How to Rainproof or Waterproof your Home in the Monsoon Season

Date: 19-February,2021Last Updated: 26-September,2022
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What is waterproofing?

Waterproofing is a method that prevents water from penetrating your private home. Rainproof measures are very vital because it helps hold your home dry. It facilitates less humidity inside the house and thereby protects matters inside your property from damages due to humidity or water exposure. It is also essential for the veracity of the building.

Importance of waterproofing house:-

It's necessary for waterproofing your home. Indoor areas of the house should be kept dry from the roof to the basement. Water infiltration can lead to damages which include insect infestation, mildew, and in worst instances, building failures. Waterproofing houses earlier than construction will avoid these problems.

Some crucial significance of waterproofing are listed below:-

  • Building policies:-

A waterproofing house is one of the necessities for many production works. Waterproofing contractors follow certain safeguards to ensure secure and sustainable use.

  • Risk prevention:-

For any construction, it's vital to have the proper waterproofing solutions to save the building from destruction. If the waterproofing is performed poorly, it will lead to harm to belongings and valuables and to risk for human health.

  • Save you from unnecessary expenses:-

It is wiser to spend money on preventive threat measures than to pay for damage maintenance. Any building requires ordinary protection to shield it from harm because of water, and rooftop waterproofing is an effective safety measure. Restoration of a building damaged water may be very expensive, mainly reinforced concrete buildings subjected to corrosion.

Ways to waterproof your home this monsoon:-

Wall cracks are mostly the primary sign of damage that you could notice in your private home. Both the outdoors and indoors walls can be affected by rains. If the walls are not covered with waterproof paint, then water may seep in and form cracks. This may additionally lead to a fungal increase and musty odor in your living space. So keep an eye fixed on these wall cracks and talk to your architect in case you want a few assists. Always try to choose rainproof paints for your home whilst making plans to get your home or apartment painted. Fungal growth or mold can be removed by the use of cleaning components like bleach or a disinfectant liquid.

  • Take a look at pipes and gutters:-

Frequent rains can purpose clogging of drain pipes and water outlets in your house. In case you discover leakages on any of the pipes, contact your plumber and get it fixed before it gets worse. Additionally, water-logging around your house can result in the breeding of mosquitoes and other insects. Try to clean the drainage holes to ensure a smooth and easy flow of rainwater.

  • Make arrangements for proper ventilation:-

Ensure good ventilation for your rooms to create extra freshness and prevent bad odors. When it stops raining, keep in mind to preserve the windows open to permit air to waft in. Using a dehumidifier will help reduce the dampness and musty smell brought about due to the growth of mold & mildew.

  • Protect wooden floor and furniture's:-

Do not expose any wood fixtures to the rains as it could harm the wood and make it useless. The dampness and moisture in the surrounding can spoil the wood and leather upholstery. Wipe your furniture's with a dry material to cast off mold and fungus developing on the surfaces. If your house has wood flooring, get it covered with was or polished to make it rainproof. Place your wooden furniture far from doorways and windows. The use of camphor balls or cloves inside your wooden cabinets and closets will help to take in moisture and keep your house waterproof.

  • Waterproof ceilings and walls:-

It's a remarkable concept to waterproof the dampened walls in your rooms as well. In such cases, it is continually better to get help even though it's late than never. Then it's about waterproofing ceilings which may leak(this commonly happens in bathrooms if your roof/ the toilet above your floor hasn't been waterproofed properly). You may also deal with these with effective proofing strategies. This could, in reality, prevent a lot of problems ultimately.

  • Making waterproof house with the windows and doorways rainproof:

The most common trouble one witnesses throughout the rainy season is that of pieces of furniture soaking the atmospheric moisture. This makes them swollen unfit to get into space completely. As a consequence, rains might also pour into the interiors of the house. To avoid this, it's much better to cover the door and window fabric with moisture-proof solutions. That is one of the most crucial guidelines for a waterproof house this season that is often ignored. Also, it's really helpful to touch up the screws of the bolts and latches of these entries to the house for better locking.

  • Defend the exterior walls:-

Outdoor walls are exposed to rainwater, high humidity, and moisture, which can travel through the layers and affect the interior walls; Water-proofing chemicals are available for many utilizations, inclusive of concrete, plaster, paint, and so on. You can still use some of these simple remedies based on climatic situations. Sealing cracks is critical. To prevent seepage, outdoor waterproofing paints are required for the outdoor walls.

Waterproof paint will create a barrier to the rainwater and moisture and save you damp walls in your house. Waterproof the roof is just as critical as external waterproofing walls. The terrace is uncovered to harsh weather situations, and water without any problem accumulates on the surface resulting in leakage and damp patches at the interiors. Roofs must preferably have a waterproof roof coating that acts as a sealant and stops seepage of water.

  • Looking after carpets:

Though the carpets are one of the finest additions to a house, those may also lose their crispness during the rainy season. Those might also end up on the ground for the development of mold and different allergens if they soak up moisture. Thus, it's far necessary to roll them up and save them for future use by wrapping them in a waterproof, plastic cowl so that you can relax in your Waterproof house. It's going to help retain its newness long after the wet season is over.

  • Wrapping the contents of the balcony in plastic:

Because of lack of area, balconies provide more storage solutions in a small-sized flat. Covering the balconies with plastic sheets and packing the valuable waterproof and rainproof covers facilitates the house owners to make the house rain-safe in all components.

Experience the rain from your waterproof house without getting tensed about the leakage. Now, unwind yourself on a recliner, sip espresso and enjoy the weather. Rains convey high-quality relief from the sizzling summertime warmth, and it's a season that all of us look forward to.

But suppose you don't put together a waterproof house for the rainy seasons. In that case, you could have to face many unpleasant incidents each day.

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