The Essential Guide for Vastu Paintings in your Home

Date: 28-July,2021Last Updated: 26-September,2022
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Adding paintings and artwork in our homes has a great and rich tradition.

Right from the prehistoric times, the first men used to draw in their cave the images of the great hunts and battles fought, the modern man recreates the same with brilliant brush strokes in amazing colours in his walls, but more than that, we add great works of art to beautify our abodes.

But what if we told you that the same could even boost the positive vibes and prosperity of your home?

Yes, with Vastu Paintings, you can bring home luck and hope!

Then again,

Can Vastu Paintings really bring happiness, luck, and peace into your home?

Yes, according to Vastu Experts, Vastu paintings or pictures, when placed on the right wall, can bring you and your family immense happiness and positivity.

Okay, so where to place and what kind of paintings or artwork according to Vastu?

Let's explore,

The paintings are said to bring forth luck and happiness if they depict Nature, Family, Animals, and Inspirational themes.

But also the place where it is to be hanged also matters.

Hence finding the right Vastu direction for paintings matter the most!

Vastu Paintings : Directions as per Vastu

Vastu Paintings for North Wall

As per Vastu Shastra, North Wall is divided into three equal parts as in North West Wall, North and North East Wall.

North Wall Vastu favours Air, and the Vastu colours for North West are White, Grey and Cream.

The middle portion, i.e. the proper North, favours Green and Mint, whereas,

North East Wall as per Vastu, favours the element of water, and the colours associated with it are Yellow.

Thus favouring both air and water, the waterfall painting as per Vastu, suits it the best. Other than a waterfall, you can also choose an image of a river and so on. Waterfall Painting Vastu or a pathway can also increase your financial growth and career by leaps and bounds, according to Vastu Shastra.

Vastu Paintings for East Wall

As mentioned earlier, the top portion would fall underwater elements.

The centre part of the East Wall, according to Vastu, favours the colours White and Silver, and the South East Wall Vastu favours Fire; thus, colours such as orange, yellow and red are very good for bringing luck. Since it favours fire, East direction wall paintings, as per Vastu, showing or depicting inspirational themes are the best.

Vastu Paintings for South Wall

According to South Wall Painting, Vastu elements such as Fire in the South East and Earth in the South West parts are favoured.

The Vastu colours matching the middle or central part of the South Wall are Orange and Pink, whereas South West part favours Brown and Peach colours.

In the South Wall as per Vastu Shastra, the best paintings are based on Nature. If you bring out the raw elemental imagery of fire, such as a Sunrise painting on the South Wall as per Vastu is considered the best.

The South Wall Vastu Paintings can also depict your Ancestors, Forefathers and would be a perfect place to host the paintings of the departed members of your family.

Vastu Paintings for West Wall

According to West Wall Painting Vastu, both Air and Earth are the elemental forces favouring this direction. Hence the major colours for South Wall Painting Vastu are Brown, Light Blue, Grey, and Cream.

Since both air and earth are the major elements, you can hang paintings of children and forests. This site is also best for hosting images of your loved ones who are alive.

Are there any special paintings in particular that can help bring happiness and fortune,

Which are the Best Vastu Paintings?

7 Horse Paintings

The Seven Horses Paintings or the running horse paintings have been staple in many of our homes, but did you know that it is one of the most popular Vastu paintings.

The Horse has always symbolized the majesty of mother nature. A running horse painting symbolizes achievement, victory, speed and success.

A Large canvas with Seven Horses (usually a herd of mixed that is dark and lighter shades of horses) is considered the best.

However, make sure the horses are running proud and regal, and must be seven in number and should not have water in the image.

Waterfalls and Regal Riverscapes

Water symbolizes harmony and the flow of the river symbolizes a flow of energy as well, as there will not be any negative energy accumulating in the home.

As mentioned earlier, North East walls are best for placing Water, or Aqua themed Vastu Paintings.

Couple Paintings

According to Vastu Shastra, Paintings of Couples, especially in bedrooms, will foster harmony in marital life. Vastu Paintings for Bedroom that showcase a couple smiling or dancing are said to increase the happiness and joy within your love life and it can also be an excellent bedroom decor.

Rising Phoenix Paintings

Well, this is really a no brainer. Phoenix in both eastern and western symbolize rising up from the failures and succeeding in life. Naturally, an image of a phoenix will help in creating the same positive vibes.

Images of Buddha

Buddha's image is known to bring balance, peace and tranquillity. The image of Buddha, especially holding his fingers in mudras, are said to bring happiness and positivity to homes.

So, folks, we hope you liked our blog on Vastu Paintings for Home, and if you know about any more on the subject, we would love to hear from you!

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