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Date: 26-January,2021Last Updated: 26-September,2022
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So here you are, ready to take the first steps to become an investor!

So why don't we help you get a clear picture of the Best Investment Options in India?

"Know what you own, and know why you own it."Peter Lynch.

Truer words have never been spoken, guys,

Unless you have a clear picture of the 4 Ws and 1 H ( What, Where, When, Why & How) on investing, let's just say that you'll always be stressed and wondering what'll happen to your investment. After all, it's your hard-earned money, right?

Wouldn't you want to waste it on some ponzy scheme cooked up by some random scamster? And in this digital world, the digiscams are at an all-time high.

So here we are with some of the popular, trusted, and best investment options in India-

1) Savings Account

Let's start with the basics and one of the simplest forms of investment in the country. It is one of the time-tested and traditional investments and savings options in India. However, your earnings would be at a bare minimum. Though a very safe bet, this low-income yield discourages most investors. And the fact that most of the young, enthusiastic, and enterprising investors go by Robert G. Allen's words, "How many millionaires do you know who have become wealthy by investing in savings accounts? I rest my case ."

2) Equity Stocks

Stocks are the face of investment everywhere. An equity stock, in simple terms, is a part or share of ownership of a particular company. This fractional share makes you a part-owner of the company, thus making you an essential part of its profits and losses.

Each share holds a value determined by the company and is sold off to the public. This face value remains the same, but once it goes public, the market price keeps changing. Anyone who has a pan card in India can buy these shares and sell them in the Stock Market or Stock Exchange. This act of buying and selling these stocks is called stock trading, and the people who engage in the activity are called Day Traders.

The investors anticipate the rise and fall of the share prices and buy or sell them accordingly for a profit. This act of prediction, depending on the various factors like the goodwill, productivity, and reliability of the company, is what makes Investing in Equity shares so engaging. And thus makes one of the best investment options in India.

3) Mutual Funds

Everyone is familiar with mutual funds these days, well at least the popular warning "Mutual Funds are subject to market risks, please read the offer document carefully" thanks to the heavy-duty advertising!

But how many of us know what a mutual fund is? Well, no time to count the show of hands. We'll get right to the point!

Mutual Funds are a collection of investment funds pooled together and professionally managed. Investors purchase a part of these funds at a fixed rate and, more often than not, are priced at convenient lower ranges. And is one of the best medium risk investment options in India.

4) Real Estate

"The Best Investment on Earth is Earth" - Louis Glickman

Real Estate is simply one of the best long-term investments in India. Being the fastest growing nation in terms of both development and population, the property prices and value of the nation has nowhere to go but up! Sure, they often tilt one way or the other, but you can't deny the fact, real estate investments are rock-solid and are the safest in the world. The future valuation of the properties you own, however, depends upon your choices in the particular property.

Especially investing in popular cities across India, like Bangalore, which has already beaten London to become the number 1 growing tech hub, or Delhi, the capital of the country, or Hyderabad is definitely a good investment choice!

5) Fixed Deposit

One of the safest and solid investment options in India. The money invested will stay inoperable for a fixed tenure, and if the investor wants to break the deposit, he or she has to pay a fee or penalty. It is best for long term investments and has other benefits apart from the interest rates.

Bank Fixed Deposits can help you gain income tax benefits and also avail various types of Loans from the bank you've deposited your money in.

6) Gold

Definitely the most popular forms of investment options in India, especially the families and women. Gold is the medium upon which most of the countries around the world have based their economic stability. Gold, along with Real Estate, is some of the safest, especially if at all the currency standard goes defunct one day (don't worry guys, the apocalypse isn't near yet, the author hopes so).

Besides regular jewellery, India has seen the rise of paper gold(Gold EPF, etc.) and digital gold. Digital Gold, especially SafeGold & MMTC PAMP, has already won the hearts of modern investors. Talk about the golden standard of savings options.

7) Insurances

Insurances are not simply a cover for your life and properties. Insurances are also an excellent way to invest and earn. Besides Life Insurance, the usual safety net, there are other types of Insurance policies like ULIPs or Unit Linked Insurance Policies. These will invest the money you deposited into various market linked assets such as funds or bonds and help you earn more.

Bonus Section

FAQ about Investment options in India

What is a Bull Market and a Bear Market?

A Bull market is a term used to denote a rising and economically sound market, and a bear market is when the stocks in the market have a declining value.

Who are some of the greatest investors in India?

Some of India's greatest investors are Rakesh Jhunjhunwala, Porinju Valiyathu, Radhakishan Damani, Vijay Kedia, and Raamdeo Agarwal.

Which are the major Digital Gold Schemes in India?

The prominent Digital Gold investment options are MMTC-PAMP and SafeGold.

So, folks, we hope that we cleared your doubts. So if you would like to know more about other types of Investment options or schemes, just drop in a comment below!

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