Kriya Yoga for Beginners - The Simplest Way to Health

Date: 25-April,2023Last Updated: 5-June,2023
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"Kriya Yoga" is a phrase combination of two words, "Kriya" meaning work and "Yoga" meaning Mental and Physical Health -in short Kriya.

People need not suffer from Diabetes and High or Low Blood pressure [Psycho-Somatic Disorders] anymore. I found "Kriya Yoga" as an ultimate remedy to overcome such physical ailments and psychological suffering.

Kriya yoga helps people suffering from lifestyle disorders to overcome - Keen pain, Back pain, arthritis, over/underweight, cardio-vascular, hypertension etc.

Regularly practicing Kriya Yoga can boost your immunity and keep your mind calm. Like the Sages, Yogis, Seers, Maharishis and other Spiritual Leaders, a person with a calm mind is proven to have high self-healing powers.

Although there are no rules for practising Kriya Yoga, you can create your own movements as long as the breath accomplishes the movements. You may practise while sitting on a park chair or on a chair at home. There is no age bar to practise Kriya Yoga. From young kids to elderly people, irrespective of age, anyone can practise Kriya Yoga.

You can start by practising Kriya Yoga for beginners techniques to transcend your system to a calm and peaceful state and self-heal the ailments [Physical and Mental].

A person with good health and a supporting lifestyle is known to have a longer life span, as opposed to people suffering from ailments with a shorter life span.

What is Kriya Yoga?

Kriya is one of the simplest but most powerful forms of Yoga there is which one can easily practice. Which makes Kriya Yoga ideal for beginners.

The fundamental principle of Kriya is based on the science of breathing; Significantly the influence of mind [thoughts] and kriya [work] on the breath. For instance: angry or excited people breathe heavily. Similarly, sports people when working out or while playing - also breathe heavily.

Reverse, is also true. You master the art of breathing, and you have mastered the art of keeping your mind calm and peaceful - Practising Kriya Yoga regularly can help achieve that.

How to practice Kriya Yoga?

With our swamped lifestyle, with acute mental stress and lack of physical stress, to top it all - taking health for granted. Which have resulted in all forms of lifestyle ailments, one can imagine [Diabetes, BP, Migraine, and the list goes on and on], at least a hundred new diseases get their special entry into these perennial ailments lists. Well, we pay the least attention to our health and our well-being.

For individuals, aiming to live a healthy and decease free life; demands a certain degree of physical stress and an insane degree of discipline.

I found Kriya Yoga to be one of the best practise to keep the influences of aliments afar from the system; the simplest way to health. Kriya Yoga for beginners, the simple movements and stretching of body parts - free up joints and muscles. It is similar to freely moving machine parts after lubrication.

I've kept things simple for easy understanding and to avoid confusion. Let's take a look at the Kriya Yoga formations or practices. You can start practising immediately and eventually regularise it.

I've divided our body into three sections, namely:

  1. The upper section, shoulder and above - Head, Shoulder, Hands

  2. The middle section, shoulder to navel - Chest and Abdomen area

  3. Lower Section, Navel down to feet - Hip, Thighs, Knees, Ankles, toes and Feet

These three sections cover the entire body - from head to feet and everything in between.

The simple movements to carry out during the Kriya Practises:

  1. Up and Down

  2. Left and Right

  3. Rotations [clockwise and anti-clockwise] - 1800, 3600

Let's focus on the upper section of the body:

First the Head and the Neck

Step -1: Move it Up and Down; X 3 to 5 times

Step -2: Left and Right; x 3 to 5 times

Step -3: Head rotation - 1800

Leave your head down loose [Do not hold it stiff]

1800 Rotate it moving up [clockwise from 6'o clock to 12'o clock ]

1800 Rotate it back moving down [anti-clock wise 12'o clock to 6'o clock]

Imagine as though your chin is drawing an 1800 arch from chest to head [half circle] and tracing it back, down. Repeat this cycle for 3 to 5 times.

Great! Simple and Wonderful isn't it? It is a great start, Indeed.

So, now is the time to look at the most interesting part of Kriya Yoga. Indeed, the spectacular reason why Kriya Yoga is highly effective.

Syncing your breath with the movements of individual body parts. For instance: Slowly Breathing-in with the head moving up slowly and exhaling out while the head moves down with synchronisation. Repeat this cycle for 3 to 5 times.

Maintain the movement and the breath synchronisation.

It is important to be aware of the changes in the movements -before and after differences. Especially, around the neck.

Practise Kriya Yoga movements as slowly as possible, that way the brain has enough time to observe the changes caused by body parts' movements. You can learn the art of settling the mind by setting aside all the negative thoughts which bother you and disrupt your peace.

While, keeping the mind engaged in the observation and setting aside the memories of the past leads to disconnection from the whole, and drawing deeper into suffering, pain, torture, and hurt, caused due to fear, anxiety, agony, and other negative emotions inducing, discomfort, grief, disappointments, sorrow and suffering, which are some of the root stimulators of depression.


