How Staircase Vastu Helps to Bring Positivity to Home ?

Date: 30-December,2020Last Updated: 26-September,2022
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A staircase is known to connect two spaces, i.e., internal and external spaced of the house and one level to the other level; therefore, making a staircase is one of the most important features in any home structure.

According to staircase Vastu, one must always position the staircase towards the auspicious direction, and it is also widely agreed too by architects, interior designers, and Vastu experts with an amount on locating a staircase in a new house.

Vastu takes under its wings all the areas of the house and the staircase. Vastu takes into consideration the various energies that go around the house, and aligning the staircase as per Vastu is also of great important to take note of and must not be built randomly.

Building a staircase as per Vastu and making sure it complies with everything will ensure that it doesn’t have a negative impact on the entire house by maintaining perfect balance and harmony with the various areas of the house. Therefore, building a staircase as per Vastu always makes sure that there is always positive energy flowing throughout the house. Hence it is good to stick to the ideals of staircase positions as per Vastu.

But did you know?

There is no standardized way to align the staircase as per Vastu. The staircase Vastu for north facing house is different from the staircase Vastu for east facing house. Being a very critical piece of every single multistory house, they enable you to move around from one level of the house to the next level in a very effective and easy manner.

According to Staircase Vastu, they play a rather higher significance as stated that if a staircase does not agree to the tenets and directions of Vastu, it has shown to have caused the owners of the homes large, major mishaps, loss of riches, and even mental pressure. However, if stairs are constructed according to Vastu, it does prove to be fruitful by bringing in riches, wellbeing and giving the owners true serenity.

It is very important to note that having a proper staircase Vastu for a north-facing house without complying with the principles laid down will cause major trouble in budgetary troubles such as loss of money and even liquidations. They even have shown to cause many issues related to wellbeing and family-related issues such as conflicts etc.

Apart from focusing just the staircase positions as per Vastu in the house, it is also important to take into consideration even the staircase location as per Vastu in the house as it varies for both the internal and the external staircase Vastu.

Being the main focal point of the home, it creates strong energy zones; therefore, having a bad staircase design will make sure to eliminate all the positive results brought by Vastu principles applied on various floors and interiors of your home.

What is the point in keeping in mind all the other aspects of the Vastu and ignoring those of the stairs? The results will just not be as rewarding.

An external staircase Vastu states that one must build it in the south-east direction that is simply making it face the east, southwest - facing the west, northwest - facing the north, and southwest - facing the south.

Now that we have looked into the aspect of location and positions, there is also the direction of the staircase, which plays a very critical role too!

So which direction should one construct the staircase?

Staircase Vastu

By constructing the Vastu staircase direction clockwise, ensures that the person climbs from north to south or east to west. While walking or moving up the stairs, one must climb or get up towards the west or south. While walking or going down the stairs, one must climb down towards the east or the north direction.

While building an anti-clockwise staircase can impact growth in career and chances of restarting fresh and becoming higher, a simple remedy to an anti-clockwise construction is to place fresh flowers near the foot of the staircase to increase the chances of gaining positivity at home in comparison t Vastu staircase directions clockwise.

It is key to note that according to the Staircase Vastu, the best location to construct a staircase is towards the southwest direction or the south or west directions.

Suppose the staircase direction as per Vastu is compromised and the staircase is in the northeast direction. In that case, it will debt, financial loss to the head of the family and generally drains the wealth of the family.

It must be noted that the center of the house should be avoided as the staircase position as per Vastu while constructing so is believed to be the “Brahmastan” which is considered to be the realm of Lord Brahma, the creator of the Universe, therefore building a staircase here can stunt the mental as well as the financial growth of the people concerned hence staircase Vastu advises homeowners to be built on them on the sides.

A staircase, as per Vastu, must never be placed over the prayer room, a kitchen, a toilet, or a bathroom, but it can be built over a storeroom if there really is no choice but otherwise be placed along the sides as the center of the house is considered to heavily tax the house and drain it off the energy. By keeping it off to the homes' sides, the staircase Vastu suggests that you are allowing energy to flow around without any loopholes.

Now that we have covered the location, position, and direction of the staircase as per Vastu,

Did you know even the number of steps in the staircase as per Vastu is also very vital?

stair case vastu

Staircases, as per Vastu, must have odd-numbered steps. Such as 1,3,5,7,9, 11, 15 and 21, etc., as these are considered the most auspicious for the home. Experts believe that the number of steps shouldn’t end with a zero, and this can be avoided by sticking to an odd number of stairs.

A thorough Vastu analysis must be made on your homes, especially those families having issues with health or monetary terms, and you will be surprised to note that it will reveal the cause being the non-compliance to Vastu guidelines while building the staircase, as the primary cause. There are various outcomes due to Vastu defects that you may be ignoring, and they may cause arguments, fights, stress, and property related disputes between family members.

Unnecessary quarrels, misunderstandings, and conflicts may arise within the family. Even a major loss in business finance and may lead to unexpected expenditure and debt to the family concerned could be a byproduct of poor Vastu planning.

When constructing a staircase as per Vastu guidelines, it ensures you stick to a safe, beneficial, and good-looking staircase at the same time connects the rooms and floors and compliments the overall energy, good vibes, and aesthetics of your home.

Being the bridge between different floors in a building are the stairs, and so they must ensure the continuity and cohesion to the different parts of the house and hence maintaining the fluidity and the unity of your homes. Stairs have also evolved beyond their humble beginnings to different designs and characters. Staircases keep their utility and add to the aesthetics of the house; however, the right staircase Vastu is a requirement to seal the deal.

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