sounds. Spread a mat or even on the ground, maybe. Stand in one spot and begin slow jogging. Lift the knees as high as possible and breathing at a steady pace. Mostly considered a warm-up, this makes your body ready for the exercise that it is about to go through. Gets the blood pumping and is the simple exercises to do at home for beginners.

2. Jumping Jacks:

Among the different types of exercises, the jumping jacks are famous for it's "calorie-killer" nature. This focuses on getting the body moving and helps in giving our body a good start to the workout. You must repeatedly jump your feet wide while circling the arms overhead, then back again. Adding this to your exercise list is sure to get your blood hot and pumping.

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3. Mountain Climbers:

Focusing on core strength and endurance, the mountain climbers usually come a little later in the list of exercises chronologically. Running the knees in and out from a push-up position can help build strength in the core while increasing your heart rate and improving your core. Another one of the simple exercises to do at home for beginners.

4. Jump rope:

Simplest cardio at home, the jumping rope, also called the skipping rope is often used by many beginners and experienced athletes and trainers for its great cardio nature. They are also inexpensive, easy to use, and can be done anywhere. Turning a rope with handles repeatedly while jumping over it. This can be coupled with different types of exercises to do at home to make the perfect workout regime.

Bodyweight Exercises

5. Staircase exercise:

Another one of the simple exercises to do at home or apartments accordingly. Walking stairs is an excellent cardio workout, and you can use the steps for a variety of other workouts. This exercise is commonly referred to as strength training by athletes and beginners alike.

This ends our cardio session; now, let us put those warm bodies through some exercises and push your bodies.

Benefits of basic bodyweight exercises:

  • Better balance and flexibility

  • Anywhere and anytime

  • You have control over a variety.

  • Helps develop lean muscle

  • Better for beginners

Now let us get on with the good stuff and start moving our bodies:

6. Push-ups:

This one is a no-brainer; any person who has ever thought about getting in shape must have heard of this one. The push up is one of the simple exercises to do at home for beginners that focus on core and upper body strength. This exercise is a no-equipment exercise hence, making it a popular and most common workout.

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7. Plank:

Some people might even call this torture; this exercise sounds simple on paper, but in practice is something straight out of the belly. The training is best for your core, endurance, and straightening your upper body. This exercise works mainly on the idea of patience, and the 'will' push through. Among the different types of exercises, this should be taken as a challenge.

8. Beast hold:

Yet another one of the simple exercises to do at home for beginners, called the beast hold. The exercise is simple and much less enduring compared to the plank. Focusing on your lower body and waist. Going on all fours, and then lifting your knees off the ground and just above the air". This helps when the posture is maintained perfectly, and the breathing is precisely right.

Types of simple exercises

9. Forward lunges:

An amazingly easy exercise, focusing on the glutes, quads, hamstrings, and core. The workout is all about the right posture and increased reps. This exercise is simple and does not make you feel tired at all. You can mix this exercise by doing it sideways and backward. It is one of the simple exercises to do at home for beginners and can be considered an essential addition to your leg day.

10. Superman hold:

Felt like flying? This exercise is not going to make you fly, but it might just help you feel how the red-capped superhero feels when in the air. Named the 'superman hold' focusing on your glutes and your back.To do this basic bodyweight exercises, lie on your back and lift your arm and legs off the ground so that only your body is stuck to the ground". Feel like superman and look like superman. That is every childhood dream fulfilled.

Not Satisfied with regular home excerices? Create Your Own Gym at Home for pumping your iron in an advanced range!

With these simple exercises to do at home for beginners, you, too, can start your fitness journey and push forward for that amazing body you wanted. Using the different types of exercises to do at home, especially basic bodyweight exercises, you can effectively create your workout regime. That is just for you.

Superman is not coming close to this kryptonite!

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