10 Best Anniversary Flowers to Save the Special Day!

Date: 2-June,2021Last Updated: 26-September,2022
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Anniversary, the special event that commemorates the beginning of a bond. Anniversary celebrations are always close to the heart as it signifies the completion of one more year together. Couples plan their anniversary celebrations from months before, but they always look up to what their partner has in surprise for them. And the greatest token of love is those Anniversary flowers.

There are 10 flowers to give to your partner as your anniversary gift, and each flower denotes a special feeling, a special bond that leaves a greater sense of satisfaction and contentment immediately into the minds of your loved ones.

The Top 10 Anniversary Flowers you can gift are:

  1. Carnations

  2. Cosmos

  3. Orchids

  4. Sunflowers

  5. Geraniums

  6. Daisy

  7. Daffodils

  8. Roses

  9. Lily

  10. Yellow Roses


Carnations are usually found in the Mediterranean regions because of the temperature and the climatic factor that favours the growth of the flowers. Carnations are orchid characterized flowers that are grown in bunches of 5. The clustered appearance gives it a special look. The flowers are harvested in different colours like red, white, yellow and green with deep green leaves, but Red carnations are the most popular ones. The flower has a unique colour shade that is not as deep red as a rose, but a mild red with a white ombre often highlighted with purple or deep pink.

Carnations are often gifted as anniversary flowers as the red colour, and the mild scent depicts young and passionate love that induces a strong bond between the partners. Anniversary bouquets with carnations are highly suggested for first anniversary celebrations or the ones who have just started their life journey.


These are uniquely born shrub-like flowers that are grown with a maximum of 2 metres in height. The flowers are easily found in the western hemisphere but have a special demand for occasions or, to be specific, are often bought as anniversary flowers. These flowers come in different shapes and size. At first glance, the flower might look like a diffused flower with 2 parts. The middle part has petals clustered in a disc shape and is supported by larger petals underneath in a circular manner. The flowers are harvested in different colours like pink, white, and yellow, but the widely used colour is Yellow that is collected in bunches and then clustered for bouquets. This flower is used as a gift on second anniversaries because the yellow colour draws immediate attention and is identified as a colour that spreads happiness and prosperity for the upcoming years.


Orchid is not identified as a single flower but is a family of flowers that possess a different and unique feature from the rest of the flowers. These flowers come in different vibrant colours and shapes. Usually, the petals are broad and thick with a velvety appearance. The leaves are characterized differently by different flowers, but usually, the leaves are smooth and in light green shades with a thin, fragile stem.

Orchids are a perfect gift item as anniversary flowers, especially on third anniversaries because orchid bouquets contain flowers with different shapes and sizes that depicts unity and positivity that no matter what circumstances come, positivity will embrace the relationship after all the bond is all about ups and downs.


Almost everyone is acquainted with this particular flower. There's something in its colour and appearance that attracts many of the pure souls. We all will agree that a garden full of blooming sunflowers is the prettiest. Sunflowers are always a preference while gifting and especially if it's an anniversary. Sunflowers are bright yellow that depicts a positive, stable and witty personality.

Sunflowers are often gifted in 4th anniversaries that shows that just like a sunflower blooms while the Sun is up and again dries up during the night but again on the next morning it blooms, the same way a relationship will have ups and downs but what keeps a bond going is the hope that no matter how the day went, tomorrow's going to be their day. A relationship is based mainly upon this mutual trust and hopes to make the future better and to stick to their promises.


Geraniums are bright-coloured flowers, relatively of a small height. These flowers are mainly found in the western regions, but now it is harvested in almost all temperate regions that favour the climate for this plant to grow. The flower has 5 petals that are almost in a heart-shaped circular form. The petals are of bright colour with deep coloured highlighted veins. The texture of this flower is fragile.

The leaves have interesting characteristics. A single leaf is found with three-pointed cones as if three thin leaves have been joined. The tips are rounded and are originally light green with deep green veins. Geraniums come in different colours like white, pink, purple or blue. Purple Geraniums are favoured as anniversary flowers because of their bright purple colour that has an emotional effect on human nature. Geranium anniversary bouquets are usually gifted in fifth year anniversaries as it marks a celebration for staying together and supporting each other for 5 years. This bouquet marks the completion of 5 years and a promise to overcome the future years with positivity and grace.


