10 Best Ways to Adapt Vastu for Living Room to Bring Positivity.

Date : 19-September,2019|Read: 5 minsLast Updated : 12-September,2020

The living room is an important place in the house which has evolved since times. This space allows people to get together and bond over laughter, family time and television or welcome guests. It needs to be decorated properly and made comfortable while being filled with positivity so that the atmosphere is relaxing and welcoming.

In most houses, the entrance to the house is through the main door located in the living room, which is why any kind of energy that is carried inside stays on. One must ensure that the energy that stays here is positive and negative energy gets dissipated, else it can adversely affect you and your family, which is why Vastu for living room is an important aspect while designing this space.

How can you achieve this goal? According to Vaastu Shastra, the placement of the main door and the living room, the furniture, lighting and the colours in the right way, can ensure that the positive energy is amplified and negative energy is thrown away.Vastu Shastra can bring in the changes that are most crucial to make this room calming and peaceful.

Here are 10 Vastu tips for your living room to bring in harmony and peace :

1. Location of the Living room

The best location for a living room is the northeast corner of the house. East and north location are also ideal for the location of a living room. Vastu for living room relies greatly on the location.

The head of the family should sit facing North or eastern direction in the living room so that he always commands respect and the guests do not dominate him.

2. Vastu furniture for living room

Do not go for a cluttered arrangement in the living room as this will impel tension and confusion in the minds of the family members. Opt for square or rectangular pieces of furniture as it will fit neatly into the corners. A modular sofa unit or recliners are a great option for the living room as it will encourage relaxation.

3. Fixtures and accessories in the living room

The north-east wall is the best place for hanging paintings or other fixtures that you intend to hang on your walls. Always choose images that depict positivity and not wars, hunger or other negative imagery that could create antagonistic energy in the room.

Do not place wall clocks above the door and in the northern direction of the room would be the best option. The northeastern corner of the room can have pictures of deities. Do not keep bonsai or cactus plants in the living room. Artificial flowers should be avoided too, as it attracts negativity.

4. Vastu colours for living room

The perfect choices for a living room are white, blue or green. Abstain from using red or black. Sobre colours will reflect light in the room and make it look larger. Use light or sheer curtains in the northern, and north-eastern direction of the house to allow ample sunlight. The lighting should be soothing and bright which will be conducive for comfort and relaxation.

5. Dust and clutter-free

A positive and happy space needs to be clean and airy. Keep the room dust free and organise the space to build sufficient storage so that things can be hidden from the sight and surfaces are from clutter.

6. Placement of plants and open spaces

Always ensure that the north-east corner of your living room is always clean and clutter-free as this area attracts and magnifies good fortune. Place potted plants in the area but take care that they are watered and taken care of regularly.

7. Placement of mirrors

Mirrors hold a significant position in the laws for Vastu. It has always been known to promote and amplify positivity.

Place these in the northern or eastern direction of the house. Always keep them four to five feet above the ground to attract auspicious energy.

8. Placement of a chandelier

A chandelier has evolved as an important accessory in a living room. Make sure that it is not hung in the centre of the room. Always place it in the south or west side of the room. The placement of chandelier plays an important role in the Vastu for living room.

9. Avoid exposed beams

Make sure to cover all exposed beams with a false ceiling. Do not sit under an exposed beam as it stresses you and affects your rational judgement.

10. TV position in the living room

The TV should be installed in the south-eastern direction of the living room. The northeast or the south-west directions should be avoided when placing a television. Vastu for living room considers the objects placed in the room and their direction as important aspects when creating a Vastu friendly space.

The living room is the most important part of the house as it is placed in front of the house and brings in all the energy from outside the house. It is of paramount importance to attract and augment positive energy and drive away the negative energy in a living room that can spread to the other parts of the house and create disharmony.

Vastu for living room can create a space that will promote and preserve happiness and harmony in this integral and important part of the house.

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