Creative Methods to lighting house naturally and beautifully

Date: 3-February,2021Last Updated: 26-September,2022
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Bright Homes- Ways to naturally lighting house.

Lighting house naturally should be the first thing on your list when building or purchasing a house. Why?

Because, in the words of legendary American architect, Frank Lloyd Wright, "More and more, so it seems to me, light is the beautifier of the building."

Imagine when you are sipping your morning tea, the sunlight falls across the dining table, when you open the curtains during a winter morning, and the sunlight caresses you warmly, and when you walk around your house hazily on a Sunday afternoon, your house looks bright, spacious and beautiful.

Bright Homes are not only an aesthetic trend; it helps you lead an active and healthy life. They lift your spirits and make you, in general, a more energetic person.

So, how to do this natural house lighting?

You can install larger doors and windows and even use doors with glass. But there are more ways you can make your house look brighter and bring in a lot of sunshine without altering the structure of the house.

After some research, experience, experimenting, some fails and success, we have come up with this list that will help you in lighting house naturally. They are as follows:

  1. Choose the right colors.

  2. Add more mirrors.

  3. Choose the right flooring.

  4. Replace and rearrange the furniture.

  5. Keep the Windows Clean.

  6. Decorate the right way.

  7. Add skylights.

  • Choose the right colors:

Paint some Brightness in your life!

You may be aware that Dark colors absorb light and light colors reflect light. So if your house is painted in darker shades, even if it has many windows, it will appear dull and gloomy. And, the lighter colors function as a mirror and bounce and help in lighting house.

There are numerous shades of whites to choose from, such as plain white, off white, pale white, sea-shell white, alabaster white, powder white, cream white, ivory white, chiffon white, bone white, salt white, and frost. If you are not a fan of the all-white look, you can go with light grey and other soothing colors like light blue, aqua, beige, peach, sepia, sugar cookie, and oyster, light pink, and yellow.

Apply a more polished, semi-gloss, or satin-like finishing to improve the surface color's reflective qualities.

  • Add more mirrors:

Mirror, mirror on the wall, surely can make your house the fairest of them all.

Mirrors are one of the most understated objects that we use every day. Their use can go beyond reflecting our image as we get ready. They play a considerable role in room decor, Vastu, and even lighting houses.

You can augment the light using mirrors to help spread out the natural light that can sneak into the room on its own. Place a mirror across from a window through which natural sunlight enters, and it can double the amount of sunlight.

If there is a chandelier in your house, try fixing a mirror in a position that reflects both the lighting installation's light and beauty. Additionally, mirrors increase the room's appeal, they keep you looking chic, and they give an illusion of larger space.

  • Choose the right flooring:

On the floor!

You may never consider your floors to be a source of light. Although it is not, like the walls, floors also reflect a lot of natural light and influence your home's brightness.

Choose marble, granites, or tiles of lighter colors or neutral tones. If you are going for wooden floorings, limit your selection to the lightest of the available shades in brown.

If you do not want to change your flooring, you can always use a rug or a carpet. And of course, the best choice is light and neutral colors that will help lighting house in warm and natural hues.

  • Replace and rearrange the furniture:

Game of Furniture!

Furniture can help with lighting house a lot more than you think. By angling the furniture towards the light, it can reflect off the light falling upon it and brighten up the room up a little more. This is particularly helpful only if the furniture is light in color.

Replace furniture and accessories that are in darker tones with lighter shades everywhere you can, especially if they are large pieces such as a sofa. If there are furniture blocking a window or sunlight from other light sources, move them to a different place.

If you do not want to spend money on newly upholstered furniture, try adding brighter color accent items such as pillows, change the cover of couches to lighter hues, and place shiny ornamental pieces on the tables and shelves.

  • Keep the Windows Clean:

Another one cleans the dust!

This suggestion may sound like an obvious one, but we more often than not forget the obvious things. So, here is your reminder to clean your glasses on the windows.

Washing your windows inside out will ensure maximum sunlight to filter through. The brightly shining glass will help in lighting house beautifully. Angle the curtains when they are open in such a way that they open completely.

In addition to cleaning the windows, clean the curtains, the window eaves, maybe even repaint them with lighter hues. While you are at it, trim the bushes, shrubs, trees, creepers, or other climbing plants growing on and around your windows.

  • Decorate the right way.

It's all about the looks!

You can brighten up a dim room by simply minimizing the amount of decor you have. De-clutter your house, remove decorative pieces that come in the way of sunlight; by creating empty spaces, you are making your room bigger.

However, you can add shiny decorative pieces, aesthetic artworks, and expressive wall painting for lighting houses. Although, keep these installations minimal and do not choose something very dark.

Always make sure to place these installations and accent furniture opposite from the windows and doors because light will be reflected and not blocked by them.

Hope you can implement these suggestions soon so you can reap the benefits of a bright, beautiful, and warm house.

  • Add skylights.

Sky is the limit!

If the above options are not yielding anything, try adding a skylight or rooftop window. It is a lot of work, but it will be absolutely worth it.

Skylights with several advantages; they can increase the monetary value of your home and up the resale value. If you fix a skylight that can be opened, it helps keep your house ventilated.

Like fixing mirrors on the walls, skylights also can create an illusion of a more spacious room. Additionally, there is always a view of stars in the night sky and nature during the day.

Why should lighting house be natural?

Apart from natural lights being the beautifier of the house, there are many benefits to it.

Numerous research and studies have shown that natural light increases focus and concentration; also, you can trust your basic instincts on this. If you ever feel hazy, you will feel better looking out the window. This helps in decreasing anxiety and stress.

Natural light is far better for indoor plants than any other artificial sources. Reading, writing, and studying in natural light is good for your eyes and your mind.

Natural light is the best source of Vitamin D, also known as Sunshine Vitamin. Having a house naturally lit is better for your natural sleep-wake cycle. Allow yourself to sync with the biological clock to set a balanced circadian rhythm.

Exposure to natural daylight directly benefits your physical and mental health by conditioning the hormone secretion that regulates the cardiovascular systems, bones, intestines, immune systems, pancreas, muscles, liver, and blood pressure.

Also, lighting house naturally with large windows and expansive doors increases the monetary value of your apartment or independent house. Natural lighting reduces energy consumption and electricity costs since it can brighten the space without using electricity. You can also be lighter on the planet.

So, are you on your way to getting it all done right away? Lighting house naturally?

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