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5 Best Vastu Tips for Wall Clock at Home for Lucky Times Ahead!

Date: 6-May,2020Last Updated: 10-November,2020

Did you know? That, the old wall clock hanging beside the couch plays a much bigger role than just to tell you ‘YOU ARE LATE’! We are going to show you 5 vastu tips for wall clock at home. With a new makeover and better Vastu, this might just be the kick to feel better during this lockdown.

Vastu is something that is talked about often, is not it? Vastu is a style of living that maximizes the efficiency of all the items in your house by assigning specific locations. The origins of Vastu are disputed; however, the effects that Vastu can bring to one’s home remains to be a near fact.

Here are the 5 Vastu tips for wall clock at home:

living room wall clock

1) Let it run:

The first among our list of Vastu tips for wall clock at home is letting the clock run. According to Vastu experts, stopped clocks denotes the lack of progression in one’s life. As though time has stopped for them. A stopped watch can harbour many negative emotions and energies.

It is always good to make sure the clock is running and is in good shape. The time depicted by your clock is somewhat like your own life; one must take care of it with the utmost care. Keeping the clock in good shape also includes the responsibility of keeping it right on time, not forward by 2 or 3 mins neither behind by the same. Keep this mind, and you will feel those positive vibes in no time. Just like wall clock there are special vastu tips for living room you can imbibe for the bringing in positive vibes.

2) Face Santa’s home:

The second tip among the 5 Vastu tips for wall clock at home, should be considered the most important of all. The wall clock direction as per Vastu, must face the northern direction or Santa’s abode.

Wall clocks that face the northern lights tend to attract a lot of business and career opportunities. Some experts even say that the north direction attracts money and happiness too. The northern direction is of lord Kuber and Lord Ganesha, ruled by the planet Mercury which stands for communication and business.

3) Look onto the Orient:

In the olden days, the eastern world was called ‘orient.’ As the title suggests, the wall clock direction as per Vastu, can also face the east direction if the north is not an option.

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East, the direction governed by the sun, brings quality in the actions or karmas we perform. If we were cooking in the eastern direction, it improves the quality of our food. Facing the clock in the east direction can enhance the quality of work and relationships between our families because the east is also said to be the direction of family relations.

types of wall clock

4) Different Species of clocks:

Now that you know what is the condition that your wall clock should be in and the direction, the question you should be asking is, are you using the right clock? Is your wall clock as per Vastu?

It is recommended that the clocks used in the northern directions should be metallic, either grey or white, which make a sweet chime every house. If placed towards the east, wooden clocks are preferred as the east also represents wood. Clocks with pendulums tend to oscillate good vibrations into your homes, thereby adding to the Vastu of the house.

Clocks that have reflective glass should not be allowed to reflect the bedroom or any door as they symbolize the idea of time fading away from you. Follow this to have the perfect wall clock as per Vastu.

5) Where in the house:

Now that you have got your favorite clock, we shall end our 5 Vastu tips by figuring out where we can set it. The wall clock Vastu direction as discussed earlier can be any direction other than the south. With that in mind, stick to the following Vastu tips for wall clocks at your Home:

a. The clock must be inside the house

b. A wall clock should never be hung over a doorway

c. For newlywed couples, the clock should be placed away from the bed facing the eastern side

d. The wall clock should not face any door

e. If the person in the room sleeps in the southern direction, then the clock must be in the northern directions

f. The clock must be placed in a position where it can be easily observed

These were our 5 Vastu tips for wall clock at home so that you can enrich your home with a new look and welcome those amazing vibrations. Along with this, we would like to give you a small overview of what to avoid:

  • Wall clocks must not be outside the house.

  • No clock should hang in the southern direction as it symbolizes the loss of the current position.

  • The clock shouldn’t be broken or in a state of ‘needing repairs’

  • No wall clock should have a reflective surface facing the bedroom.

  • The clock must always be at the correct time.

  • Avoid using clocks that depict negative energy, a clock that depict wars, grief, loneliness, etc. should be avoided.

  • Placing a clock in the west should be your last option.

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wall clock for home

Following these 5 tips to align the wall clock as per vastu, we have seen good vibrations follow our way along with a new look for our homes too. With that, we share with you our Vastu tips for wall clock at home.

Good Vastu, new looks, and a source for more happiness. Just what one needs through this lockdown.

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