7 Types of Roofing for your Home

Date: 25-November,2020Last Updated: 26-September,2022
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Let us tell you about the 7 types of roofing best suited for your home !

All of us needs security. And home is that place where we shed all of our fears and long to feel sheltered. So, the place you rely on undoubtedly, where your rest on its walls like shoulders, would it not need a stable head? Sure yes! And that important is to pick and settle for the type of roofing for your own house!

Many Factors can classify roofing. Classification based on materials with which they are made, and their shapes are important. Today, we will concentrate on a few important types of roofing based on their material ranges.

While you read this, you make yourself aware that the options are not just limited to these. But there are many options available. And now, we will get to you a few ‘must-know’ characters on different types of roofs!

Seven types of roofing based on materials:

1. Sustainable Green Roofs

For the best start, let us begin with the most modern and environmentally friendly option – the sustainable roof commonly called the ‘green roof’.

These eco-friendly roofs not only provide a shield for your house, but their various other pros are just as significant.

Purification of air in the internal environment of the house, regulating the temperature and saving rainwater by preventing water runoff from the roofs are most cited.

  • The green roofs available in the market can be – intensive (serving as rooftop gardens), extensive (designed for environmental solutions like provision of an ecological protective layer) or semi-intensive (having characters of both and used as a designed green roof).

  • While the intensive kind requires high maintenance, the extensive roofs need low maintenance, and semi-intensive requires periodical maintenance.

  • The weight in Kg per metre square is more for intensive green roofs, compared to the other two, and so is the cost. A semi-intensive green roof option may be well suitable for you!

  • Perennial plants and shrubs are planted in this kind of roofs, and they can provide a maximum thickness of 30cm.

  • Green roofing cost about Rs.70 per square feet.

types of roof

2. Synthetic Types of Roofing

Synthetic roof tiles can be made of materials like rubber. The main advantage of using this type of roofing tiles is their workability. They can be cut in the required shape and then be fixed. The synthetic roof tiles are also known as composite roof tiles.

Nowadays, natural roofing tiles are replaced better with synthetic tiles. And important pro of the same is that these synthetic tiles come with a greater time frame of warranty.

  • Stone-coated synthetic roof tiles go well with aesthetics. They provide better weather protection and do not require better maintenance.

Synthetic tiles can also be of wood shakes or polymer slates.

  • Per square feet rate of these composite roof tiles comes under Rs.1000 on an average.

3. Metal Roofing

Metal roofing made of zinc which is corrosion resistant and long-lasting is the best fit option. There are also others like copper, aluminium, tin and steel that are used as seal-proof metal roofs. The latter kind of roofs can be either galvanized or the weathering type.

  • The most expensive of the lot is copper and zinc.

  • However, zinc compared to others is remarkably the best environmentally friendly option.

  • The metal roofing sheets can be corrugated, R-Panel or an architectural standing seam.

  • Depending on the material of metal sheets used, the cost per square foot of these can come in the range of Rs.500-1000.

4. Clay Tiles

Another green option coming under roofing is that of clay tiles. Both unglazed reddish clay tiles and glazed ceramic tiles are readily available in the market. It is the best fit for coastal regions and fit beneficially for hotter climates.

  • Clay roofing tiles can be single or double grooved.

  • They come in different patterns and sizes. Like for example – The weaved clay tiles with about 2 tiles covering per square foot.

  • The average price range of red clay roof tiles is about Rs.100, while for concrete roof tiles, it can be about half the price.

5. Concrete Roof Tiles

Cement, sand and water are moulded at high pressure to form these kinds of roofing tiles. Compared to clay tiles, these have a higher water absorption rate and more weight.

Concrete tiles can last up to 50 years most. The concrete roof tiles also prove to have higher fire resistance.

Concrete Roof Tiles can cost an average of Rs.60 per square feet.

roofing tiles

6. Membrane Types of Roofing

Next, under different types of roof is the membrane type, which is well suited for flat roofs. These can be of polyvinyl chloride, neoprene or polymer-modified bitumen. They come under a price range of Rs.350 per square feet.

7. Wood Shingle/Shakes Types of Roofing

They provide better aesthetics. These can be made of the bark of cedar or natural wood. The need for high maintenance is a con for these kinds of roofing. Wedge-shaped wooden roofs can be of shingles or shakes, where the latter costs more. However, both come under Rs.1000 per square feet.

If you need to know further about the importance of having a sound roof, here are a few pointers.

The Advantages of Good Roofing :

  • Ensuring Comfort and Safety

The presence of a sealed roof very much influences living conditions and the degree of comfort. A roof without leakages can also add value to the housing and yield you more pennies in the process of reselling.

  • Temperature Regulator

Irrespective of seasonal variations – be the days stormy, scorching hot or rainy pouring cats and dogs, a sound roof can regulate the temperature and keep you covered! There are material varieties on roofing tiles available in the market that you can refer, which can serve your purpose.

  • An Envelope of Attention

If the roof of your house speaks voluminously about the craftmanship of placing, the more it attracts awe and wins brownie points! Only if the envelope of your house is neatly kept shall the structure stand out to be praised?

  • As a Protective Shield

A properly built roof not only acts as a shield by protecting us from seasonal attacks of rain or hail. It also provides a shield for the structure in itself. It does this by preventing moisture ingress and attack on the walls by directing away from the flow of water.

  • Assuring Structural Integrity

Well placed, neatly maintained roofing has a vital role to play in assuring the structural integrity of the whole building. The stability of the roof guides the stability of the entire skeleton of the house.

Now that you are aware of how important it is to have good roofing, what comes next? Roofing tiles and sheets are available in different grades, types and forms in the market. You should know which one is best before you make a choice. We will help guide you in this process. Here’s a briefing about the availability of different types of roofs in the business!

Quoting Ron Kaufman, “The shelter of excuses has a leaky roof.” So, you make sure you tend to the roof in your house, without omission while it’s not too late!

That was about ‘’ 7 types of roofing for your home” based on different types of roofing materials used. We hope the matter turns useful for you!

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