Best Luxury Villas for Sale in Bangalore 2020

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There are tons of Luxury villas in Bangalore for sale, but which among them are the very best?

The flavor of the luxury segment, especially Bangalore, is second to none. The elegant features are embedded right from the lawn to the last detail of the residence. The regal architectural patterns often resemble works of the most exquisite art forms. The quality of the structure is carefully crafted out to ensure the highest safety and security. The spacial dimensions also speak volumes along with the amenities which are built on a world-class level.

The Elite Residential Projects in Bangalore are considered to be the best in the country primarily because of the pleasant climate and highly advanced IT Infrastructure. The megapolis has now risen to be one of the prominent international destinations.

These factors have now made the cream of the society as well as the highly salaried working population of the city to choose the Villa segment. It has now even become of matter of pride and profit among them.

Though the premium segment, especially the luxury villas in North Bangalore might cater only to a few of the elite, however, the construction and the architecture of these serves as an inspiration for a whole new line of projects under various budget brackets spread across the city. Below are the

Best Luxury Villas in Bangalore for sale 2020

*****The numberings are only for reference and in no way related to the ranking of these projects.

Project Name
1. Prestige Golfshire 6. Sobha Lifestyle
2. Prestige Lakeside Habitat 7. Purva The Sound of Water
3. RBD Stillwaters Villas 8. Embassy Grove
4. The Gran Carmen Address 9. Embassy Boulevard
5. Total Environment After The Rain 10. Prestige White Meadows

Top 10 Luxury villas in Bangalore:

1) Prestige Golfshire

Prestige Golfshire Luxury Villas in Nandhi Hills

Prestige Group is one of the most reputed builders in the country. Their decades' long industry experience has made them a force to reckon with. Being a part of an early wave of developers in the nation, Prestige Group has spearheaded to create some of the best structures across modern India's cityscapes.

Prestige Golfshire Villas at Devanahalli, near to Nandi Hills, is the definition of splendor and is considered to be one among the top luxury villas in North Bangalore.

It is a unique blend of a resort along with residential mansions, catering high-end living to the residents. It is, in fact, India's first golf club villa development with an 18-hole championship course. Prestige Golfshire Villas has world-class amenities and also has a private lake.

Quick Facts about Prestige Golfshire

  • Spread over 275 acres
  • 228 Units
  • 4 BHKs

2) Prestige Lakeside Habitat

Prestige Lakeside Habitat- Villas in East Bangalore

Prestige Group has an extensive repertoire of luxury residential projects to its name across the nation as it has also built some of the premium Villas in Bangalore. Prestige Lakeside Habitat is one of them.

The project is a culmination of apartment complex towers and 270 villas located at Varthur, East Bangalore.Prestige Lakeside Habitat is considered to be one among the very best Luxury villas in Bangalore for sale.

Quick Facts about Prestige Lakeside Habitat

  • Spread Over 102 Acres
  • 3 & 4 BHKs
  • 270 Villas

3) RBD Stillwaters

RBD Stillwaters Villas for Sale in Sarjapur Road

RBD Shelter's luxury venture RBD Stillwaters is situated at Sarjapur Road, East Bangalore. The high-end villa is richly laden with many premium amenities and is aesthetically designed. It is specially crafted to ensure the privacy of the residents.

Quick Facts about RBD Stillwaters

  • 199 Units
  • Covers 17 Acres
  • 3&4 BHK configurations

4) The Gran Carmen Address

Gran Carmen Address Plots for Sale in Sarjapur Road

Gran Carmen Address from The Address Makers is one of the most aesthetically crafted premium villas in Bangalore. As their name signifies, Address Makers builds some of the best designer homes which stand apart from the rest and is one of the best luxury villa projects in Bangalore. Located at Sarjapur Road, East Bangalore, Gran Carmen Address has some of the best in class and the most modern amenities among the villas of the city.

Quick Facts about Gran Carmen Address

  • Spans across 13.33 Acres
  • 3 & 4 BHKs
  • 109 Units

5) Total Environment After The Rain

Total Environment After the Rain 4 BHK Villas in Bangalore

Total Environment is known for its brilliant and out of the box building concepts which blends nature and modernity into perfect harmony. Total Environment After The Rain, too, is aesthetically designed and engineered for excellent comfort for the residents.

It is located Off Bangalore International Airport Road, North Bangalore.Without a hint of a doubt is one of the best luxury villas in Bangalore for sale.

Quick Facts about Total Environment After the Rain

  • 358 Units
  • 4 BHK Configurations
  • Spread across 56.4 Acres

6) Sobha Lifestyle

Sobha Ltd is one of the most prominent builders in the nation, with many of its skyrise structures woven into eternal landmarks of the ever-changing cityscapes. Sobha Lifestyle is one of their most well known Villa projects located in Devanahalli, North Bangalore. It is rich with many amenities that define elegance.

Quick Facts about Sobha Lifestyle

  • Spread across 55 Acres
  • 4 BHKs

7) Purva The Sound of Water

Purva Sound of The Water- Villas in Bannerghatta Road

Purva The Sound of Water by Purvankara Group, is located at Bannerghatta Road, South Bangalore. The elegant villas are adorned with lush greenery and are brilliantly designed to the last detail to provide seamless comfort. Purva The Sound of Water, also has many elite amenities and is considered to be one of the premium luxury villas in South Bangalore for sale.

Quick Facts about Purva The Sound of Water

  • Sprawling over 19 Acres
  • 207 Units
  • 3 & 4 BHKs

8) Embassy Grove

Embassy Grove Villas in Old Airport Road

Embassy Group is famed across the country for their exceptional innovations in architecture and quality of the structures. Embassy Group's ongoing villa project at Old Airport Road, East Bangalore, is called Embassy Grove. True to its name Embassy Grove is designed to resemble a pleasant and peaceful grove.

Quick Facts about Embassy Grove

  • 106 Units
  • Covers 7.9 Acres
  • 4 BHK configuration

9) Embassy Boulevard

Embassy Group's yet another luxury villa project Embassy Boulevard is located at off NH 7, near to Kempegowda International Airport, North Bangalore. The regally designed Embassy Boulevard is one of the most sought after luxury villas in North Bangalore. The villas are housed within a gated community, and each of the units is specially crafted that the residents can indulge in the zenith of luxury.

Quick Facts about Embassy Boulevard

  • Spread over 51 Acres
  • 170 Units

10) Prestige White Meadows

Yet another luxury venture from Prestige Group, Prestige White Meadows located at Whitefield, East Bangalore is a township project. The project is a combination of high-rise apartments(sky villas) and bungalows. The villas are elegantly designed to emote the sense of a dream and are imbibed with premium features.

Quick Facts about Prestige White Meadows

  • Spread over 102 Acres
  • 271 Units( Villas/Bungalows)
  • 4 & 5 BHK Configurations

These are some of the top-end luxury villas in Bangalore for sale, which has captured the hearts of many,especially the luxury villas in North Bangalore. These structures, through the age, transcend as works of art, which would forever be embedded in the landscape of one of the greatest cities of our country. So what are you waiting for, own your very own iconic new address!

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