6 Essential Vastu Tips for Bedroom

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Many times, the smallest of the things we implement turns out to be a blessing in our lives. Hence, It is required to implement Vastu tips for bedroom, when it comes to choosing your home or constructing a house.

Sleep is the most vital aspect of our life, which is essential for one's physical, mental, and spiritual health. Vastu Shashtra emphasises more on increasing positive energy and the best way to lead a stress-free life, after all, home is where peace is. For such a life, a good night's sleep is crucial.

The effects of disturbed sleep leads to many diseases which makes our life miserable. Both our personal and professional life becomes a disaster with an imbalance in our sleep routine. Did you know that the following Vastu tips can be highly beneficial to us ?

Fortunately, we are here with the top Vastu tips for bedroom, which you can consider today to live a happy and peaceful life.

1.The direction of Bedroom:

Generally in a multi-storey building, the south-west direction for the bedroom is said to be ideal, but in other types, Vastu Shashtra suggests that the direction of the bedroom in the house should be as follows

  • The south-west direction is suitable for couples as it ensures lesser fights between them. This direction will ensure less conflicts, good health, and prosperity in the family
  • The East-side of the home is ideal for unmarried children and students

2. Arranging Furniture in Bedroom:

Vastu Bedroom for Furniture

The arrangement of the furniture, especially the bed, also impacts on the vibe you feel in the room. Below are a few tips for furniture alignment in your room

  • The bed should be placed with head-board towards the south-west direction, and the legs positioned in the north or north-west direction. Ensure that the bed is placed at the center of the room.
  • Almirahs and wardrobes should be placed on the south wall in a way that it is facing towards north, and the opening should be in that direction
  • Though many use mirrors in bedroom, but if we search for a proper mirror position in bedroom as per vastu, we will be disappointed! As Vastu dictates Mirror should not be kept in bedrooms.
  • It is best suggested not to keep electronic gadgets in the room but still if you cannot resist, then south-east is ideal for placing devices like Television, AC, etc.

3. The entrance of the room:

The entry of a bedroom adds a positive vibe to enhance happiness and joy in the family. Make sure that the entrance is towards the North, West and East side of the room consisting of a single door that does not create much noise

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4. Wall decors and covers:

Wall Decors and Covers

  • As per Vastu Shastra, bedroom colour is suggested as an ethical choice when you switch your wall paints to light colours like white, cream, yellow, baby pink, etc.
  • It would be ideal to decorate walls with attractive hangings or portraits that bring in joy and pleasures these would be the first thing you would see when you open your eyes
  • Vastu Tips for Bedroom advises to not portray adversity in a space that is used for relaxation.

5. Bathroom in the Bedroom:

If you are planning for a bathroom attached to your bedroom, then plan the bathroom towards the west side of the bedroom. Ensure that the bathroom is not placed in front of the bed. Keeping the bathroom closed prevents you from being exposed to negative energy

6. Other tips:

There are certain minor aspects which people usually ignore, which also influences the positivity of the bedroom. Few of such factors are;

  • Burning a blend of rose and jasmine oil fosters sleep and reduces insomnia.
  • Listen to soft music to eliminate the day's stress and allow your body to retire to sleep peacefully
  • Prohibit storage space underneath the bed or built into the bed because this will disrupt the energy field and now will enable you to sleep
  • Ensure that the mirror is not facing the bed as this could cause health issues and bad omen at home and the family
  • Dressing table Vastu direction indicates the north or east side of the bedroom to be ideal

Vastu, as said, is the science of architecture, and when it is followed, it perfectly brings happiness and prosperity in your life. As mentioned before, Vastu tips for bedroom when followed accurately tends to benefit us in our personal lives as follows-

  1. The flow of energies are balanced
  2. The inflow of money is increased
  3. Harmony in relationships is achieved
  4. The bond between the members of the family is strengthened by fostering solidarity and togetherness
  5. The mind reaches a state of tranquility
  6. Achieving well-being and satisfaction.

Following these Vastu tips for bedroom will ensure comfort and harmony in the bedroom. Vastu provides a healthy relationship, a happy family vibe, and also blesses us with wealth and prosperity. No matter what, the outcome of this will surely prove fruitful for you and your family.

Bedroom Vastu Tips

How would you implement the above-mentioned Vastu tips at your home? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below.

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