Pooja Room Vastu Tips -Do's and Dont's

Date: 6-September,2019Last Updated: 26-September,2022
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A pooja or prayer room is the most sacred space in the house and the one which must always spread positive energy. The temple area, when placed according to vastu tips for pooja room bestows peace, prosperity and health in the house.

In metropolitan cities, it is difficult to assign a separate puja room because of the lack of space, which is why the trend is turning towards assigning specific area in the room or placing room separators to create a space for prayer and meditation.

You might be riddled with hundreds of questions about what steps need to be ideally taken to decorate this place. We examine the do's and don't s of Pooja room vastu that you need to take care of before designing a puja room.

1. Pooja room vastu design recommendation

A pyramid structure for the roof is the ideal design for a pooja room.The positive energy in the space increases because of this structure.

It is possible to have a pooja room with a pyramid structure on the top even in small apartments. As per vastu tips for pooja room a prayer room should be situated in the ground floor of the house. A pooja room should never be located in the basement or upper floor of the house. Alternatively one can place mandirs made of wood or marble instead of having a room dedicated for prayers in small apartments.

Beautiful mandirs crafted out of wood and marble are available for pocket-friendly which varies based on the amount of decoration and specifications. Do not make temples made of acrylic or glass. According to vastu shastra, the temple spaces shouldn't be cluttered. The idols placed in the temple should be free from cracks or damages as it is considered inauspicious.

Pooja room Vastu recommends two-shutter doors that are made of wood. The doorway should have a threshold to keep away insects from the vicinity of the pooja room.

2. Placement of Idols in the Pooja Room

Vastu tips for pooja room recommends that it is best to avoid placing idols in a pooja room. Instead, divine images are a better option. An idol should not be taller than 9 inches in height and less than 2 inches. Air must flow freely in all directions around the idol. An idol should be placed a few inches higher than ground level and away from the walls and should be at chest level when you sit down to pray.

Home temple vastu suggests that the idol should be placed in such a way that one faces north or east while praying. Ensure that the pooja room walls do not have a toilet or kitchen behind them. Plants are very necessary elements in our Life.

Plants are very necessary elements in our Life. Check the Vastu Plants for Homes

3. Best Colours to decorate Pooja Room

Since a pooja room is a place that must reflect serenity and peace, soothing colours like white, light blue, yellow and light green are ideal choices. Softer shades help reflect light and make the room look brighter. Avoid using bold colours as it will disrupt peace and tranquillity that is essential in a pooja room.

Ideally, the flooring should be made of white or cream marble as vastu shastra says.

4. Storage and Accessories in the Pooja Room

There should be ample space to store lamps, books and other accessories so that the space looks uncluttered and tidy. Ensure that nothing is stored above the idol.

Pooja room needs to be decorated well so that they look beautiful and reflect tranquillity. There are certain things that should be avoided. Do not place the pictures of deceased relatives or images that depict negative energy like death or war.

Use copper vessels to store water and ensure that you do not use vessels made of glass or cheap metals like aluminium. Vastu tips for pooja room prohibits placing a dustbin in the premises of the pooja room.

Other do's and dont's in the Pooja Room Vastu

  • Decorate the pooja room with fresh flowers. Light a dhoop or incense stick to cleanse the ambience.

  • If the pooja room has to be designed in the kitchen, then make sure that it is placed in the north-east corner and has two shutter doors when it is not in use.

  • If there is no other alternative other than building the pooja room in the bedroom, then place it in the north-east corner of the bedroom away from the direction that your feet would be pointed at while sleeping.

  • Ensure there are electric points near the Pooja Room so that they can be lit up during important occasions and festivals.

  • Avoid keeping any unneeded items or dustbin underneath the temple.

  • Install a shelf inside or near the temple to store the accessories needed for prayer.

Along with above mentioned Points there are many Vastu Shastra practices that need to be taken into consideration before designing a pooja room. This is the most important space in the house where one surrenders to the almighty and gains strength, which is why always be sure of consulting professional experts before designing your pooja room.

Follow these sacred vastu tips for pooja room and bring about a life of peace and divinity!For More Details about Vastu Tips Check out for relavent blogs.

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