Tips for Creating A Meditation Room

Date: 14-July,2020Last Updated: 26-September,2022
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Amongst all the hustle and bustle, who doesn’t want a mental getaway? Here are a few “Meditation room ideas” for you, to help find and design your zen spot at home, staying rooted in peace!

We are in this continuous cat and mouse race , and now, more than any time, we need time for contemplation to calm our nerves. Tied up between office work and home chores, the baggage of responsibilities might have taken a toll on your emotional health.

Now, what can be done to better the situation? Certainly, meditation can help! Yes, meditation can help! Let us try easing the tension a bit, practically by finding and creating a meditation space in our respective houses! This is the prime reason why we have come up with meditation room ideas for you!

Firstly, and most importantly, we can explore the validity of arranging such a setting at home! And also know the scope for “meditation room ideas” at present.

Here are a few reasons why –

1. A Room for Peace –

room for peace

Matter-of-factly, we distinguish rooms in separate, considering the purpose it is to serve. For instance, the dressing room for grooming and the dining area to eat. Likewise, a distinct room for the sole purpose of meditation can bring in the sense of reason and grounds to find solace in. Obviously, a room to ward off all negativities, shedding the needless anxieties.

2. A Spiritual Abode –


Often researchers take a stand that a regular meditating spot evokes a certain aura and positive vibration. By isolating a room for the only objective of meditation, outside nuisance and white noise can be checked.

3. Building a Setting –

While some people believe that they find meditating sitting in the bedroom cot comfortable enough, most of the fact-finding results prove otherwise. Meditating on the floor on a mat, rather than on the bed in a room with zero hindrances, always help usher better concentration.


As you have been guided with insight into why we require a different room for mental reflection, let us see tips on creating a meditation space!

These can be a few meditation room ideas that can find a place in your checklist while you are in the process of organizing it all!

1. Choice of the spot –

  • Neat and well lit – A room with less clutter, more natural lighting and the limited amount of distraction is a clear winner!

  • Room with a view – If you can find a little space opening up to your garden, patio, or view, it can be a perfect option.

  • Ventilation – Ensure there is enough breathing space as the flow of fresh air can contribute wholesomely to your meditating experience.

2. Choice of setting –

choice of setting

The three important aspects of it include – lighting, sound and the scent. All three can contribute, help elevate and cast a positive spell on the mood like no other.

Wall scones, candle light holders, aroma vaporizer cum night lamps, pendant lighting - A little something for you to refer!

  • Sound – Play calm and soothing music. Podcasts on meditative sessions can now be easily available in your very hands, thanks to smart phones! But while you stick to the latter, always keep a note to turn off the background notification fuss!

Ambient music therapy is a profound meditation room idea. It is found to take mindfulness in meditation to a whole new level. Sounds of nature can also help you relax and set a calming vibe in the room. Also check on yoga mediation studio music sessions!

Aroma – It is found that aroma oils in their right blends has curative effects and can help blossom a pure sense of clarity and calmness to your body. Our olfactory systems get stimulated with the whiff of essential oils and that can indeed regulate the pace of breathing, reducing stress and releasing pressure knots.Aroma oil warmer and tealight, richly scented natural wax candles and ceramic aroma burners are having a hike in trend today!

3. Choice of room décor –

choice of room decor

The salient points to note:

  • The palette – Go for eye pleasing colours – neutrals or grey. Earth-tone colours are also a go to. Avoid flashy colours that forces your zoning out! For the prime goal of self-rumination must be to grab your attention in the base and staying put to it.

  • Seating – The posture is the most relevant part of yogic meditation. Few essentials of it – having a straightened back, proper positioning of hands and feet, relaxing jaws and shoulders. Be what your seating style – cross-legged or curled lotus feet, everything that you intend to practice, might be to indulge deeper in inner peace. And for that, you require to be seated properly. Mediation rugs and even chairs can help you support it.

Cotton rugs and lotus meditation chairs made of certain types of wood, like wicker and cane are available both online and offline in the markets. Putting a mat over a hardwood floor is highly preferable for strengthening the spine. You can also use soft cushions and foam pillows in the roof to make it cozy and at the same time comfortable.

  • Accessories – Eye masks, orthopaedic pillows, draft guards to eliminate external noises, white noise machines, pleasant essential oil and aroma diffusers, dream catchers, Mandal wallpapers and stickers are some of the meditation room ideas that can interest you!

You can also collect and keep a row of books on meditation and its importance – Books on Buddhist perspectives like “Miracle of mindfulness”, “Wherever you go there you are” or “Loving kindness: The revolutionary art of happiness”.

Meditation is the subtle art of understanding yourselves better and connecting to oneself, thereby amiably developing harmony with surrounding nature and people. Having a space at home solitarily devoted to its practice is, therefore, a bonus.

So that was about Meditation room ideas – Tips for creating a meditation space” for you! Hope you found the piece of information fruitful!

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