Benefits of Snake Plant in your Home and Office

Date: 25-June,2021Last Updated: 11-October,2022
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Numerous plants are deliberately put around the home both for aesthetics as well as feng shui or vastu. However, a few of those same plants offer physiological advantages as well.

The snake plant is just one such plant that is renowned because of its attractive appearance as well as its ability to improve the quality of air. Snake plant, also known as mother-in-law's tongue, is indeed a robust succulent that may reach a height of fifteen centimeters to several feet tall. Snake plants provide a variety of physical advantages with the additional benefit of providing some tranquillity.

Sansevieria trifasciata is a popular indoor plant that is indigenous to Asia & Africa. It can be distinguished by the erect, evergreen sword-shaped blades which mimic fake herbage. Snake plants are popular as houseplants because these plants are attractive, low maintenance, & need minimal irrigation to thrive.

These plants are regarded to have been reasonably harmless; however, if ingested, they can be moderately poisonous. In case it is consumed in excessive quantities, its blades contain a toxin that can induce inflammation and stiffness of the mouth and tongue. It is advised to keep this plant far away from infants and pets who are inclined to nibble.

Narrow, green blades with grey or silver horizontal stripes are by far the most typical snake plant herbage. It may reach a height of a few feet and thrives in dim-lit conditions.

Snake plants come in a range of Shapes and Sizes.

Some of the most popular ones are:

  • Bird's Nest Snake Plant: This variety, which is sometimes also known as the Hahnii, is petite, reaching just fifteen centimeters in height. Its blades form a bunch that vaguely resembles a cup, comparable to something like a bird's nest.
  • Cylinder Snake Plant: The spherical blades of the Sansevieria cylindrica could expand to be several feet tall. Its blades form a coronet that reaches outwards.
  • Laurentii Sansevieria: Laurentii is a well-known snake plant with a greenish core & yellow edges.

Let's take a look at the primary features of Snake Plants & the reasons for which they must be in everybody's homes and offices.

Advantages and Benefits of Snake Plant

1) Organic Air Filter:

It eliminates additional pollutants from the atmosphere, including benzene, xylene, trichloroethylene, and formaldehyde, as well as accumulates exorbitant levels of carbon monoxide & generates 02 twenty - four hours a day, seven days a week.

2) Plants that withstand Paucity of Water

Snake Plant is a succulent that could survive really well without water in a variety of climates like summertime. Hydrating this plant maybe once every month throughout wintertime enables them to thrive, however excessive irrigation damages or kills them entirely.

3) Tackles Both Outside and Domestic Air Contamination

According to the latest studies, domestic air contamination might be just as deadly as exterior air contamination. There seem to be numerous methods to minimize domestic & external air contamination, but the choicest route is to grow Snake plants both at home and office as well as outside because these plants flourish in all environments and therefore can endure intense sunshine something very few domestic plants could.

4) Generous O2 Provider

According to conceptual research released at Harvard, snake plants, aka Sansevieria, are amongst the greatest 02 supplying houseplants, and their physiological advantages for human beings cannot be overstated. Toxic substances are effectively absorbed by the snake plant, & O2 is released into the atmosphere. This plant could exude dampness into the atmosphere, thereby significantly reducing the danger of respiratory infections.

5) Anti-Cancer Shield

Snake Plant's capacity to consume and eliminate harmful air contaminants & cancer-causing chemicals makes it an ideal alternative to treat and prevent this fatal sickness.

6) Nocturnal Carbon Dioxide Absorber

Snake plant lowers Carbon dioxide even at night-time. Dry weather acclimatized succulents typically conduct a certain sort of photosynthesis. These plants widen their stomata throughout the nighttime to reduce moisture evaporation when in warm climates.

7) Requires only Minimal Fertilizers

Snake Plants have established themselves as one of the plant kingdom's best minimal low maintenance varieties. This can withstand direct sunlight, complete shade, as well as a shortage of irrigation and fertilizer. In conclusion, it flourishes even when unattended for extended periods of time, & organic fertilizers may be used maybe once every month if necessary.

8) NASA has given its Approval

The renowned NASA experiment on houseplants during 1989 demonstrated that plants having larger blade base area work as superior organic air purifying plants & the Snake Plant is one of such plants.

9) It Looks Great

Aside from being one of the greatest air cleanser indoor plant, it also stands out for its decorative appearance, that is both distinctive & dazzling. The plant's dense as well as towering leaves featuring hues of green, yellow, and grey in its leaves make this a stunning, fascinating, & desirable domestic plant.

So these are some points to consider if you really want a snake plant in your home:

  1. Please don't over irrigate the plants: Snake plant is susceptible to excess water. Excessive moisture can cause decay, so keep a snake plant in a container with good drainage. Water the plant only if it is fully dry.
  2. Minimal sunshine is preferable. Snake plants thrive in moderate sunlight. It can, however, bloom in dark niches or sunnier settings. If the plant is totally shadowed, its blades might turn out to be drab and lifeless. It is one of the best Low Light Indoor plants.

If there had been an award for the most resilient plant, the snake plant (would undoubtedly be amongst the leading contenders).

Its management is simple. Such plants may well be ignored for weeks or even months, and they still will appear good, thanks to their succulent blades a well as their detailed form. Furthermore, these plants seem to have no or minor parasite issues. Therefore, it can be concluded that these make the ideal indoor-plants list.

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