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Date: 11-September,2021Last Updated: 7-October,2022
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Numbers are the universal element that is present in everything.

From the density of the fabric present in the grass to the velocity of a cheetah, everything consists of numbers. It has its significance too; a four-leaf Clover is regarded as a lucky omen, you can't fold up a piece of paper more than 9 times, and so on. Believe it or not but numbers are important in our life too, the impact on our lives and the decisions that we take from the moment of our birth.

Numbers have cosmic energy associated with them. One can also tell all about your traits, personality, and energy just by seeing your destiny number and psychic number.

The significance of both of these numbers is remarkable. The Destiny Number is the total of one's date of birth. It gives an individual insight into his interest, unique capacities, attributes, and talents which gradually leads to the purpose of one's meaning of existence. It is also known as a lucky number.

Let's say your date of birth is 18/11/1998. To calculate your destiny number, you have to add each component of the date to a single digit.

The date, 18, is reduced to 1+8=9

Month 11 is reduced to 1+1=2

The year 1998 is reduced to 1+9+9+8=27; whenever you get a double-digit, you need to add those to get a single-digit; you can do it by adding 2+7=9.

Now add up all those outcomes,

9+2+9= 20, now to get your single-digit Destiny number do the same, 2+0=2; Now 2 is your destiny or lucky number. You can try these by yourself.

To get your psychic number, all you have to do is to add only the date, i.e. 1+8=9; if you are born on November 18, your psychic number is 9.

While buying a new property, you should go by your destiny number.

How to calculate your house numerology number

To calculate the house number, you only need the address numerology number. But, it doesn't mean Pincode, address, etc. In every house, we can see a certain alphabet allocated along with the numerical. To those alphabets, there's a certain numeric value assigned to them. They are,

Alphabets- A, I, J, Q, Y

Numeric value- 1

Alphabet - B, K, R

Numeric value - 2

Alphabet - C, G, L, S

Numeric Value - 3

Alphabet - D, M, T

Numeric Value - 4

Alphabet - E, H, N, X

Numeric Value - 5

Alphabet - U, V, W

Numeric Value - 6

Alphabet - O, Z

Numeric Value - 7

Alphabet - F, P

Numeric Value - 8

Let's say if the address is A12, Panbazar, Guwahati. Then The address Numerology of the house would be


Numerology House No 1

According to numerology, the Number 1 is ruled by The Sun, and it attracts People belonging to Leo. This house is preferable for people who want to stay independent and Believe in the concept of perfection. These houses are suitable for people who Are aspirational as well as driven by Their dreams. The energy of the house would Make more self-reliant. It is also recommendable for people looking for a new start.

Who Should Avoid It

These houses aren't suitable for couples who are looking forward to starting a family. It is also not recommendable for people with a modest living. Because usually, these houses need a lot of maintenance and care.

Numerology House No 2

This home number draws people with sun sign Cancer to it. It is regarded as the luckiest number for people who are content with little things in their life. People staying in these houses possess a generous nature and Have a long-term Relationship. This is an ideal house for a couple looking for a long-term relationship in both professional as well as personal lives. Professionals such as teachers, Social workers, engineers, scientists are ideal for living in no. 2 houses.

Who Should Avoid It

It doesn't suit people who like to stay alone and Independently. These kinds of people usually Prefer working alone and In a disciplined way. People who have a strict timeline should avoid the house at all costs as the property has a peaceful and Easy going vine into it.

Numerology House No 3

Home number 3 is governed by Jupiter for which attracts people who are enthusiastic and fun-loving. These houses are great for people who want to start a creative start- up. It is an ideal option for artists, painters, photographers, actors, etc. To put it simply, people who are devoted to art and craft. According to numerologists, this house number draws people into it who firmly believe in philosophical ideas. The house number is also ideal for people who want to bring change to their life or personality, as it has an artistic vibe embedded into it. This house number is also good for joint families or friends who live together.

Who Should Avoid It

People who love peace and serenity should not opt for these particular houses since these houses are efficient for family living. Independent people should also avoid this house.

Numerology House No 4

This house is ideal for practical people Who follow a routine and live a structured life. This is also ideal for people who Are looking to achieve their goals. This house number also ensures a steady financial gain.

Who Should Avoid It

This particular house number isn't recommended for emotional people. Since these houses lack innovation and Excitement, it is not recommendable for creative people. The house encourages commitment, but at the same time, it Can make someone conservative and Rigid.

Numerology House No 5

The house is appropriate for fun-loving and adventurous people who place freedom as the priority in their life. The number 5 is said to be ruled over by Mercury, and this is the reason why its inhabitants always seem to be looking for a change. This house is also ideal for people with creative ideas. Such as artists, singers, actors, craftsmen, etc.

Who Should Avoid It

This house is not ideal for people who love to live a calming lifestyle. It is also not recommendable for people who follow a tight schedule and are practical in life. For couples, this particular house might result in a dent in their relationship.

Numerology House No 6

This number is ruled by Venus, and it has an artistic atmosphere to it. The inhabitants here will have a strong preference towards perfection as well as nature, symmetrical designs, and refined taste in things. Such houses are ideal for those who are planning to start a family. There is innate energy within this particular house for harmony, peace, and understanding. Conflict and stress cannot last for long in the environment of this home. It is also fully suitable for people who have been born on the same date.

Who Should Avoid It

Houses with number 6 aren't Suitable for independent people. It has a very authentic, homely vibe, which makes it Tedious for People who want to enjoy their freedom.

Numerology House No 7

This particular number is ruled by the moon, for which people staying here are focused on finding the truth of life. If these people are looking for a place to isolate themselves to focus on their work or staying away from negative energies can stay in such homes. Professionals such as writers can focus on their writing here. People who are recovering from bad relationships can find peace in this house. It is a den of positive energy which can be used for personal and mental healing.

Who Should Avoid It

These houses have a transformative vibe embedded in them. It can draw a couple apart or make them even closure, depending on the nature of their relationship. It's not ideal for people who seek adventure in their life, as it has a very calm vibe to it.

Numerology House No 8

This home number is ruled by Saturn. It Signifies Authority and efficiency. This house is ideal for materialistic people as well as people who seek great things in their life. This house provides a strong Environment for success and fame. This is an ideal house for people who have extreme Behaviour and Temperament.

Who Should Avoid It

Because of the presence of the authoritative vibe of the house, it will cause inconveniences amongst family as well as the couple, as they might not share the same understanding as they will feel insecure in the house.

Numerology House No 9

House number 9 is perfect for people who has a philanthropic mindset. The individuals who really want to help out people are the best fit for the number corresponding to number 9. It also becomes a beacon for social interactions.

Who Should Avoid It

Ambitious people and families who prefer quiet time.

And thus to conclude,

House number numerology is one of the primary things to note before cosily settling in your new home. So guys what do you think about the article, do tell us in the comments below.

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