How much do you know about Vastu for Flats?

Date: 20-January,2021Last Updated: 26-September,2022
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Vastu is an ancient science of architecture and buildings, cultured in India that helps in making a compatible setting to live in.

It's a setting to make sure the benefits of the place are taken advantage of by the owners in a scientific way. Vastu combines all the five elements of nature which help in depicting the science of directions and balance them with material and man.

The guidelines of Vastu are applied during the construction of any building, such as homes, apartments, office spaces or temples. They help bring in positive energy and well-being for the person who owns it.

Due to the increment in the price of land, most of the people find apartments or flats affordable.

Flats have several amenities and features that benefit the owners and their children. They do not feel the need for Vastu compliance, as it is far above the land, but no matter in which floor you are situated, you are still connected to Earth.

It is difficult to find flats that are Vastu compliant!

In bigger cities the population is increasing and there is lack of land, due to which apartments and flats are in high demand.

Most of the land is used for residential purposes, and the most productive developments are skyscrapers and high-rise apartments. We cannot expect 100 percent Vastu in apartments, but there are a few apartments that do follow the Vastu guidelines.

Few important points to keep in mind about Vastu.

  • The land used to construct the apartment has to be rectangular or square.

  • There should not be any ponds or lakes in south or west.

  • Avoid flats that have a south, west or southwest entrance.

  • An open space in the centre of the apartment is well advised.

  • Apartments colored in red, black or sky blue should be avoided according to Vastu.

  • The total number of doors and windows should be an even number.

  • Avoid the flats which have balconies in west and south directions.

  • According to Vastu, the staircase should not be in the northeast as it can cause a lot of trouble for the residents.


The East, North and Northeast are supposed to be the best directions where the entrance door should be, it will ensure sunlight in your home throughout the day.

The Infrared rays that enter your home during noon, if the entrance is in the south or west, are harmful to your health.

The entrance being in the east direction is considered to be auspicious and you will have to make sure to keep it well decorated and neat. The north direction signifies prosperity and this direction should not be blocked in any way.

Plants grown in the entrance should regularly be watered and at no cost should you grow a cactus plant. The hinges on the entrance door should be smooth and not produce any noise when used.
Photograph of god should not be hanging above the entrance door.

The Rooms

The rooms in an apartment have to be Vastu compliant. The rooms used by the parents or the owners have to be in the southwest direction.

The other rooms such as kitchen, children's bedroom should be in the east direction.

Living room

The living room has to be in the north direction. The head of the family should face the north or east direction while being seated in the living room.

The southwest corner of the house is the weighing element of the house and the furniture can be placed there.

Any portraits of women, animals or birds should not be hanging in the living room as they give away negative vibes.

The color combination used in the living room including walls and tiles should be either white, blue, yellow or green. The furniture of the living room has to be square or rectangular.


The ideal location for kitchen is in the southeast direction. The kitchen should not be facing the entrance.

You must ensure that the food should be prepared facing the east direction. Southeast or northwest is the perfect place to place the refrigerator.

All the kitchen appliances like mixers and juicers should be placed in the southeast corner. Make sure that the kitchen is well ventilated and has enough windows to let sunlight in.

The storage of food grains and other dry ingredients should be done on the southern or western side of the walls. The door of the Kitchen should never face the bathroom.


The Master bedroom should always be in the southwest. The southwest represents the element of earth and implies the heaviness of it, which makes it the ideal place for the owner of the house to rest in.

The colors that should be used to paint a living room should be the shades of Earth, such as brown, almond or light shades of brown.

You have to make sure that the bed is not directly under a beam, and one should always sleep in the direction of the south.

One should make sure that the room is free of clutter, especially the space where you place your head. The bedroom should always be in a square or rectangular area.

Children's room

Children's room should be in the northwest direction and one should not stick any furniture to the walls as it blocks positive energy.

There should be enough ventilation and sunlight across the room. The room should be painted in some cheerful and mild colors.

The study area of children should be clutter free, neat and tidy. It will give them positive vibes and motivate them to study. The door to the children's room has to be east or north.


The bathroom has to be in the northwest or southeast direction. It has to have enough ventilation and sunlight. If there is any trouble in the working of the sanitary and bath fittings it should be fixed immediately.

Make sure that the bathroom is away from the pooja room. always try and keep the bathing area and the sanitary area neat and tidy.

These are a few properties of Vastu for flats to keep in mind.

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