5 Types of Reptiles that can be your New Pet

Date: 18-September,2021Last Updated: 26-September,2022
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There are many factors to think of while you consider adopting a pet for your home.

The decision becomes even more complicated when you think of having an exotic animal in your home, as is the case with lizards.

The space, the type of lighting, and the care required and in their diet are just some things to take into account for the right decision.

Every lizard needs special care, and most people looking for a 'First' lizard are doing it because most children will be involved with its maintenance and attention. Therefore Our beginners' list includes this as a ranking order to help you decide from the easiest to the relatively hardest

Many factors go into caring for your pets, for any species of animal.

The 'best, we feel, is always the personal preference. But even what your choice is, the factors about the setup and lizard size, food cost, and many more all factor into making any decision when you choose your pet.

This is why we believe it is helpful to give you some information about what types of reptiles you can have as a pet...

1. Iguana

The lifespan of an ordinary iguana is an average of 12-15 years. When it is well-cared for, a healthy iguana can easily live more than 20 years. The most common iguana species is the green iguana (Iguana iguana), native to Central America, South America, and the Caribbean. However, Iguanas from different countries can be in different colours too, that are found in colours like blue, purple, red, pink, orange and yellow. Confusing as it may seem, but all of them are considered types of green iguanas.

Most ordinary iguanas need a small room for them to be comfortable, and your iguana's space should give your pet enough room to climb up and turn fully, which is essential for them. For a young iguana (up to around 18-inches long), a 20 litres aquarium is enough. A large iguana, however, requires much more space. An adult iguana tank must be at least 12-feet long by 8-feet high. Different materials, such as wood, mesh, and plexiglass, can be used to build a custom-made tank. Glass tanks can get extremely humid. They can quickly lead to an overgrowth of mould or fungus without proper ventilation and daily cleaning.

2. Bearded Dragon

If you are thinking about having a bearded dragon as your pet, here are some "beardie" basics you should know about them.

Beardies can recognize and also respond to their owner's voices and touch and are very even-tempered. They can be an excellent pet for someone who would want a reptile that likes to be held and also taken out of their cage. They are generally very easy to handle if you can support their wide, flat bodies from underneath and let them walk from hand-to-hand as they move. Dragons can even be taken by children, too, as long as adults supervise the children. And anyone who handles a dragon must wash up afterwards, as all reptiles carry salmonella bacteria.

3. Crested Gecko

These little lizards have some crested lines or spines that seem to run from their eyes all the way down their backs on either side of their body, making them look a lot like teeny, tiny wingless dragons. They might not look like they would be much trouble to care for, but there are a few things you must know about the crested Gecko before you decide to make them your house pet.

Crested geckos are 'semi-arboreal, meaning: they like to spend most of their time in trees or bushes, so you would want a habitat that can incorporate that. They will not want to be on the ground in a sandy aquarium at all. Crested geckos require lush foliage and places to climb so that they can keep moving around unseen. Unlike some other species of lizards, crested geckos do not require a heat lamp. The room temperature is just perfect. However, what they actually need is a humid environment. So you will want to mist the environment two or three times a day with a squirt bottle of warm, filtered water.

4. Corn Snake

There are literally some variations now of the common Corn Snake. You can take your pick and choose the perfect colour, Corn Snake, to suits you. They are non-aggressive in behaviour, and Corn Snakes are at ease with all family members, making them an ideal snake as a house pet. The Corn Snake, adults and children can both hold and play with them, confident that they will not get bitten by it. It is uncommon for the snake to bite, but Corn Snakes are especially well-behaved.

Young Corn Snakes are only required to be fed defrosted food once a week, and adults must be provided once biweekly. Apart from that, it is only case of checking if they are warm enough and have fresh water, that is all.

5. Leopard Gecko

It is effortless to create the perfect home for your Gecko. During the day, you need to recreate the sun and heat the air with a light bulb. At night, you will need to recreate heat that is retained in the ground. Leopard Geckos are not fussy eaters at all, and they will eat a large variety of insects with some vitamins and some mineral powder. They will just as easily drink water from their water bowl too.

Their big doey eyes, leopard spots and a smile from ear to ear. These Geckos really are good-looking creatures. We do not mean they are good-looking in a Boa constrictor like manner good-looking. We suggest they are good-looking in a cute, adorable way. They were always guaranteed to make you say "Arhhhhh". But more importantly, Due to their docile and peaceful nature, they really are a pet for all family members. They are happy to be held by children of all ages and slowly walk across their gentle hands. They are not at all aggressive by behavior or nature but do not forget and all animals should be treated with respect.

So, Are you all set with these 5 Reptiles that makes Great pets? Do let us know! Comment below...

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