Tips to Make Your Home Disabled Friendly

Date: 28-October,2020Last Updated: 26-September,2022
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Often our homes are not ready for all people that we come across. Making our home disabled-friendly is something vital that we often forget. It does not take much, but just a few changes here, and there can make your home handicapped friendly without making little to no compromise. So, we have gathered a list of tips to make your home disabled friendly and maybe even create a new outlook altogether.

1. Wider Welcoming Doorways:

The first and most important thing that must always need to be considered is that every doorway in the house must be wider than it is normal constructed designed to be. Now, this tip is difficult to implement after an already made home. According to studies, doors should maintain at least 815mm of distance to make them Differently-abled friendly.

Now, you might already have a home with the doors that are not up to the specifications then we got just the thing for you. Rounding the edges of the doors and having bigger doorknobs can help people identify and reach it better while the rounded edges serve as protection against any sharp-inflicted damage. This way, you’re a step closer to being welcoming to everyone alike!

Handicapped friendly home

2. Safer and Easy to get to bathrooms:

This is another important aspect that must be considered when creating a handicapped friendly home. Regular bathrooms can be slippery, the toilet can be higher than to the required for the person, and the taps can be slippery too. What can be done to fix it? Well, to make your home a little more disabled-friendly, you can incorporate the use of anti-slip or slip-resistant tiles or tile coverings. This can help all people and not only Differently abled friendly.

For taps, multiple rubber casings can be found which can help act as adhesive layers to help the person and prevent some slippery cases from arising. Concerning the mail toilet, it is advised that one must incorporate the use of a bathroom stool or bench that can act as both a pivot to reach. Higher places or even as a resting piece for comfort during the use of the bathroom itself. You can also install grab rails in the bathroom, in essential areas where the chances of slipping exist despite precautions taken against it. These are just a few tips to re-enforce your bathrooms for all people and not just the disabled.

3. Kitchen made more accessible:

When looking at a handicapped friendly home, the kitchen must also be considered for this. Consider lowering the countertops or installing an adjustable drawer that can be comfortably accessed even while sitting or standing. Placement of everyday items in lower cabinets will maximise ease of access for all users of the kitchen and allow greater independence for users in a wheelchair. One could also use rounded handles for all the appliances in the kitchen; this can help in protecting a person from any damage. These are some of the smaller things that can be done to ensure a more disabled-friendly home.

handicapped friendly

4. Outsized and wider driveways:

This is more applicable to homes than an apartment. Having more space than usual could do wonders. The average understanding for a disabled-friendly driveway would be 3,800mm wide to 5,400mm long, which can allow for both easy parking and some free space for whatever you would like. A handicapped friendly home should provide a starting point of things to consider when building a disabled-friendly home. Many advanced home features can allow the physically impaired and able-bodied to share homes with maximum comfort and mobility.

This is something that should be considered before the inception of the house, during the designing stage itself.

5. Better flooring makes a safer house:

Just like the bathroom, the house flooring must also be made to help prevent any accidents or chances of discomfort. To make the home truly handicapped friendly. Then the flooring the best place to add the finish touches to the plan. Carpeted floors are ideal for those that suffer from any sorts of joint pains, especially in the lower body. This provides to be a softer cushion against the regular floors that we are more usually accustomed too. This, however, is much less practical for wheelchair users.

Wheelchair user would require a more hardwood like flooring to satisfy their needs, and the hardwood helps keep a nice balance and sturdy support for those in both wheelchairs and clutches. If you would like to go for a more slip-resistant setting, then one should go for vinyl flooring as they help in being slip-resistant while also adding some aesthetic look and feeling to the entire room.

These were our tips to Make Your Home Disabled Friendly. Some tips here might be smaller than others, but incorporating just one or two for the matter can greatly help the disabled to gain an equal footing during their functions in and around the house. With these minor changes, watch how the vibes around your home.

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