Brahma Kamal Plant Spiritual and Vastu benefits

Date: 18-May,2023Last Updated: 5-June,2023
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Brahma Kamal is a rare plant with exquisite large flowers and originates in the Himalayas. This plan has great spiritual significance in India and Vastu Shastra. It is highly recommended to plant in your home garden.

The flower heads are usually purple concealing layers of yellowish-green coloured, paper-like bracts, protecting the plant from harsh weather.

The Brahma Flower resembles a star shape with a mesmerising fragrance. It is a hermaphrodite, a flower containing male and female reproductive organs pollinated by insects.

Brahma Kamal Plant is also known as the orchid-cactus. It belongs to the night flowering species. Meaning the flower blossom only during the night and remain in an open state till sunrise. Witnessing a fully blooming Brahma Kamal is a rare sight.

A single flower lasts for a night. The average time for the buds to flower is around two to three weeks. The blooming season of Brahma Kamal Flowering season is spring to early summer.

The Brahma Kamal is popular with names such as Saussurea Obvallata, King of Himalayan flowers, Jungle Cactus, white lotus, Night Blooming Queen, etc.

The plant verities produce white, red, and pink flowers. The exotic one has flowers of purple shades.

Brahma Kamal Plant's Spiritual and Vastu Significances:

Spiritual Significance:

In the Hindu culture, the Brahma Kamal plant is considered sacred. The flower is often offered to lord Shiva. If You provide the flower when blooming to lord Shiva, pleased Shiva may fulfill all your wishes. It is also believed that wishes are made when the flower blooms fulfill your desires.

Vastu Significance of Brahma Kamal:

Bramaha Kamal plant is known to purify the environment and maintain the freshness of the space. According to Vastu Shastra Brahma Kamal Plant can bring -good luck, happiness, and prosperity and maintain psychological balance in one's life. Shunt all the evil forces away and bring more positive energies into your living space.

According to Vastu Shashtra, you should not buy or sell or Gift a Brahma Kamal.

Placing Brahma Kamal as per Vastu

According to Vastu Shastra, Brahma Kamal must be placed at the center of the House [Brahmastan]. It is believed that Brahma houses both Brahma and Vishnu. Placing the flower inside the house can eliminate negative and bring in positive energies.

Brahma Kamal Plant Care

The Brahma Kamal must be placed to be exposed to indirect sunlight. Because the leaves store water in the leaves, exposure to direct sunlight might cause dehydration and lead to sunburn - the leaves become pale yellow, and tip turns brown.

It is advised to set the plant in an apt location and avoid frequently changing its locations, especially when the plant is about to bloom. In such cases, the bud may not bloom.

Enough Watering

Brahma Kamal is a succulent plant that retains water in its leaves in arid conditions. This characteristic makes the plant leaves soft and fluffy. Hence water when the soil dries up.

Avoid overwatering; excess water in the soil can cause root rot. Also, avoiding directly watering the leaves of the plants can cause fungal growth; it is a best practice to water the soil.

Potting Soil

Because the roots of Brahma Kamal are sensitive, quickly draining soil is essential. Soil with sand (40%), (10%) perlite, 25% compost or vermicompost, and (25%) potpourri is apt for healthy growth of the Brahma Kamal Plant.

Every two years of, plant life or outgrown flowerpot requires re-potting to a larger pot with fresh soil. Ensure the root remains intact with no damage. Avoid excess water until the plants recover from the changes over.

Manuring the plant

The plant requires essential nutrients and minerals for its healthy growth, which can be introduced as compost or vermicompost.

Introducing manure at the optimal time is crucial, which is before the blooming season—and manure in a 25 to 30 days gap. Stop using manure once the plant stops flowering.

How to grow Brahma Kamal Plant?

Growing the Brahma Kamal plant in your garden is easy. You can develop either using seeds or leaf cuttings.

Growing using seeds might be a long process as opposed to leaf cuttings. Thus, you can grow Brahma Kamal using leaf cutting to grow plants in your garden faster.

Brahma Kamal plants from cuttings

Home gardeners can use these simple steps to grow a Brahma Kamal Plant for a left cutting:

  • Get a leaf cutting from a healthy plant, at least 10 to 12 cm long.

  • Set the cutting in a dark place away from direct sunlight. Let the leaf form callus, a protective layer white in colour.

  • Prepare pots with quick-draining soil, a combination of 40% sand, 25% coco peat, ten perlites, and 25% vermicompost or compost.


Q. Is Brahma Kamal a Vastu plant?

A. Yes, Brahma Kamal is a Vastu Plant. The plant is sacred and can bring happiness and prosperity, protecting the resident from negative energies, which turns out to be a holy plant.

Q. Is Brahma Kamal a Rare plant species?

A. Brahma Kamal finds its origin in the Himalayas. There are a variety of Brahma Kamal come in various shades such as white, red, and pink. However, the purple Brahma Kamal is the most exotic specie.

Q. How can I grow Brahma Kama in my Home garden?

A. Brahma Kamal can be grown in two ways -from seeds and leaf cutting.

However, the plant might grow slower as compared to leaf cutting.

Q. What is the common English name of Brahma Kamal plant?

A. It is also called Queen of the Night Flower in common English. Because Brahma Kamal is a night blooming flower and also belongs to the orchid family it is called the Orchid-Cactus.

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