Daisies are cute little flowers that are usually grown on lawns because, just like the sunflower, daisies grow by following the direction of the Sun. The flowers usually have a longer stem with leaves popping out much lower than the flowers. The leaves are longer in shape and are thin in size. They come in yellowish-green colour. The flower has circular support in the middle that is yellow with micropores and white coloured petals that surround the middle part. The petals are in clusters and are spoon-shaped. There are numerous petals in a single flower. Daisies are a great choice to give for anniversaries because the white and yellow colour combination portrays a calm and soothing relationship filled with happiness and growth. These anniversary flowers are preferred after the 5th year because, by that time, a couple is adjusted and habituated with living together. This flower is a motivation to stay together in the future years.


Daffodils are pretty looking flowers which is also a national flower of Whales. Daffodils can be grown in almost every country with moderate temperatures, but these flowers cannot survive extreme weather conditions. Daffodils are bulb-shaped flowers that have a broad and thick stem. The flower usually comes with 4 to 6 petals and has 2 fragile dusted stems in the middle. Daffodils come in yellow or white colour, and both flowers are beautiful in their way. The petals are a little rough in texture, and that is its main characteristic. The leaves are much larger as compared to other flowers. Daffodils can also be given as a potted plant as it is considered one of the best Vastu plants for home. Daffodils are a perfect gift for any occasion, but yellow daffodils look gorgeous in anniversary bouquets because of their bright and bold appearance.

8. LILY:

Lily, the abbreviation of Lilium, falls under the group of daffodils but with a different characteristic. Lilies are usually grown in a cold temperature covering the parts of the Northern hemisphere. These flowers are much larger, with petals dropping out like a bulb. They come in variations of colours, but white lilies are most famous among the other pink, orange, red, purple and yellow. The petals are not joined but are scattered and free from one another. These flowers are often hotspots for bees as they contain nectar. White lilies are a good choice for anniversaries as the white and yellow colour combination depicts strength and power. Bouquets made with lilies look both calm and powerful at first glance.


Rose, the queen of flowers. As the name suggests, roses are very attractive as well as in fragrances, but different colours and types of roses depict a different meaning. Here we are talking about yellow roses that are a perfect gift for 9th anniversaries. Anniversary rose symbolizes the chances of something great happening that involves a smile and the friendship that has grown over the years. Anniversary bouquets made up of yellow roses impact a healthy and long-lasting relationship. The not so bright yellow colour shows the deep bond stitched with love and patience over the years. The appearance of yellow roses itself is a positive sight to the eyes deep down, knowing that 9 years have already passed and a future prediction to complete the rest of their lives.


Red, the colour of love, and anniversary roses are perfect for depicting love in a relationship. Red is a colour that attracts everybody. Rose, the flower that has a lot of petals clustered with one another and looks too beautiful with deep green leaves supporting the petals from underneath.

Roses are a perfect gift option for anniversaries, especially 10th anniversaries, because staying together for 10 years and fighting the ups and downs should be celebrated. Anniversary bouquets are mainly made up of red roses. Roses have a bright red colour of love along with a deep fragrance, but not only that, it has thorns on their stems too. A relationship is exactly like that. Not every time there will be happy days, there will be thorns, there will be falls, but staying together is what matters the most.

Many psychologists have studied and theorized that Flowers build up an emotional connection with the human mind. Flowers throw an immediate impact on the emotions of the receiver. And that's why flowers are the most suggested gift item to present to your better half. Anniversary flowers leave a positive effect on the receiver's mind producing instant happiness.

There are different types of flowers in the market, and there are a few flowers that people love. Choosing a bouquet with the right flower builds up the intimacy and connection that knots the bond tighter. Anniversary flowers have this huge effect mainly because of the aroma and the colour of the flowers as colours play an important role in identifying the character and the love built towards another.

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