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Date: 28-January,2021Last Updated: 1-October,2022
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A modern home is far bigger than the home of just 30 years; therefore, a far greater chance of being more cluttered and unorganized! Therefore the growing need to find ways to organize home!

Anything in excess means most time is spent maintaining and de-cluttering our living spaces to keep some semblance of order in our happy family.

Most of us don't want to spend our evenings and weekends outside these days and have a more of a work-at-home routine going on which has put us knee-deep in clutter making us never sure where anything is.

Let us begin with looking at the simple home organization methods we can follow:

1) Hide that cluttered bookshelf!

By simply installing a spring-loaded curtain rod and a set of curtains, you can hide that cluttered bookshelf whether it's in the hall or a part of your room organization, and this will make your room not only look less clutter in illusion but also look a lot tidier although it is hiding a much greater clutter behind it than around it.

2) Donate old books and magazines or exchange them!

Since we are speaking of a de-cluttering bookshelf why are you still keeping those space-hogging novels, magazines or even cookbooks (Photocopy favourite recipes and slip them into plastic sheet protectors inside a binder)? With the increase in the number of e-book readers, why not convert to those too and this way you will be saving a lot of space, money and even helping the environment by reducing your carbon footprint.

A pro tip is to store your library books and rented videos in a box in your living room or another place near where you'll use them and keep your library cards and video rental cards there as well so, you'll always be reminded if anything's due when you go to collect your rental cards.

3) Label it!

The first thing anyone would recommend to organize homes is to Label it! Labelling is not just for files and folders, by getting a label-maker is a life-changing step to home organization. You can label everything from Kitchen shelves, storage containers, bookshelves, coat racks and help you out with the endless amounts of clutter.

4) Empower your kids to get organized around the home too!

By involving the kids more into organizing home activities, you are not only making it a fun family activity but also making them more responsible individuals. Give them their own alarm clocks and post morning checklists organized by daily, weekly, and monthly to-dos and post them on a bulletin board of things they need to do before they proceed with the day. Why be the only doing all the work?

5) Borrow special-use kitchen appliances

It is no secret that most fancy appliances are expensive and you probably don't use most of them after a single use or during any special occasional family party. This method is perfect for all of you sudden fancy chefs who get the mood out of the blue to bake a perfectly silky red velvet cake or be the Gordons of the house all of a sudden. So this method is for you, to free up your kitchen space, borrow and don't buy that fancy blender or the pasta maker. When you know someone who has them, borrow it!

6) Use the walls!

As obvious as this method may sound, it is still a very underused space in the house. Other using it to hand photo frames to hide those dents and stains off the wall, you can also hang canvas bins from sturdy hooks, either in a row or grid pattern, to free up space the floor and to make it a more organized home! If you have a partner or little one who is constantly cluttering up the same space and you have a dedicated bin in that space to keep things tidy. These items can be put in the basket and easily carried to their room to be put away later.

Pick your favourite cleaning products and discard the rest!

The common mistake most of us do in the toilets is having 100 products. The first step to de-cluttering your cleaning items is to discard those you no longer use or need anymore. Most people think they have no space under their sink but fail to realize it is because they have so many products they don't need! Pick your favourite multi-surface cleaner, glass cleaner, and bathroom cleaner, and storing those with a few sponges and rags in a bin under the sink and discard the rest and watch how much easier your work would be hence.

7) Tame cords with a picture ledge!

With all the work/ schooling from home these days, this tip will definitely come in handy. De-clutter and uncross wires and gain back your precious workspace by turning a simple picture ledge into a charging dock. Simply Use a drill fitted with a 3/4 bit to make holes in the bottom of the shelf, then hang it on the wall above your desk and thread your charging cords through the holes so you can plug in devices quickly.

8) Get rid of CD and DVD cases already!

Let's admit it; we are all guilty of harbouring them! It is time to say goodbye to CD stands and move all your discs to a storage wallet or even better, import your songs and movies from online sources into your library and commit to only buying digital moving forward. You can even recycle these old CDs and make amazing artworks with them and make an organized home.

9) Create an organization station in a kitchen cabinet

Organize home kitchen by turning the inside of a cabinet door into an undercover organization station that stores important info which only the family must be aware of like the WiFi password or memos, and coupons to various groceries stores. Create your own memo board by trimming chalkboard vinyl to size and position at eye level and get creative with the rest of the family and watch your work get cut out for you!

10) Missing Socks again!

Although it is no major, de-cluttering technique, it definitely does the trick because let's are honest, It's no secret that socks always seem to get lost and nobody knows where it goes. Well with this technique; keep them with their pair by putting them in a mesh bag attached to your hamper and then throwing the whole thing in the washer this way your socks will not get eaten by the sock monster which lives inside the washer.

So stop being a Lazy Susan and get to the organized home and see how easy it is to do a workaround. Living in a mess usually not only makes it a hassle to be physically but also plays a major part on you mentally and give you very uncomfortable vibes throughout the day. Remember, a de-cluttered home is a de-cluttered mind!

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