7 Popular Pet Animals for your Home!

Date: 6-August,2021Last Updated: 1-October,2022
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Imagine a hard day at the office,

you are loaded with stress and pressure from the hectic operations on a day when nothing worked out in your favour,

But when you get home, and the first one to greet you is your pet!

It plays around and makes you feel at home, warm and happy. And lo, your spirits are up, and this time you are ready to take on the world...

This is definitely one of the perks of owning a pet! Having a pet in your family can do wonders under this pandemic, especially for children.

When they are not allowed to mingle with their friends amidst the lockdowns, the best option is to let the kids play with their pet animals and imagination.

Having a pet animal will also boost the children's imagination as well as make them more active and let them connect with others on a far deeper emotional level.

So without further ado,

Let's explore which are the best types of pets for your home!

7 Best Pets for Home :

  1. Dogs
  2. Cats
  3. Fishes
  4. Hamster
  5. Birds
  6. Rabbits
  7. Lizards

Now let's explore in detail,


It's no surprise that Man's Best Friend made it to the top of the list!

(And partly, because your humble author is a big fan of the K9 pets)

The relationship between dogs and humans go way back, and they are considered to be synonymous with Loyalty and Protection. There are many works of art like novels and movies made to honour the bond between man and canine pets like the Call of the Wild, Hachiko, The Art of Dancing in the Rain etc. They are also very playful and active and are a few high maintenance pets.

Though there are a great many favourite dog breeds around, there are also many Indian dog breeds too that you can adopt too.

Besides, they are also known for their fierce skills in guarding their family; hence you can always sleep peacefully knowing that your dog is out there protecting you.


Our Fantastic Feline Friends are next in Line!

Cats are a family favorite across the globe. Their cuteness and funny antics have even given rise to a whole internet phenomenon. But cats are pretty independent and often just run away from home. Still, they can come back, blending back into the family with relative ease. There are different types of cats you can also Adopt.


Fishes, especially goldfishes and bettas, are a delight to watch! All you need is an aquarium and oxygen tank( if there are many fishes)! Taking care of fish is easy and tough, yes a paradox, but our silent friends keep on swimming around, entertaining us.

The temperature has to be set accordingly, and they have to be fed at intervals. Also, do clean the tank as well. If all these are set, you can enjoy the company of some of the simplistic pets ever. And Did you know that fishes are Vastu compliant too!


Perhaps the cutest type of pet animal on the list(arguably).

Hamsters are extremely active, and having a special cage along with a running wheel keeps them extremely happy too! But they are also known to be quite a handful and messy, thus becoming an extremely high maintenance pet animal.


Well, it is a no brainer, especially in Indian culture, the importance of birds is on a whole different level. Birds like Parrots, Songbirds and Peacocks have played a great part in our folklore and mythological stories. Their avian splendour also features the classic Indian designs on furniture, temple and palace architecture.

And in this era too, birds are one of the popular types of pets you can own! The dainty feathered friends either needs a good cage or birdhouses to move around. Certain types of birds can also be trained to sing and do tricks.


Who doesn't like bunnies?

Rabbits are a popular choice for pets, especially for little kids. These furry creatures have been the symbol of purity and innocence for the longest time. However, taking care of rabbits is no small feat! They need a specific diet and won't just be satisfied with carrots or grass as we see in cartoons. Since rabbits are also very weak and are incapable of protecting themselves from predators, make sure they are guarded well against even urban carnivores like dogs, crows, eagles and cats.


Yes, a bit out of the box for most of us Indians, but reptiles like iguanas, chameleons, geckos and even snakes are now becoming a popular category among the types of pet animals.

Snakes were revered and often given important divine by many cultures, but the other reptiles did not have many fans before. Because of popular media, these creatures are getting more prominence nowadays. And the most attractive part is that most are very low maintenance pets.There are different types of reptiles you can also Adopt.

Turtles and Tortoises too feature in this category!

To conclude, these are the different types of pet animals which are popular these days.

So, what would your choice be?

A Soft and Fluffy Rabbit or Slithering Corn Snake?

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