10 All Time Favourite Dog Breeds for Home

Date: 29-June,2021Last Updated: 26-September,2022
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Believe us when we say being a dog parent is the most entertaining job of all time.

Starting from when they are a puppy to when they are fully grown, every phase has something fun and new to offer for you to learn and enjoy. We often find ourselves guilty of scrolling through innumerable cute video clips of puppies and dogs, which is proof of how big a comic relief a dog’s presence can add to our life.

Even if you are not a dog lover, you are bound to become one after you start living with one. Though some prefer feline friends, some prefer fishes and some even prefer plants, once you adopt a dog, then your whole world changes.

The more we talk about how perfect a dog is as a pet, the less it will be. From being a therapeutic companion to being a watchdog, the care and protection a dog is capable of providing are unmatchable.

The love and protection of a dog know no discrimination. It is as selfless as it is considerate and not limited to only those who are avid lovers of dogs but also those who are still learning to have an affinity towards them.

Which are the 10 most preferred dog breeds in India?

  1. Beagle
  2. German Shepherds
  3. Great Dane
  4. Rottweiler
  5. Doberman
  6. Boxers
  7. Labrador Retriever
  8. Pug
  9. Golden Retriever
  10. Pomeranian

There are few dog breeds in India that Indian households prefer a little more than the others. The reasons for being more preferable can be anything from adaptability to Indian cuisine to adaptability to the Indian climate. Let us have a look at some of them.

Beagle: Beagle is a combination of everything that we consider essential; naughty, funny and alert. And if you are not a fan of quiet and silent surroundings, then beagles are what you need in your life. Their shenanigans will keep you busy and entertained all through the day. Trust a beagle to always ensure a positive energy flow in the house. Beagles are generally small in size, extremely adaptive to the Indian climate and cuisine. All these characteristics make it easy to pet a beagle and hence is one of the most loved dog breeds in India.

German Shepherds: The name itself brings to mind a majestic feel isn't it. For years, this breed has had an unstained reputation of being the best watchdog or a guard dog. The german shepherd is one of the most loved dog breeds in India. This claim is supported by their excellent level of alertness and amazing reflex towards unforeseen danger. The feel of protection and guardedness that a german shepherd can provide to its owner is irreplaceable. It is not a high maintenance dog, however, early-stage puppy training is required.

Great Dane: Great Dane is one of the easiest pets to have. Unlike a lot of other breeds, the Great Dane does not shed much unless it is the shedding season. Apart from requiring obedience training, this breed of dog does not have very demanding or tedious maintenance. The fact that it is as powerful as it is obedient makes it one of the most loved dog breeds in India.

Rottweiler: Along with having a reputation of being loyal to their loved ones, rottweilers also have the reputation of being one of the most dreadful dog breeds in India and in the world. Their reflexes towards unforeseen danger cannot be seconded by any other dog breed. They get this nature because of their descent from the Roam legion mastiffs.

Doberman: The Doberman is a perfect combination of majestic look and protective nature. The thin layer of fur not only gives them a shiny look but also makes them less prone to shedding. All these compiled together, makes them one of the most favourite dog breeds in India. It is important that Dobermans are allowed to socialize during their early growth ages. This ensures a perfect balance of alertness and friendliness when they grow older. Along with that, a few exercises during the early days are also important. Learning to climb up and down the staircase on their own is considered a great exercise as well as an improvement in their early-stage growth.

Boxers: Boxers are one of the best watchdogs. They are easy to train and maintain and are extremely adaptive to everything that is Indian, hence one of the most favoured dog breeds in India. Boxers showcase extensive levels of calmness when exposed to any challenging situation. This has helped them bag a reputation as chaperones to blind people and friends to dogs. If their inborn capacity of being calm and patient can be paired with puppy training at the early stage, that will result in the building of amazing adulthood.

Labrador Retriever: Labrador Retriever presents the best of both worlds; labrador and retriever. Both dogs are known to have amazing bonding skills, hence the combination has become one of the most chosen family dogs. They shed less than a golden retriever and require less maintenance than a labrador. A labrador retriever adapts amazingly to the Indian weather and the food, making it one of the favourites among aspiring dog parents.

Pug: A pug is the most entertaining dog to own. It looks entertaining and it acts entertaining. It does everything to keep you on your toes and is always on the run, but still one of the most loved dog breeds in India. A pug will basically eat anything and everything. They don’t shed much and because of their small size, can be carried everywhere. Their easy-going nature makes them friendly and easy to take care of.

Golden Retriever: One of the most common and well-known dog breeds in India is the golden retriever. The dog is well known because of its extremely friendly nature. The inherent incapability of being aggressive or random barking at strangers make it the go-to choice for someone who is not a “dog person”. Although their furry coat poses a challenge when they shed, which is apparently a lot, their innocent grin and compelling tail wagging make up for it.

Pomeranian: They are small, furry, cute and fit into every definition of being one of the most adored dog breeds in India. They might require a little bit of extra care during their initial days as a puppy, but it is all worth it. Puppies have a tendency to chewing and biting at everything in their sight. Being extra careful that they do not consume any waste material that can be harmful in the future is a must if you are keeping a pomeranian as a pet. Only a dog parent of a pomeranian can witness the endearment it has for its owners. They might not be the best watchdogs but they are undoubtedly the best partner to cheer you up whether or not you are having a bad day.

So folks these are the best dog breeds in India, So have you chosen your furry friend yet?

We haven't forgotten about true blue Indian Breeds, watch this space for more!

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