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5 Different Types of Floor Tiles: Classy Tile Designs

Date: 19-September,2020Last Updated: 7-October,2020

Tiles make your home looks beautiful, and they are also the most popular flooring solutions used these days. Moreover, tiles are strong and durable and also give your home a classy look. Tiles are easy to clean and maintain; they come in a wide variety of designs and colours that make your house more beautiful.

There are different types of tiles, among them, the five best are:

1. Ceramic Tile

Ceramic tile is the most common type of tile found in the home because it has many applications. This tile has increased durability, making it perfect for any room in the house, such as bathrooms, kitchens, or even entrances. Ceramic tiles are very easy to install, clean, and comes in many different tile designs which can fit anywhere.

ceramic tile

The ceramic tile has a clean, uniform result. Make sure you understand the difference between the glazed and unglazed tile. While glazed ceramic tiles provide more protection for longer-lasting floors, unglazed gives a rustic, artistic finish.

2. Porcelain Tile

porcelain tile

The other most common types of tiles are porcelain tile. The porcelain looks like natural wood, stone, or brick, and they don't even need much of the maintenance. You get the same decent finish without any of the maintenance. Moreover, it is an all-purpose tile and comes in many different tile designs, colors, and styles. It is also versatile with different types of colors and designs. Porcelain tile can be used outdoors, as it will not crack or fade. Other places to use porcelain tile are bathroom or kitchen, and kitchen backsplashes.

3. Glass Tile

glass tile

These tiles are a fantastic option for natural stone. Glass tiles can be easily cleaned with any acidic foods like lemon and vinegar or red wine without any permanent staining. These types of tiles also offer an aesthetic and clean look. The glass tile comes in different tile designs, but it cannot be used in high-traffic areas like the bathroom or kitchen floors. Instead, it can be used in smaller applications with less traction, such as desks, tabletops, or the fireplace.

4. Cement Tile

Cement tiles are used since the starting of the 19th century, and even now, peoples are using it in modern interior designs.

cement tile

Cement tiles come in different tile designs and are extremely versatile, providing you with amazing patterns and colors. These types of tiles are extremely porous. They can also be "sanded" & resealed, like wooden floors, if their color fade over time. Cement tile must be resealed once a month to maintain its beauty. Cement tiles are best used in low-traffic areas and small quantities.

5. Marble Tile

Though marble tiles are costly, it adds an instant touch of refinement and elegance to any room. These tiles add beauty to your kitchen or bath; also, laying down marble tiles upgrades the space. It comes in different tile designs with different texture and depth, as it's veined or patterned.

marble tile

Apart from its costliness, marble tile requires a lot of maintenance and care. Like any stone or rock, marble tiles are susceptible to stains and scratches, making it quite difficult to clean. As this marble tile is are difficult to remove scratches, etching, or stains, it is best suitable in low-traffic areas. Many homeowners do not use marble in countertops, but instead, they use marble tile in decorative features, such as columns, backsplashes, and shower floors. By using it in smaller applications, you can also save your budget.

Above are the five best types of tiles for your home.

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