Top 10 Aquarium Plants that are easy to maintain

Date: 11-January,2021Last Updated: 26-September,2022
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Are you searching for low-maintenance and beautiful best live aquarium plants? Are you a beginner who can't figure out how to take care of them properly?

Don't worry! We are on board to help you sort it out!

Fishes are beautiful and serene creatures that bring a sense of calm every time one looks at them moving aimlessly in their home, that is their aquarium. Adding some aquarium plants will only make the aquarium more soothing to see.

Most of the time, when people set up aquariums, they tend to prefer fake plastic plants over live aquarium plants. Since people believe it is difficult to maintain live aquarium plants, however, it is not the case for all types of aquarium plants.

We have compiled a comprehensive list of easy to maintain aquarium plants. With just a little care, they will flourish in your aquarium and brighten it!

Here are the best live aquarium plants for beginners

  1. Amazon Sword
  2. Java Fern
  3. Marimo Mass Ball
  4. African Water Fern
  5. Water Wisteria
  6. Pygmy Chain Sword
  7. Dwarf Saggitaria
  8. Anubias nana
  9. Pogostemon helferi
  10. Anacharis Plant

live aquarium plants

1. Amazon Sword

Amazon Sword is the most commonly found aquarium plant in stores. They are popular because they are easy to maintain, and they grow fast and lusciously.

Amazon Sword needs to get fed adequately, and other than that it does not need all that much light. They have large sword-like leaves that grow beautifully underwater.

Amazon Sword plants grow very big; hence it is essential to place them in an appropriately big aquarium. The leaves can grow large enough to become a mother plant that creates baby Amazon Sword plants that you can plant in other aquariums.

2. Java Fern

Java Fern is a popular aquarium plant that is easy to care for. If you have struggled to keep aquarium plants alive before, go for this one since it is a very adaptive plant and cannot die easily.

You might find that it takes grows slowly in the aquarium. It needs time to adjust to the tank's conditions and establish its rhizomes.

Also, Java Fern needs to be kept wet all the time. When you are cleaning the aquarium tank or doing any maintenance work, either keep the plant submerged in a different container or use a spray bottle to keep the leaves moist.

3. Marimo Moss Ball

Marimo Moss Ball is one of the most popular aquarium "plant." It is actually a velvety orb that is a naturally occurring green sphere of algae.

They are one of the cheapest aquarium plants and the easiest ones to maintain. All the care it demands is to gently roll the Marimo Ball in your hands every time you change the water so that it preserves its round shape. Also, make sure all parts of the algae receive light.

You can even unfurl the Marimo Balls and wind them around driftwoods to build a miniature tree. This will make your aquarium look elegant.

4. African Water Fern

African Water Fern is one of the most beautiful aquarium plants. These are relatively easy to maintain as long as the water is good.

It has delicately formed dark green leaves, and it grows extremely slowly, with a single leaf growing in about two months. Being a large plant, the African Water Fern is not suitable for small fish bowls or tanks. However, it will make an excellent foreground plant in medium-sized tanks or a delightful accent in large ones.

This plant requires minimal care and moderate light, and this an easy to grow species. It will decorate your tanks and make them look natural for years to come.

aquarium items

5. Water Wisteria

Water Wisteria is easy to care for species. It's undemanding and robust. Hence it can withstand varying conditions of temperature and carbon dioxide level. It requires only a small amount of subsistence, so much of your time will not go into taking care of it.

This plant can be grown as a carpet for your tank, and its bright green color will accentuate the aquarium. This plant is also easy to propagate, helping you multiple its population with a relatively small supply.

When you plant Water Wisteria make sure to plant it upright so that it can support its own weight, and never let it droop.

6. Pygmy Chain Sword

Pygmy Chain Sword is a tough plant, and it grows well as well. This aquarium plant is one of the best plants for a novice aquarist. You can obtain gratifying results and have something that can be cultivated easily and beautifully.

Numerous variants of this plant are available cheaply. You can use it generously to cover the floor of your tank. It practically grows itself most of the time.

Pygmy Chain Sword is useful for installation around hardscapes, and it looks stunning when adequately trimmed.

7. Dwarf Saggitaria

Dwarf Saggitaria or Sagittaria subulata is a commonly available, tough, and adaptable aquatic plant. This plant is absolutely perfect for beginners.

Growing Dwarf Saggitaria is comparatively easier than growing most other aquatic plants. This is also a rare plant that can tolerate a very high pH level and challenging water conditions.

This plant requires moderate lighting. However, it will proliferate more in high lighting conditions. Dwarf Saggitaria may send small beautiful white flowers to the water surface occasionally.

8. Anubias nana

Anubias nana is a very popular plant to place in aquariums. Although it requires more care than most of the other plants mentioned here, it is still easy to care once you figure out certain things.

This is a short plant with broad dark green leaves. Its dark green colors make it an attractive plant, and it will help keep your tank water clean and oxygenated.

Anubias nana is a slow propagating plant. Hence you do not have to bother trimming it often.

aquarium plants for home

9. Pogostemon helferi

Pogostemon helferi plant is a rather unusual one. However, it is one of the most beautiful of all the aquarium plants.

It can survive in both underwater conditions and semi-submerged conditions. In bright light conditions, Pogostemon helferi grows low and compact, and it will thrive in low light conditions.

Also, Pogostemon helferi is pretty tolerant to change in the tank's water pH levels and temperature.

10. Anacharis Plant

Anacharis is one of the best options in aquarium plants for beginners since it is a low-maintenance plant that is almost impossible to kill. It is also known by many other names. Some of them are Brazilian Waterweed, Brazilian Elodea, and Egeria.

It has a vibrant dark green color that gives a pleasing appearance to your aquarium. Depending on the temperature at the time of day and lighting conditions, the plant falls and rises.

Also, in the summer season, Anacharis produces a faint white flower that has three petals. The flower rises just above the surface of the water.

Try one of these fantastic aquarium plant suggestions and start aquascaping right now!

With just a little bit of care and love, they will thrive in your beautiful aquarium. And, brighten your day!

Let your favorite fish have a home as close to nature as possible with these lovely aquarium plants.

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