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Date: 26-February,2021Last Updated: 26-September,2022
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According to Vastu Shastra, color therapy plays a paramount role in balancing the vibes of our body, mind, and spirit. The various shades of every color stimulate different energy into different spaces and positively influence the house and its inhabitants. Regardless of how busy our schedules are or how little time we spend reception, having the proper Vastu colors for home is vital.

Here may be a detailed explanation for selecting wall colors according to Vastu and other tips that you simply should follow while picking these colors:

Significance of colors as per Vastu:-

  • Red: Passion, power, emotions, warmth

  • Blue: Beauty, contentment, devotion, truth

  • Green: Growth, healing, fertility, prosperity

  • White: Purity, openness, innocence, luxury

  • Yellow: Optimism, openness, study, intelligence

  • Orange: Determination, goals, healthiness, comfort

  • Brown: Stability, satisfaction, comfort

  • Purple: Richness, luxury, graciousness, pride

Vastu colors for home, for all walls :-

Vastu colors for home should be according to your favorable planet or lucky number. When you're choosing a color for your bedroom, consult a numerologist.

• Green is a wall color according to Vastu, which is preferred for the north direction because it's governed by planet Mercury. As the north-east direction is governed by Jupiter, and thus, colors like yellow should be preferred for walls during this direction.

• As the direction east is ruled by the Sun, so always prefer orange colour for this direction. Similarly, for the south-east direction, choose the color red as wall colors according to Vastu.

• West is governed by Saturn (Shani), and gray is that the ideal colour for this corner.

Vastu colors for different rooms:-

  • Master bedroom:

Consistent with Vastu for the bedroom, the Vastu colors for the master bedroom should be painted with blue color as it's ideal in south-west direction. Vastu shastra for home features a sort of color recommendations for the main bedroom. Newly married couples can use light pink or red because the room color consistent with Vastu.

The nice and cozy, and soothing nature of such colors deepens your bond together with your partner and helps keep conflicts cornered. If you're trying to find a soothing space, we propose lighter reminder blue or green to assist you out. Reminder brown also is an excellent choice – these earthy hues evoke stability and keep you grounded.

Vastu shastra for home reveals some grey areas within the use of colors for your main bedroom. Fiery colors like some shades of orange can help the young professionals of home to reach their full potential. However, a word of caution: if you've got a pointy temper, you ought to avoid these Vastu colors for home.

  • Guest room/ drawing room:

The direction of North-west is that the best place for a guest room/ drawing room; therefore, a guest room present in this direction should be painted with white color. North-west is that the best place for rooms for youngsters who are grown up and leave for study purposes which are governed by the moon; hence, children's rooms should have white color as paint.

  • Kitchen:

The right direction for kitchens is north-east, so the walls of the kitchen should be painted with the shades of orange or red color. The kitchen represents the hearth element so, bright shades would be a great fit.

You'll choose yellow or maybe bright reds and orange shades. Warm tones like pink signify love and heat, while brown too works as the Vastu colors for kitchen because it signifies satisfaction. If there are kitchen cabinets, reminder gamboge, orange, or maybe green work well because it denotes freshness, health, and positivity.

For flooring, choose mosaic, marble, or ceramic tiles. Light shades – beige, whites, or brown are good for the ground. Kitchen slab, as per Vastu recommendations, are the simplest in naturally available stones, which include granite or quartz. Colors like orange, yellow and green are a good fit for the kitchen's countertops.

  • Bathroom:

North-west is that the best place for a toilet and hence, the toilet should be painted with white color.

  • Hall:

The best direction for hall is the north-east or north-west direction, and hence, it should be painted yellow or white.

  • Home exterior color:

The outside home color should be supported by its owners. Some light colors, like yellowish-white or off-white or light mauve or orange, are considered to suit people of all Rashis.

  • Pooja room:

Consistent with Vastu Shastra, the pooja room should face the north-east direction to harness maximum sunlight. Yellow is that the best-suited color for this part of your home, as this may facilitate this process.

Pooja room colors should include White, which stands for purity, serenity, and peace, which may be a favored choice for the pooja room. While Vastu shastra for home suggests that this is often perfect across your home, it's especially suited to your home of worship. You'll also consider yellow, which harnesses positive energy. Light blue and lightweight green can make your pooja space feel more serene and reinforce your faith in life.

Experts recommend avoiding the utilization of red since it signifies anger and will have negative effects on what should be a peaceful place. It's also advisable to avoid dark colors as Vastu colors for home.

  • Kid’s room:-

Vastu colors for home, especially if your children's room with care. In their youth, soothing colors that aid creativity is advisable. So choose some soothing colors like light green or yellow, which helps in concentration.

If your child gets angry easily, then don't use red in their room. When you use lighter colors like blue, it has a soothing effect in their bedroom, and you ought to stand back from the navy blue — these can cause health problems for your little one.

  • Main door/entrance:

Choose soft colors for the front entrance, like white, silver, or wood colors. As per Vastu colors for home, avoid dark colors like black, red, or navy blue. Remember, most entrance gates should open in a clockwise direction and open inwards.

  • Balcony/veranda:

Consistent with Vastu, the balcony should be within the north or east direction. Prefer using calm colors like blue, cream, and lightweight tones of pink and green for the balcony. This is often a space where the occupants connect with the outer world. Hence, all dark colors should be avoided.

  • Garage:

As per Vastu, the perfect location for a garage is within the north-west side. Ideal wall colors, according to Vastu, are white, yellow, blue, or the other light shade.


Experts say that lighter shades are always good whereas darker shades like red, brown, gray, and black are not suitable for wall colors, according to Vastu, as it might not suit everyone, as they represent a number of the fiery planets likes Rahu, Shani, Mars, and Sun. Red, deep yellow, and black should be avoided. Generally, these colors have high intensity, and it's going to disturb the energy pattern inside your house.

It is an incontrovertible fact that colors have a big psychological effect on people. A house is an area where an individual spends a serious part of one's life. As specific colors stimulate distinctive emotions within the people, it's important to possess an appropriate balance of colors in one's home to feel fresh and live a healthy life.

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