Pet-friendly ways to control pests in your home

Date: 12-November,2020Last Updated: 26-September,2022
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Are the usual pest control methods toxic to pets? How do I get rid of pests without harming my pets?

If all this runs in your head every time you think of controlling pests, well, you are only being a responsible pet parent! We know you are here because you love your furry kids too much to let anything happen to them, be it a small allergy or something far more dangerous.

It is conducive to get rid of pests to maintain a hygienic home which is obviously good for you and your pet(s). So how do you do it without causing any harm to your pets?

Most pest exterminators are not deadly or dangerous for the usual pets like cats, dogs and other big mammals; it can only cause irritation, sometimes even unhealthy drooling, vomiting, nausea and diarrhoea.

Hence simple precautions are enough, especially surrounding the use of spray cans of exterminators. When it comes to pets that are birds of any kind, guinea pig, rabbit, or something which is not a typical pet you need to be more than careful than you are with canines or cats.

When you are planning to call a pest control service, always make it a priority to ask them if it is pet friendly. Also, make sure you mention the type of pet that you have, especially if it is an unusual pet, say you have pigeons you can tell you have birds at home because most people assume you have a dog or a cat when you just mention a pet.

The things that do not affect "furry children" might affect your "feathery children". Since birds have a really sensitive respiratory system, it is crucial you double-check to know if it is okay to have the pest control service invited.

Since local pest control services use dangerous levels of toxic chemicals, it is advisable if you did a little research on the service providers, the chemicals and the effects of it on pets. There have been instances where the pest service providers have promised it doesn’t affect the pets and owing to hypersensitivity in some pets or just the carelessness of the service have caused allergic reactions to pets. So you need to be doubly sure if the chemicals are really okay for your pets.

No matter the promise of the pest control service provider, keep your pets outside the area scheduled for service and also keep them away from the space for at least an hour or two. Especially if they are dogs and cats, we know that they are curious beings who explore everything with their noses first, keeping them away until everything dries completely will prevent them from inhaling and ingesting chemicals they shouldn’t.

If you have either birds or reptiles as pets, it is always safer to make a call to your veterinarian and ask for advice. You need to make sure you cover their space with a towel or plastic in a way that droplets don’t fall on them. You can do the same for fish tanks too.

pest control

If you are getting rid of pests on your own practice the following processes, when shopping for pest exterminators, always shop for pet-friendly exterminators. Research about the ingredients on the bottles thoroughly and their effect on your furry, feathery or fishy pets before buying them.

Boric acid which is present in most ants and cockroach exterminators kill pests effectively, but it can be harmful to pets as well as humans when ingested, so you need to spray them in regions pets can’t access them.

Even when the bottle says it is pet friendly make sure to do the research on the ingredients, also if you are not sure about any particular ingredient, it is always okay to ask your pet’s veterinarian. Keep the area well ventilated when you are applying the exterminators, and remove all pet toys, food, water, bedding and their vessels from the area.

Follow the same steps of keeping your pets outside the area of application of exterminators and covering their space. This will make sure your pets are in no way in contact with any of the chemicals.

You can let your dogs and cats inside as soon as the applicants dry when you are using the pest extermination yourself that are commonly available in stores, in the case of birds and reptiles, keep them away for 2 to 3 hours.

Also, if you plan on keeping pest poising stuff in infested areas, make sure you make it totally inaccessible to your pets.

The best way to ensure the safety of your pets from pesticides is by keeping pests themselves at bay by not giving them any chance to dwell in your home. Make sure you always keep your house clean, and not leave your kitchen sinks unattended or leave used dishes for too long.

For more ways to control pests click here

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