Scope of Real Estate Investments in Satellite Cities of India

Date: 19-October,2020Last Updated: 26-September,2022
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Why is the prospect of Real Estate Investing in the Satellite Cities becoming more popular these days?

The satellite cities in today’s world are the most developed cities that have proper facilities for all the residents that come to the cities in search of works and opportunities. The concept for the satellite cities started emerging around 15 years ago with the prospects of better job opportunities, better facilities, better residential provisions, etc. While they provide new opportunities to the young generation mass, they also provide a good listing in the top cities for investments in the real estate sector.

The main aspects of a satellite city

The satellite cities have many advantages, while it can be busier in comparison to the other cities present in a country, it most definitely has the best connectivity, that enables the individual to go on about performing their tasks properly without any problem. The areas have better developmental aspects that get in the best form of future plannings that can be beneficial for the cities, the main prospect being connectivity which is availed by the two factors of infrastructure and amenities.

The provision of infrastructure

The infrastructure is one of the main elements that play a major role in the economy, and it gives in an insight that the supply chain for the city and the material goods are available in the city itself is a good range. The infrastructure enables the essential blocks of an economy, and this ensures that particular area gets the best supply for concrete, steel, and the other essential factors that get in proper use with the delivery of products in the sector of built forms, giving rise to the Real Estate Investing.

Another factor is the labourer count of this country, and it is vast, so the areas also attract the building labour work aspects. Giving work to the people for the different building establishing processes.

Amenities along with Infrastructure

The amenities are the 2nd most important aspect in providing for the best connectivities in the satellite cities, playing the major part in providing, lakes, highways, infrastructure etc. this has a strong contribution towards attracting Real Estate Investing, to the sector with the maximum chances of growth for the large population.

The Important Satellite Cities in India

The top cities for the futuristic developments are taking place in the following satellite cities for the people.

satellite cities

1. Thane & Navi Mumbai ( Mumbai)

The areas surrounding the entertainment hub of the city of Mumbai has seen many challenges and multiple developments in its vicinity. And some areas have emerged as the IT and commercial hub for many prospects of the real estate investments. The city has many community residential projects going on that have enabled more mass into the city, searching for jobs and better amenities in the area for the people.

2. Yelahanka(Bangalore)

Yelahanka is present in the northern outskirts of the city of Bengaluru has the centre of the developments going on in the city, with the growth of the sector of information technology in the area, it has got the best real estate developments taking place in the city. It is mainly the reasonability for products, and a newness in the air which makes it a desired space in the region, representing the commercial front for the city of Bengaluru in many ways.

3. New town Kolkata (Kolkata)

This area has been rustling and is flourishing with all kinds of development, including the amenities in a properly planned satellite city, availing the arterial roads for the community-based advancements, the business hub, many influential buildings among the top in the areas of Rajarhat, etc. It also tries to recreate the traditional vibe of Kolkata without limiting the scope of it's future cityscapes.

4. Gurgaon( Delhi)

This is one of the busiest cities among the 4 main cities for the populace in and near to Delhi. It started off as a project for the satellite cities present in the different parts of the country, while the rest were in it's initial stages, Gurgaon went ahead of its time to present the best outsourcing hub for the people, with multinational companies investing in the sector and attracting most of the real estate agents into the areas for the people. The MNCs are attracting the best prospects for residential purposes, the IT developmental purposes etc.

satellite cities of India

5. New Chennai, Sriperumbudur (Chennai)

These two are new to the concept of a satellite city and but is still attracting prospects of Real Estate Investing. Though this is taking a little time, but the potential investors are already eyeing the area for further development with the most urban ideas that have been proposed for the city. It gives out a good space for growth and development as well as residential opportunities to those who could not get into Chennai.

It has a good base for the delivery of the proper housing projects and potential for providing proper housing site and IT hubs for future development.

6. Hi-Tech City and Vikarabad (Hyderabad)

These are some of the cities, in talks for future development in Hyderabad. They have so far witnessed a concept based development working on the base of residential outputs for the people. Hi-Tech city has many private infrastructures growing in the sector for Real Estate Investing and providing promising outlooks for future developments and more such investment proposal in the coming times.

The problems faced in the areas for Satellite Cities

Urban life is a dream for many, especially for developing countries like India. The rural mass is in search of ways to uplift the job opportunities for themselves. This has given a tremendous rise in the population sector for the people, which has given rise to the traffic and the industrial pollution factor in the areas for the people. The rapid urbanizations have many prospects, but the shortcomings include the increased state of immigrants, this can be added to the futuristic problems that these above-given cities might face in the coming year.

The various problems include-

  • Increased population problems-
  • More traffic causing a longer duration of stoppage while travelling in the city.
  • Increased industrialization giv9ing birth to many unfavourable conditions for the people.

The development is steady with the increased demands for the Indian satellite cities for the best Real Estate Investing for the sector and availing the most prominent future solutions to the modern age problems. The cities are still counted among the most developed cities with the most professionals working in the further developments and making a promising offer to get in the best work opportunities, residential advancements, easy accessibility to the population that are living in the busy cities.

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