Looking for Properties in Hyderabad? You've come to the right place! , But before that let us give you an overview of Hyderabad. The metropolitan city is the largest in Telegana and the current common Capital of Andhra Pradesh and Telegana. It is currently one of the rapidly growing metropilitan cities in India, with the service industry monopolizing over others. The city is also dubbed "Cyberabad" and has over 1500 IT and ITES companies fueling to it's ever growing economy. It also houses various tech congolomerates such as Apple, Amazon, CISCO, Microsoft etc.

Yet another major industry is the real estate in Hyderabad and the properties in Hyderabad being one of India's most sought after investment options. Compared to other mega cities of the nation, Hyderabad remains serene and free from the heavy hustles of urban culture. The apartments in Hyderabad is very much in demand compared to the other segments such as Villas in Hyderabad.

Hyderabad is also called the "genome valley of India" and "Pharmaceutical Capital of India" because of it's extensive Medicinal Drugs and Pharmaceutical industry. The city also accounts for one-third of the country's total drug production.

Hyderabad is also one of the historic cities that have been part of various reigns, of which the famous were Mughals and Hyder Ali. This makes the properties in Hyderabad especially the independant houses as well as flats in Hyderabad, blend mughal, nizam style and traditional Indian architectural styles in their aesthetic structure.

Living in Hyderabad

Hyderabad is also known for it's cosmopolitan culture and it's ever growing industries, makes it one of the best regions for job seeker to migrate. The climate is a pleasant tropical version much like many of the South Indian metros except for Bangalore. Though Telugu and Urdu are the major languages spoken,
The properties in Hyderabad also houses an extensive line of affordable apartments in Hyderabad for the young professionals looking for a change from the usual work destinations. So is your heart still yearning for a flat, a villa or any properties in Hyderabad?






Prestige Ivy League search-icon Hitech City Road,Hyderabad

Prestige Group

2 , 3 , 4 BHK

5 Acres

90 L-2.37 Cr

ready-to-moveReady to move in



Prestige High Fields search-icon Nanakram Guda,Hyderabad

Prestige Group

2 , 3 , 4 BHK

21.85 Acres

64 L-2.03 Cr

ready-to-moveReady to move in



Prestige Royal Woods search-icon Himayat Sagar Road,Hyderabad

Prestige Group

3 , 4 BHK

24 Acres

1.8 Cr-3.78 Cr

ready-to-moveReady to move in



Salarpuria Sattva Magnus search-icon Shaikpet,Hyderabad

Salarpuria Sattva Group

2 , 3 , 4 BHK

5.4 Acres

69.41 L-1.69 Cr

under-constructionUnder Construction

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