7 Top Advantages of using AAC Blocks for Construction

Date: 12-February,2022Last Updated: 26-September,2022
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Today we'll explore a somewhat popular and yet quite rare topic,

"The Building Blocks" (or "bricks").

Especially "Which is better - AAC Blocks or Red Bricks?

Sounds an offbeat topic compared to our other recent blogs, isn't it?

But it is one of the most popular topics for realtors, developers, and anyone who is generally interested in real estate and architecture.

But before we make the comparisons let's first check out our contenders,

AAC Blocks or Autoclaved Aerated Concrete blocks

AAC Blocks, developed in the early 1920s are getting immensely popular both across both rural and urban construction. AAC Blocks are considered to be the better alternative and a more sustainable option as compared to the traditional ones including the several types of bricks.

What are AAC Blocks?

AAC or Autoclaved Aerated Concrete blocks are a precast+ foam concrete building block which comprises of materials like calcined gypsum, quartz sand, cement, water and lime.

As the name suggests, this mixture is moulded into blocks and are autoclaved under great pressure.

What are Red Bricks?

Red Bricks are one of the popular and widely used traditional building materials crafted out of burnt clay.

Though Red bricks are widely used across the country, the recent years have seen quite a paradigm shift.

Nowadays, we can find only AAC blocks or bricks in most of the construction sites both in urban and rural regions. Besides creating AAC bricks is lesser hazardous than the traditional clay bricks, which makes it a more viable as well as eco-friendly option for building your homes.

Advantages of AAC Blocks over Clay Bricks

ACC Blocks has many advantages over Clay Bricks such as

1) Better Fire Resistance

The blocks and the materials used are extremely fire resistant. It is reported that AAC blocks can provide resistance to the flames for atleast 6 hours and upto 1200 celcius.

2) Faster and Easier Construction

One of the noteworthy features of AAC Blocks is that they are far lighter than other materials and does not compromise on strength or flexibility. It is said that they are 50 times lighter, which makes contruction faster and more efficient.

3) Earthquake Resistant

As mentioned earlier, since its stronger and tougher than regular building materials, AAC Blocks have better durability and can handle tremors or greater seismic activities accordingly compared to conventional building materials like clay bricks.

4) Energy Efficiency

As Hydrogen is formed in the small pockets while constructing AAC Blocks which greatly enhances its insulation properties. Thus it can keep the temperatures warm in winters and cool in summer. This is also one of the reasons why AAC blocks are used in almost every locale.

5) Availability

One of the major drawbacks of red clay bricks and the greatest advantages of AAC blocks is the availability. AAC blocks are available throughout the seasons, while Indian monsoons and the rains pose a threat to the creation of red bricks.

6) Pest Resistance

AAC Blocks are pest resistant, especially keeping away the common pests like rodents and termites as they are built using inorganic materials.

7) Sound and Moisture proof

As mentioned earlier, because of the air pores and pockets in AAC Blocks, they excel in keeping out the moisture and in sound reduction too.

So, folks, we hope you liked the article and understood the advantages of AAC Blocks over the red clay bricks.

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