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5 Easy Tips for Pest Control for Home

Date: 1-October,2020Last Updated: 8-October,2020

Today we would like to draw your attention to the topic ‘5 easy tips for pest control at home’!

A pest-free home is a dream scenario for most of us. If we put it that way, we are sure we won’t be wrong! All the rodents and co-habiting cockroaches, don’t they interfere with your peaceful breathing space at your place? Sharing the same roof and room, these pests can be such a nightmare!

So, we thought we would present before you some easy tips to fight those invaders. Here’s what we propose before you – You do not require skilled exterminators or the help of various pest control agencies if the case at your house is not that severe. Instead, you can rely on simple ‘Do-It-Yourself’ home remedies!

While pests are a familiar sight at every household, this has got to do more than commonness or uncommonness. The main thing being ‘hygiene’. Without further ado, we hope you know the gravity of having a hygienic place.

Now that we know why here is to how! Let us delve deeper into it! Here are some pointers listed below that can help you deal with ‘pest control at home’!

Why do pests infiltrate our buildings in the first place?

If we take the case of the interior environment, this can be due to a number of reasons primarily starting from our habits – that stems from cleanliness. The same applies to your exterior environment even.

As Lailah Gifty Akita (the author of Think Great) once mentioned – “Environmental cleanliness begins with each individual desire to be clean”. Let the thought cross our heads when we encounter waterlogged areas, due to unattended clogging of drains outside our houses and complain about them being breeding ground for mosquitoes.


  1. Regular cleaning – first and foremost.

  2. Lookout and attend the interior gaps and crevices.

  3. Give attention to room corners.

  4. Segregate and dispose of food wastes responsibly.

  5. Clear the food residues and spills then and there, don’t save it for later.

  6. Give attention to bugs in your clothes rack. (Sodium borate is an active insect repellent kept in attics; you can refer to them!)

  7. Proper drainage clearance.

  8. Store eatables properly. Cover them with lids.

(Fruit flies hovering over-ripened fruits like bananas are a familiar sight, when kept uncovered)

  • Do not dump unwashed dishes and keep it untouched for a longer time.

(for flies can easily make room)

  • Sort and separate recyclable and un recyclable wastes. Dispose of them accordingly.

  • Clean the trash can regularly and close the mouth of it with a lid.


  1. Prevent mulches in your garden.

  2. You can keep traps to catch moles that tear apart your garden.

  3. Do not entertain standing water around.

  4. Always ensure the safe disposal of wastes.

  5. Make sure all the doors and windows are completely sealed even from outside.

  6. Check for the proper laying of utility lines like water lines and the like.

  7. Check for roof cracking, missing tiles through which rodents can make an entry.

  8. Fix the gaps you find.

  9. Prevent clogging of drains as well as waterlogging.

  10. Repair leaks the soonest.

DIY products for pest control

1) DIY (Do-It-Yourself) Products:

There’s no need to panic when you can take charge of the situation all by yourself. All you need to do is to check out for preferable online and offline options, that suits handy for you!

Some of them are:

  1. Dehumidifiers – Controls temperature in the room and prevents weaving of cobwebs. This can be followed up by regular cleaning.

  2. Termiseal and Terminator wood preservatives – helps in the anti-termite attack.

  3. Baits – Traditional way of entrapment. (For example, rats)

  4. Ultrasonic Pest Repeller’s – Take the aid of newer technology to fight pests at your space!

  5. Bed bug fighters – Including herbal bed bug sprays.

  6. Liquid ant control – Army of ants are no longer trouble if you have this product ready!

  7. Organic pesticides – Like neem oil have proven its virtue in fighting pests.

Talking about organic pest control and natural pest control options, you can give your attention to the following as well!

Why organic or natural pest control?

Using di-ethyl meta toluamide products, for example as mosquito repellents, is highly chemical. It should be very cautiously administered. Similar is the case with other chemical mosquito or any pest deterrents for that matter. They have the capability to get directly absorbed into the skin, and hence, experts hold an opinion to resort on organic options!


natural pest control

Here are a few naturally available products that can be used as hacks to help you settle the pest problem!

  1. Eucalyptus Oil – To ward off flies.

  2. Grounded Coffee – Strong whiff of coffee can act as a repellent for mosquitoes.

  3. Marigolds- You can try planting marigolds in your side garden! The fragrance of which can prevent the approach of bugs anywhere near your home.

  4. Basil – Aroma of basil plant leaves can keep away flies as well as mosquitoes.

  5. Garlic cloves and mint tea – Both are proven active ant-deterrents.

Pro tip: Heard of ‘Diatomaceous Earth’ for pest control? You can refer to the same. Basically, it is a siliceous sedimentary rock powder and acts as a natural pest control agent.



The gaps in between utility lines like water carriage pipelines or electricity ducts and other cracks and crevices within the house can open themselves out as breeding ground for pests. Therefore, it is vital to seal them or fill them.

  1. You can use copper meshes to fill gaps and seal it later with adequate sealants, readily available in the market (like expandable foam).

  2. Caulk can be used to seal small, insignificant cracks.

  3. Wire meshes in windows are commonly used to prevent mosquito entry to the interior of houses.

As Michael Bassey Johnson said in his book of ‘Maxims, Poems and Anecdotes’, “Things you don't need in your life targets you the most.” Such is the case with these pests, and we are sure you couldn’t agree more! But now that we know how to tackle them, the easier the matter!

So that was a few five important tips on pest control at home! We are hoping it would come to use for you!

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