Let your hands hang loose, move only your shoulders - rotate them forward x 3 to 5 times and rotate backward x 3 to 5 times. Maintain your breath with movements. Be aware of the changes in the system caused due to shoulder movements. For instance: Notice your painless and free-moving shoulders, after the Kriya movements.

Fingers and Hands:

Keep your hands stretched straight. Now let us free up your fingers and improve their mobility - Stretch all your fingers, breath in and close them while Exhaling, create a rhythm of opening and closing fingers with breath in sync, and continue the cycle 3 to 5 times. Be aware of the changes in finger movements.

Close all your fingers and move only your fists [left and right] accompanied by your breath, to free the wrist joint, move them up and down and repeat the cycle for 3 - 5 times. Left and right repeat this movement 3 to 5 times and rotate them 3600 clockwise and anti-clockwise - 3 to 5 times.

In the same pattern, move your elbow joints and shoulder joints, and remember to maintain your breath syncing the movements. Be aware of the changes after and before the movements around the moving joints. Notice stress-free joints and their free movements.

With your stress-free -neck, shoulders, fingers, wrist, elbow and shoulder joints, let's focus on the second body section.

With fingers gently placed on the sides of your waist.

Gently rotate your waist, as if you are churning something with your waist. Twist the waist "front-left-back-right-front, complete 3600" Keep the movement gentle and smooth, which will appear like a twist-dance step. Continue the Twist. Repeat it 3 to 5 times.

Reverse these movements this time moving "back-right-front-left-back" -complete 3600, and repeat this cycle 3 to 5 times. Again keep it gentle and smooth, with no chops and no jerks. Maintain your breath in sync with the hip-joint movements, and also, be aware of the changes in the system before and after the movements.

Beautiful, You are following it all well and you are learning the art of regulating your breath and assigning work to your mind - to be aware of the changes in the system both before the movements and after movements.

Let's focus on the final section, the lower part of the body - legs with knee joints, ankle joints and toes.

Take support and stand on your left leg, and then stretch the right leg forward. Carry out all the necessary movements to free up the knee joints, ankle joints and toes. change your leg, once you complete the necessary movements.

While synchronising your breath with the movements. Important to be aware of the changes in the lower section of the system. Notice how the stress in your lower part of the body vanishes and moves "freely and effortlessly."

After freeing up the entire body with systematic movements of the body parts with breath in sync and being aware of the changes.

Finally, stand still and observe the entire body from head to toe, identify physical ailments [If any] and notice your breathing, with the mind completely relaxed and being in the present and getting over the pain and suffering.

Kriya Yoga Benefits:

of Kriya Yoga don't need to perform difficult asanas. Simple movements and stretches accompanied by breath. The practitioner can reap extraordinary benefits. Some of it is discussed here:

Regularly practising to avail these Kriya Yoga Benefits:

  • Free up, stiffness, pain and stress in the joints, muscles and nerves

  • Learn the art of breathing synchronising with Kriya - movements of body parts.

  • By practising Kriya, you can learn to bring your mind to life in the present and Yoga with body movements.

  • Kriya can help you keep your system at peace, calm and relaxed.

  • A brain in a relaxed and peaceful state has a higher degree of self-healing powers.

  • People practising Kriya have been able to overcome their psycho-somatic ailments - Diabetes, BP, migraines and other Psycho-somatic ailments.

Kriya is a simple remedy yet with phenomenal benefits. But it demands ridiculous discipline.


One practising Kriya Yoga can master the art of bringing body and mind into Yoga, just like other forms of Yoga asanas. Kriya, due to its simplicity and effectiveness, is tremendously popular.

Health is one thing that people mustn't take for granted. Damaged health can take a lifetime to get a fix and in some cases, it could be impossible to set it right. So, people must set "living healthy" as the highest priority and take all the necessary precautions to live a life without ailment of any sort.

In recent days - Gurus, Yogis, Seers, and Maharishis, are imparting the techniques and experiences of Kriya Yoga to their devotees and followers - to build a healthy world.

One practising the more advanced forms of Kriya Yoga covering aspects of pranayama and meditation one can overcome spasms, neurological ailments, and bone-related problems.

Because one learns the art of settling his/her mind one can achieve spiritual attainments. Calmness, joy, compassion, love, and being peaceful are the fruits of the regular practice of Kriya Yoga.


Q. Can a beginner practice Kriya Yoga?

A. Kriya Yoga, is the simplest form of Yoga there is making it easy for beginners, which doesn't require practising hard yoga asanas to stay healthy and attain spiritual experiences.

Q. Is it worth practising Kriya Yoga?

A. Kriya Yoga is highly effective because, with regular practice, one can master the art of regulating breathing and staying calm, and relaxed even in the most demanding circumstances. So practising Kriya Yoga is worth it.

Q. Is there an advanced form of Kriya Yoga?

A. Yes, there is a more advanced form of Kriya Yoga, covering aspects of Pranayama and Meditation.

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