Marble Flooring - Types of Marble Flooring for Your Home

Date: 16-October,2020Last Updated: 26-September,2022
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If there is one thing in home décor that doesn't go out of style ever, it is marble flooring. It is elegant, it blends in perfectly with the varying trends in paints and wallpapers, it accentuates the furniture, and it is easy to clean.

Marble, this natural stone is quarried around the world in mountainous areas for a long period in human history. India has marble deposits in Northern and Central States, like Rajasthan, Gujarat, Madhya Pradesh, and Andhra Pradesh. Marble has always been the choice of the royalties around the world, take a moment to consider how one of the world wonders, the Taj Mahal is entirely made of White Marble from Makrana, Rajasthan.

Now, let's talk about how flooring your home with this veneered luxe stone can make your home grandiose and more 'feel at home.' It is important to understand the types of Marble Flooring to choose what's best for you.

Marble is available in diverse colours and patterns of veins; each slab will be unique in its vein motifs. Among the varied available types of marble flooring, White Marble tiles are the most desired ones.

marble flooring

1. White Marble

It is the most perfectly radiant Marble; it makes the rooms look bigger and brighter. White Marble is available in many subtypes like Talai white marble, Opal white marble, Zanjhar white marble, White Sangemarmar marble, Makrana pure white marble, Carrara White Marble, Indian Statuario Marble, and Morwad white marble. However, this requires quite more maintenance than other types of Marble it is still preferred over others because it refines the entire décor.

Depending on the type of white Marble, its quality, and the dealer, the price may vary from Rs. 120 to almost Rs. 400 per square foot.

2. Beige Marble

Another type of Marble that brings sophistication to the house is Beige Marble; this brings the necessary warmth to the room and cozies up the interiors. Though beige marble is fairly common in some parts of the nation, it has never gone out of style. This highly durable Marble comes in multiple types for flooring purposes.

3. Moscato Beige

Moscato Beige has a homogenous background with a combination of soft toasted colours, and the veins are pearly. Travertines, these have natural pastel tones that resemble sand and earth. Boticcino is also a beige calcite marble that has a soft beige base that contains light golden streaks and white shadows which mimics the sea foam. Premium Beige is a type that can replace white marbles; it has a clean and crisp appearance with its subtle beige tone. These marbles tile prices start from Rs. 60 to 200 per square foot.

Types of Marble Flooring - Blue , Yellow & Green Marble

4. Yellow Marble

Yellow Marble is a splendid choice for marble flooring; it sustains the traditional look, yet it is voguish. More types of Marble are available in yellow Marble, such as Ita Gold marble, Antique Rainforest Marble, Jaisalmer yellow marble, Rainforest gold, Yellow Sahara Marble, and Goldio marble. This suits all types of floorings like indoors, patio, and even countertops. The price starts from Rs. 120 to 400 per square foot.

5. Green Marble

One of the few types of marble flooring that embellishes the entire house is Green Marble. They represent nature, prosperity, and health. The veins found in green Marble are mostly in white, although golden, ochre, black and gray of different intensity can be found. Also, green colour veins that are lighter or darker than the base colour is found.

The different types of marbles available in Green Marble are Mint green, Green Onyx that resembles the top view of an ocean, Botanic green like the name suggests the colour resembles flora, and it is accentuated with gold veins, Emerald Dark green marbles, Kesariaji green marble, Udaipur green marble, Rainforest green marble, and the most commonly used Spider green marble. The price starts from Rs. 45 to 70 per square foot.

6. Blue Marble

Blue Marble is the most serene among the types of marble flooring. It brings the sort of calmness to your house that you will feel when looking at an unhazy summer sky.

The subtypes include Sky blue Marble, with its pastel blue base tone and blurry white veins bring to your floor the Sky itself, Blue calcite and Macauba Blue Quartzite with their chromatic luminosity can bring an unparallel aesthetic appeal to your house, and Blue Sodalite is also an interesting pick. The price for a square foot of a Blue Marble starts from Rs. 230 to 600.

 Marble Flooring - Black , Pink & Brown Marble

7. Pink Marble

A very simple way to pop colour to your house is by choosing the lovely Pink Marble. Asaria Crystal marble, Lotus pink marble, Udaipur pink marble, Banswara pink marble, Katni pink marble, Maharani pink marble, and Classic pink marble are names of some pink marbles.

They are very pleasant to look at, and it brings an energetic vibe to your house like nothing else. The price starts from Rs. 30 to 60 per square foot.

8. Brown Marble

One of the very popular types of marble floorings preference is Brown Marble. Brown Marble can have lines of colours, as different from each other as white, coral, or gold. They are available in various tones of earthly shades, some of the types of brown Marble are Ebony Suede brown marble, Armani Brown Fossil marble, Torrento marble, fantasy brown marble, Oasis Brown, Kozo brown marble, Sequoia Brown marble, Aggariya brown lehariya marble, and Ambaji brown marble.

They are easier to maintain than the light-coloured marbles. The price of Brown Marble ranges from Rs. 180 to Rs. 250.

9. Black Marble

Black Marble, the crème de la crème of the marbles doesn't ever go out of style. It is as easy to maintain as it is plush. Within its bracket, Black marble has fascinating collections; its deep background will be marked by bold multicolour veins that vary from white, beige, orange to gold.

The types of Black Marble are Black Dune, a compelling black marble with white veins, an enigmatic Ebony black, Portoro with powerful golden and amber veins, Saint Laurent Black marble with volcanic copper tones, Grey Carrara Marble, and Indian Black Marble with grey linear veins on jet black background. The price of Black Marble, depending on the type ranges from Rs. 60- 400 per square foot.

The particulars for maintenance may slightly vary for each type of Marble, but the outline is the same: they need to be thoroughly polished, not only does it give gloss but also protects the Marble from scratches, longer slabs will be better for installation although it costs more than smaller ones and the installation of the marble flooring must be done properly with skilful labour.

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