List of Best Apartments in Bangalore

Date: 20-June,2019Last Updated: 26-September,2022
+A   -A brings to you the best trending apartments in Bangalore in the newly launched and ongoing category based on the market trends.

1. L&T Raintree Boulevard

L&T Raintree Boulevard is a spectacular mixed-use property development coming up on the Bangalore International Airport Road near Hebbal. One of the best additions to the Bangalore-Hyderabad Highway, this project is exquisitely designed & developed by world-class realty developers L&T Realty. Being a mixed-use township, this project sprawls over 65 acres with an L&T SEZ coming up as part of it.

These 17 beautifully crafted towers enjoy stunning views & have a natural charm to them. They are luxury apartments offering a world-class lifestyle & amenities. This high rise is built around two stunning boulevards with a serene landscape & pristine green space.

One of the most awaited projects in Bangalore, this ongoing project is trending amongst homebuyers as well as people looking to invest in Real Estate.

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2. Bren Imperia

Bren Imperia is an ongoing residential project offering luxury apartments for sale in Bangalore. Located at Harlur, this 16 acres community is minutes away from Sarjapur Road. Be close to everything in the city yet have a huge clubhouse & a stunning golf course in your community.

With all the amenities Bren Corporation is giving, residents here will not feel the need to go outside the community except for work. What more, Bren gives you luxurious interiors with stunning design & architecture.

The notable aspect of this project is its construction technology.Built in the Mivan style of Construction, these homes give you 74% carpet area, the highest in Residential Real Estate. Bren calls his style of providing exquisite features & a beautiful community, Brennovation. This seems to the reason the project is in huge demand.

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3. Brigade Utopia

Developing a smart integrated township is one of the key projects in every top real estate developers’ construction portfolio. Brigade Group has come up with Brigade Utopia, a mixed use smart integrated township that is coming up on 47 acres prime land in Whitefield, East Bangalore.

This community is set to have commercial, retail, corporate & residential infrastructure right in the township. Having everything you need in your own community is a good reason to chill at home. Living in Whitefield in such a beautiful community is something every techie working at the IT Zones of Whitefield has dreamt of.

It is the latest mixed use township in the traffic logged Whitefield IT Zone with luxurious apartments for sale.

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4. Assetz Marq

Assetz Marq is a serene township spread over 22 acres in Whitefield, Bangalore. Assetz Marq 2.0 is offering luxury apartments for sale with the tag line, ‘The Township we call Home’. It is a spectacular project receiving exceptional reviews from prospective home buyers & homeowners.

Assetz Property has developed this beautiful community with 6 acres of pristine green space. Focusing on Greenery and serene living, Assetz tells it’s residents, ‘We Breathe the air you Travel for’, signifying the abundance of the lush greens in this community.

Assetz has been known for their focus on quality, luxury, timing, satisfaction & serenity. They say, ‘The Grass is always greener on their side’ reflecting their style of construction.

A truly spectacular community, this project is in massive demand.

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5. Sobha Dream Gardens

Sobha Dream Gardens is an upcoming 18-acre community on Thanisandra Main Road in North Bangalore. Offering ‘Perfect Homes’, this project has just brought premium luxurious homes closer than before.

Part of the Sobha Dream Series, this project shall have world-class amenities and high-quality construction.

For people who look to live in a community that gives luxurious homes and amenities with serene landscapes, this is the answer.

Currently trending as an in-demand project, Sobha Limited brings to you a massive & lush community.

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6. Godrej Air NXT

Godrej Properties brings to you Godrej Air NXT, a luxury apartments project in Whitefield. This project is in demand thanks to it’s unique design & location. Coming with a 120-year legacy, Godrej Properties are famous for their innovation & strides in the residential sector.

This project has an atmosphere of itself with Godrej improving the air quality with plantation & filter boxes. About 70% of the project is properly landscaped, which is why the name Godrej Air NXT.

These homes are trending especially in the next generation thanks to their modern design & hybrid technology.

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7. Klassik Landmark

Klassik Landmark is a luxury apartments project offering all 3BHK homes. These homes are extremely well ventilated with the towers they are in being well engineered.

These towers are aerodynamically designed in the shape of an aeroplane wing providing more air and privacy. Klassik Enterprises brings true luxury to you with efficiently engineered homes and International fittings.

Not only this,The project is clearly focused on privacy & serenity.

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8. Shriram Blue

Shriram Blue is a beautiful lake facing community in KR Puram, East Bangalore. Having a Codename ‘Taking it Easy’.

Overlooking 250 acres of a beautiful lake, this project has luxury apartments right from flats to sky duplexes. Being close to Whitefield is another advantage this property has.

These luxury flats are being built splendidly with a very creative approach. Bangalore is buying luxury flats here promptly, fond of the style & design of construction here.

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9.Koltepatil ITowers Exente

Koltepatil ITowers Exente is a splendid luxury apartments project in Electronic City. Trending massively amongst the IT professionals working in & around, this project offers completely automated homes for the comfort & luxury of its residents.

It enjoys a beautiful 3 sided view of the IT Hub of Electronic City enjoying easy accessibility to all the top companies based in Electronic City & Hosur Road.

Techies looking for automated luxury in your future home, ITowers Exente is the answer.

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10. Purva Palm Beach

The best luxury apartments in Hennur are now coming up. Puravankara Projects presents to you Purva Palm Beach, Bangalore’s only beach-themed apartment modelled on tropical beaches.

This property embraces 19.37 acres of land distinguished by spacious residential properties and exquisitely landscaped earth.

With lavish amenities & surroundings, residents here are set to enjoy a classy lifestyle and live in one of the most happening areas today, Hennur.

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