Buying A Old Home or New Home

Date : 4-May,2019|Read: 5 mins

A person buying a property faces tough questions before purchasing one. Making the right choice from various options can be a meticulous task for homebuyers. Today we are discussing the difference between New properties and Old properties in the perspective of a homebuyer and compare to find out which one is better.

In the start of the homebuying journey, when buyers look at the variety of potential options available, them getting confused is a common occurrence. The next step in the journey involves researching, consulting, and visiting the properties. It is a pretty strenuous method.

Buying a Property

Buyers have different styles of buying. Every buyer has some criteria for buying a property which is common to all.

Then there are criteria that buyers consider which can be different compared to others.

One type of buyers gives importance to quality, durability, and priority to quality over quick delivery and cost. Then there's another who prioritize on low initial cost and fast completion.

Deliberating on whether buying an old home at low cost is better or a new home which might be a little expensive, it can be speculated that a new home is better than an old one.

Buying a new home means procuring a new asset. A new asset has a definitive lifetime, higher appreciation, better features, and more resale value than an old one. Also, the maintenance of a new home is comparatively cheaper with lesser issues to deal with and low maintenance.

Buying an old home means procuring an old, used and depreciated asset. The age of the old property decides the amount of time and money you spend on additional maintenance works. Water seepages, Cracks in walls, Repainting, Landscaping, Sewage Cleanse, Cleaning interiors which includes kitchens and toilets, and restoring freshness to all parts of the house are some of the issues a buyer of an old home will face.

As per the latest trends in the Indian Real Estate Sector, another major disadvantage is the fact that old homes are energy inefficient, hence improving the energy inefficiency and buying a property with the latest green living standards is an expensive affair. Also, there can be possible electrical changes and change of appliances which can be pretty meticulous.

Industry experts have also suggested buying a new home even if it's expensive is better than old homes.

Lastly, if a buyer were to consider the long term prospects of the property a new property would be the better choice. Thanks to low maintenance and higher value of the property new properties will be the better situation on this instance as well. Experts View

We at encourage home buyers to invest in new homes rather than old homes.

Our team looks forward to guiding you in your journey of the search of your dream home.

We advise our homebuyers to refer to our carefully compiled home guide to guide home buyers in their home search.

Anyone buying a home must do thorough research on their property's details and prospects in consideration with other market factors. Also, the need to carefully analyze all aspects before making such a big decision is very important.

Hence, we persuade all buyers and investors to get in touch with our experts and fasten up the search of your dream home.

Let's find you your Dream Home!

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