Bigha: Popular unit of measurement in India.

Date: 28-January,2021Last Updated: 26-September,2022
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Land Measurements In India:

The units for the measurement of the land in India vary from one state to state. Measurements like Bigha, Kattha, Biswa, Marla, Kanal, and others are used in North India, while Cent, Ankanam, Ground, and Guntha are used in South India.

Popular land measurement units are Kattha, Chatak, Dhur, and Lecha in Eastern region of Indian states such as West Bengal, Assam, and seven sister states of India. Extremely common in western Indian states such as Rajasthan and Gujarat are units like Bigha, Biswa and Biswansi.

What is Bigha?

A traditional and a classic unit of land measurement used in India's northern part and eastern region is called Bigha. The unit's value keeps changing from one region to another as it is not a standard unit.

It has a standard use across northern parts of India, Nepal and Bangladesh or in critical areas where India's migration. Interestingly, in all these places, there was no standard understanding of the terms.

The north Indian farmers generally use it to measure agricultural lands, sell or purchase them. If the farmer wants to sell his agricultural property in Bigha units to the regional brokers, they would want it in a Kanal unit.

The conversion of Bigha to Kanal needs to be done. Bigha's values change from time to time as follows-

  • In Himachal Pradesh and Uttarakhand, 968 square yard is equal to 1 Bigha.

  • One Pucca Bigha is equal to 3025 square yards Bihar, Haryana, Uttar Pradesh, Punjab, and a few other parts of North India.

In some parts of Haryana, Uttar Pradesh and, and Punjab, 1008.33 square yards is equal to 1 Kachha Bigha.

  • You must be acquainted with the fact that one-third Pucca Bigha is equal to one Kuchha Bigha.

  • In Bihar and Rajasthan, a few parts follow- 3025 square yards is equal to one Pucca Bigha.

  • 1 Bigha in other parts of Gujarat and Rajasthan is equal to 1936 sq. yards.

  • Bigha has subunits which are called Biswa and Kattha. These units also do not have any traditional value.

  • While Kattha is used in the country's eastern states, Biswa is used in the northern region.

What is Kanal?

In North Indian states, such as Punjab, Haryana, Himachal Pradesh and Jammu and Kashmir's union territories, Kanal is used as an old measurement unit.

Along with Marla, Kanal was considered as a standard land measurement unit under British rule. Kanal is also a popular measuring unit in the north-eastern regions of Pakistan.

One Kanal is equal to one-eighth of an acre, making it easy to convert Kanal into an acre. You must also know that 1 Kanal is equivalent to 605 sq. yards as well as 505.85 sq. mt. to convert Kanal into a square meter or square yards.

  • 1 Hecter is equal to 19.77 Kanal.

  • 1 Acre is equivalent to 8 Kanal

  • 0.00018 Kanal is equal to 1 square foot.

  • 0.00198 Kanal is equivalent to 1 square meter.

  • 0.00165 Kanal is equal to 1 square yard.

Conversion of Bigha into Kanal

The values of Kanal along with Bigha keeps changing from state to state, though Kanal was a standard unit under the British rule. The process of converting Bigha to Kanal can be a headache.

  • In Gujarat, 1 Bigha is same as to 3.2 Kanal.

  • 1 Bigha is equal to 2 Kanal, in Haryana and Punjab.

  • In Jammu and Kashmir, 1 Bigha is equivalent to 5 Kanal.

  • In Uttar Pradesh, 1 Bigha is equal to 4.9587 Kanal.

  • 1 Bigha is equal to 5 Kanal units in Odisa, Tripura, Andhra Pradesh and Chhattisgarh.

  • In Bihar, 1 Bigha is equal to 4.99 Kanal units.

  • In Madhya Pradesh, 1 Bigha is same as that of 2.20 Kanal units.

  • 1 Bigha is equivalent to 2.644 Kanal units in West Bengal.

  • In Himachal Pradesh and Uttarakhand, 1 Bigha is equivalent to 1.6 Kanal.

  • If you have 20 Bigha of agricultural land and are willing to convert it into Kanal unit, you need to multiply the total land area with the number 5.

From this, you can understand that the value of Kanal is not the same for all the states. If you have the same 10 Bigha land in Punjab, then the area measurement equals 10×2 = 20 Kanal units.

As to determine the value manually, it becomes difficult for even experienced brokers in the field. The quickest and the easiest way to calculate this is by using an online calculator.

You can first select the area you want to sell or purchase land and convert it to the required measurement unit.

Further, you can enter the total area of the land along with the measuring unit. Then you have to select the unit of measurement you want to convert it. The result will be displayed automatically on the screen. This calculation is accurate and error-free.

If you are calculating manually, you must round off some values. It will not make a significant difference, but still, it's not accurate and is time-consuming. Also, there are chances of coming across many errors.

Steps to Measure Land Area

  • For resale home, the home's description or data may also be included in the location and Sale Deed. The number of plots and size may be determined from the sketch for the layout.

  • The property area is listed in terms of Hectares or Acres when the property is of agricultural land.

  • The area is generally provided in the form of Square Feet for the residential houses.

  • It would be best to calculate the width and length of the required land to derive the land area.

Other land measurement units

Our country has a significant geographic diversity and a vast population among most countries, which has resulted in several regional units. The most standard and shared among them are -

  • Hectare: It is one of the most common non-SI units of the metric system used to measure vast plots of land. Ares and Hectares were introduced to the metric system in the year 1795. After the system's rationalization took place in early 1960, the International System of units did not recognize an Are as a primary land measurement unit. So an old plot of land measured in terms of Ares had to be converted. 1 Ares/Are to Kanal is equal to 0.197684 Kanal.

  • Acre - It is an old land measurement unit used to measure extensive agricultural lands from the classic era of time. It is used in an imperial system of units and the United States system. One acre is equivalent to 43560 Square Feet.

  • Square Yards: It is used in fewer parts of India but is also used globally. The breadth and length of a plot measuring 1 yard each is equivalent to 1 Square Yard area.

  • Square Feet - Approved under the RERA Act, this particular unit is considered a standard for measuring residential or commercial property. The length and breadth of a plot are equal to one foot and have an area of 1 square foot. Thus, to sell small plots of land to North India's regional brokers, one must have to convert Square Feet to Kanal.

  • Square Meter - This is also one of the standard land measurement units, it is usually avoided while measuring only length, breadth. A plot of land with 1-meter of length and breadth has an area of 1 square meter.

Hopefully this shall help you know all about Bigha, the unit of measurement of land in India.

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