How to Take Care of Plants at Home?

Date: 22-January,2022Last Updated: 26-September,2022
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Ready to be a proud plant parent?

Don't have a clue? We got you covered!

After all our blogs and articles on plants, it's only natural that we give you guys Plant care tips on how to take care of plants.

But before that, you'll have to know that though watering plants are the very base of plant care, there are many other plant care tips you have to know about, from lighting to soil types.

The time for showing off your Green Thumb has finally come!

Here are some of the,

Simplest and Effective Plant Care Tips

1) A Big No to Over or Under Watering

As mentioned above, one of the common reasons for killing your plants is that once you understand the concept of over watering and under watering, you are halfway there.

So what is Over Watering?

Over watering your plants happens when you leave too much water at the roots for a long period of time and can kill your plant because it doesn't have any air or room to breathe.

If you see that the soil is very wet and begins to turn dark, this means that your plant is overwatered. The leaves will begin to wrinkle up and fall off, showing both under watering and overwatering.

How to prevent over watering?

Always look for signs that show whether there is an abundance of water or water overflowing from the pots. Use pot with holes at the bottom so excess water can drain properly. Basically, check if the pot allows proper drainage before buying them. Spray some water over the top layer of soil lightly every now and then to let the soil breathe.

What is Under Watering?

Under watering happens when you leave too little water at the roots for a long period of time.

When you under water your plant, it will wilt because of lack of hydration and may begin to die. It shows symptoms similar to overwatering but with less severe wrinkling of the leaves.

2) Temperature Matters a lot

Temperature affects how well your plants grow because, in extreme temperatures, they won't be able to get the nutrients they need to survive. If your indoor plants are exposed to too much sunlight or if the room's temperature is too hot, it will cause damage or even death to your plants.

If you have temperatures that are consistently hotter than 90 degrees Fahrenheit, then move potted plants away from windowsills that get direct sunlight throughout the day. You can also get a grow light that can provide enough light without overheating your plant.

The cold slows down the rate of gas exchange between leaves and air, which will greatly affect the growth of your plants. If you observe that your plant's leaves are wilting, curling up, or turning yellow, it could mean that your plant is suffering from exposure to low temperatures. In such cases, get a grow light immediately.

3. Pot Size

The size of the pot you choose has an impact on how well plants grow because they need room to breathe at the bottom of the pot. The roots should be able to fit in without constricting their growth which can lead to death if the pot indirectly squishes them. There are 2 ways to determine pot size:

a) Diameter of the pot should be at least 4 times bigger than the plant's width, so it gives enough room for the roots to breathe and grow freely.

b) Make sure there is enough space between your plant's roots and the rim of your pot because this is where water accumulates, causing root rot when overwatered or suffocation when overwatering.

Getting the right pot type is one of the top plant care tips.

4. Nutrients and Soil Type

Nutrients play a major role in your plants' development, especially during the vegetative growth stage, where they receive most of their nutrients.

Some mediums like soil and bark have natural fertilizer properties, but if you're using a medium that doesn't include fertilizer, then it's important to follow some plant care tips.

Use only distilled or purified water for very sensitive plants. Use hydroponics as an alternative method because they require less maintenance than others.

Abundant nutrients + plant care tips = Healthy growth!

If you're using a non-organic brand of potting mix, fertilizers, and other nutrients, then follow the instructions on the label for guidance.

Overfertilizing can have negative consequences, just like under fertilizing, so be very careful with what you put in your pot because it will affect how well your plant grows.

If you're not using any types of nutrient supplements, then I suggest that you use organic brands which are more beneficial for overall plant health without poisoning them.

So, folks, these are the basic plant care tips that can protect your plant babies and make them survive and thrive!

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