5 Modern Home Office Design Ideas for Personalized Workspace-2020

Date : 7-May,2020|Read: 5 mins

What if we told you that these modern home office design ideas can easily make a more productive work from home experience?

Work from home has become quite the phenomenon and has captured the gist of this new decade.

Amidst the Coronavirus pandemic scare, working from home is now the new norm.

Seen often as unproductive and distracting, work from home has its share of benefits! Like

  1. Economical- It’s cheaper than commuting every day to work, spending extra bucks for that coffee or the chaats during the lunch break
  2. Flexible- You can easily shuffle the chores at your home and work. Once you get bored after hours of typing, you can go wash the dishes or fix up that cabinet’s creaky sound!
  3. Learn- As you don’t have your office mates to distract you nor the hovering boss around. You can spend your time researching various topics related to your career. You will also develop the skill to be independent and as you seek answers for the technical troubles you face!

But to avail of these benefits, you must make sure that the space you work from home has a professional aura or character. To bring in the character, you have to bring in the right ambiance through your home office layout.

Your workspace design must cater to Communication, Productivity, and to your Willpower to ward off distractions.

These 5 Modern Home Office Ideas can help you to effortlessly set up a workspace within the comforts of your home-

1) Let There Be Light!

Homes Office Design Lighting

Brightening up the workspace brings efficiency automatically. Imagine working in a damp and dark environment. It will undoubtedly take a heavy toll on your eyes and will make you feel sleepy. Severely lessening up your productivity! Thus the very first step towards creating a workspace at home is ensuring good lighting.

You can also do your bit for the enviornment while lighting up your home office! Check out these Eco- Friendly Lighting Tips for your Home!

The easiest way to tackle it is by finding a room that receives ample natural lighting. Else invest in a couple of Daylight bulbs, which can brighten the room. Having a table lamp near can also solve the trouble of illumination; however, if the rest of the room is dark, it can genuinely affect your mood.

Bonus Tip: Refrain from using low-watt bulbs!

2) Size up the Space

Home Office design Space

Getting hurled up in a little space can break away your professional spirit. Granted, some of the office cubicles are also small, but they are often designed in a way that you can access everything you need.

A Cramped workspace is certain to distract you every time it gets hard to sit comfortably. Having enough space will raise your comfort level to go that extra mile while you are in office. Comfort and Convenient spacing is yet another significant part of our Modern Home Office Design Ideas to transform your workspace.

While picking the room, make sure that you have space for putting up the desk, cabinets, and have plenty of room to breathe. Use wall shelves to act as cabinets and a desk large enough to accommodate your computer and a few files along with a little space for a phone.

Wooden Desks have always been a popular choice for Home Offices as they are seen as the epitome of class and grace. Check out our blog on the types of woods used for Furniture in India to find out the one that suits you best!

Try to place the desk in the corners to save more space. Find an adjustable chair that can easily support your form and posture.

Bonus Tip: Make sure that your desk doesn’t take half of the room!

3) Gearing up for Power and Network

Power and Network in Home Office Design

Perhaps the most crucial part while planning the home office design layout is to set up the power and internet gadgets. The wiring part is the most essential in modern home office ideas, as, without communication, the entire structure of the system will fall apart.

Check whether the room you choose to be your office has power sockets near to the desk. Invest in a good Wi-Fi or broadband modem/router so that your online meetings and research will go on unhindered.

There should always be a proper flow of power and network.

Bonus Tip: Always hide the wires behind the desk, so that it should pose a threat to neither you nor your family members

4) Setting a Professional Look

Creative Wallpaper

The workspace must resemble an office to bring out the professional in you. The room that you choose as your workspace must have the details of an office to evoke total dedication and a mind-set to thwart away distractions.

The walls should sport a vibrant and active color. If painting your walls all over is not an option, you can always go for wallpapers. There are many modern wallpaper ideas which turn around the entire feel.

The environment should emote a sense of work and not pleasure. If there’s a window in the room, add curtains to control lighting as well as distractions.

Décor is a significant part of Modern Home Office Design Ideas. More of an interior design tip, the décor of the home office should inspire you.! So put up artworks, motivational quotes, certificates to motivate and remind yourself that here you mean action!

Bonus Tip: Refrain from putting couches or beds in your home office

5) Rhythm of Silence

Home Office Ideas Silent Space

More often than not, the major distraction to disturb you while at home will be the sounds. Most offices are soundproof, however, doing the same for your home can also mean trouble.

The alerts and troubles, especially from the kitchen and children, are usually picked up by our ears while at home! Baby proofing our homes can help in easing the stress a lot, if there are small children in our homes!

However, while you are at work, to ensure complete devotion, pick up the room farthest from the living room. This will make sure that the TV doesn’t get you humming it’s catchy ad tunes! Try to close down windows, to keep the outside noises to a bare minimum.

Bonus Tip: Try to put your desk opposite to the door, to ensure noise reduction!

These simple ideas can easily help you in creating a workspace at home where you can easily enjoy the benefits of working from home. This age of the pandemic has proved to the world that working from home is a feasible option that will yield productive results contrary to popular belief.

After this outbreak, it is highly likely, that this will soon become a trusted choice for companies with smaller offices to retain more employees without worrying about space.

We hope that these modern home office ideas helped you to achieve a total makeover of your spare room into the professional workspace that you have always dreamed of!

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