How to Reduce House Maintenance Cost

Date: 3-April,2021Last Updated: 1-October,2022
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If "How to Maintain your House" or "How to Reduce House Maintenance Cost?" is your question, then worry no more. It is something that we all ponder from time to time too!

Looking at stunning minimal houses with clean interiors and wondering how they do it. How do they have such great house maintenance, keep low house maintenance costs? How are they maintaining a house like that? What is their secret?

Fret no more, and we got some simple yet basic ideas to clean up your homes and make them better, MUCH BETTER!

1. Do not Blow The Dust Around!

The first mistake that we make during our house maintenance is the simplest. We blow dust around compared to cleaning the place up. Whenever we see a dusty table, we proceed to blow the dust off rather than make an effort to take time and clean the dust off. The best way is to have small dust clothes which can get the job done if it is a little wet with water or any cleaner of your preference will do the trick too.

2. Clean the Air Ducts and not just the visible ones!

This is only in cases where one has an internalized air system, which is becoming more common. With the need to keep low house maintenance costs, regular self-cleaning of the air ducts can lead to better air that one breathes helps in their health. An essential House maintenance element that must be considered all around the clock, but it is something we let go of due to the tedious nature.

3. Control Dust Mites in Your Bed to have a peaceful sleep!

You may have seen the videos about dead skin, dander, and dust mites piling up in your mattress over time. They build up in bedding and pillows, and other parts of the bed. This is another great tip at house maintenance! Reduce this by vacuuming the mattress seasonally and laundering your bedding regularly. This is another one of the underrated ways of house maintenance.

Here is what to wash in your beddings :

  1. sheets and pillowcases

  2. Mattress covers, duvet covers, and uncovered comforters

  3. Duvet inserts, bed skirts, bedspreads, and pillows

4. Vacuum the Right Way and not in the RIGHT way!

The general rule in house maintenance is to vacuum each room wall-to-wall once a week. However, there is more to it than just pushing the vacuum back and forth. Work in slow, overlapping strokes and strokes. Most of us vacuum too fast, so the machine doesn't have a proper chance to suck up all the dirt and dust. Moreover, once you've cleaned the walls, turn at a right angle, and then proceed to vacuum the room wall-to-wall yet again. You'll get up much more dirt when you vacuum the floors the right way.

5. Use the Right Equipment to Clean Dust. You probably might be doing it wrong!

Feather dusters are retro and cuter, but they do a horrible job of removing dirt and dust. Even if you follow the recommendations to stroke the surfaces instead of just "tickling" them, the dust will fall out of it as you walk out of the room. Your vacuum's better with the soft-bristled dusting attachment can do a fantastic job cleaning drapes or curtains, mini-blinds, and baseboards could be a step closer to maintaining a house.

6. Use the Dryer Sheet Trick, and yes! It does work!

The drier the indoor air, the more dust you'll see in your home. That's because dry air leads dry skin to shed flakes. Even Parched indoor air also leeches moisture out of your furnishings and the paint to cracks. If you have a home humidifier system, keep it in using it continually during cold spells. Thus humidifiers and diffusers can help in house maintenance.

7. Minimize Clutter!

It makes sense, doesn't it: the less stuff you have sitting around collecting dust, the less dust you'll see in your homes? So, for getting your home's dust problem under control, you need to deal with the clutter issues first. Keep countertops all clear of things you don't use daily. Give away or donate clothes and other things you're tired of or which no longer fit you or your taste. STOP HOARDING! Hang up clothes and keep your closets clean so they're easy to vacuum, therefore making it the best way for house maintenance.

8. Replace Your Old Carpets NOW!

Modern home buyers prefer hardwood flooring for an excellent reason, and one major one being, it's cleaner! Over time, carpets trap dirt beneath their pads that even the very best vacuum can't completely remove them from underneath. Shampooing or steam and cleaning your carpet properly helps as a pro tip in house maintenance, but don't let your carpet wear out, fade and tear faster. Then it further adds carpet fiber fragments and adhesives to the dust flying around in your home. If you can afford it, then please replace your carpets with hardwood flooring. It is so much easier to keep it clean! You will notice this within a month of installation, if not sooner. Another easy way for maintaining a house.

9. Groom Pets Outdoors As And When You Can!

Our furry friends aren't just all about love and companionship alone. They create an extraordinary amount of dust by shedding dead skin and hair all-around your house. From your bedroom to your dining rooms, anywhere they move, they leave their mark. Regular grooming helps keep them under control. Brush them outdoors, and fluff will stay out of your home. Gather the dust and flakes up in a towel or paper when you're done and shake it outside. This is an underrated house maintenance tip.

10. Clean Your Air Too on Cleaning Days!

Ironically, cleaning your home again sends a lot of dust flying around! Rather than letting it settle down on the furniture or floors, put your home's HVAC to work. No matter the time of the year, this trick to house maintenance does the job. You can do this by simply turning on your system's fan while you clean, at least 15 minutes longer. The fan will "sweep" the air through and through with the help of your home's filter, which will, in turn, remove any dust you disturbed while cleaning. Be sure to shut it off later, and your furniture will stay dust-free for longer.

What you might not realize is the major reason for most maintenance requirements is dust. water conservation helps in improving the quality of your drinking water So wait no more and kick start your house maintenance with these steps and tricks and watch how your workload and your cost of house maintenance reduce!

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