Best Indian Dog Breeds for your Home!

Date: 7-July,2021Last Updated: 26-September,2022
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So, did you finally found yourself the perfect time to get yourself a new loyal best friend?

In today's time, the best way to get a dog is to adopt them. No matter the breed, dogs are the most loyal, affectionate and intelligent animals to be taken as a personal companion.

However, Indian Dog Breeds are often forgotten or ignored when it comes to foreign or other common dog breeds in India like the German Shepherd, Dalmatian, Pomeranian etc. And the ones who are native to India are seen as inferior breeds, but the fact is that these Indigenous Indies can easily match up to their counterparts.

Our Honourable PM Narendra Modi has recently called out to his nation to adopt Indian Dog Breeds, and now the same has given a much-needed boost for them. Now many of the major security agencies started to adopt and train the local Indian breeds to help them carry out their missions.

Although the best, popular and most of the Indian dog breeds in India are imported. But we have for you the best Indian dog breeds for the pet lovers in you.

Best Indian Dog Breeds for your Home

  1. Kanni
  2. Rajapalayam
  3. Chippiparai
  4. Gaddi
  5. Mudhol Hound
  6. Indian Pariah Dog
  7. Indian Mastiff
  8. Kombai
  9. Rampur Hound
  10. Jonangi

Let's see them in detail now


Kanni - the greyhound of the south, is a classy sighthound breed from Tamil Nadu. They are said to be related to Chipparai, that are said to be descended from Saluki.

As mentioned before, the Indian dog breed was bred to be a great hunter and guardian. They are very agile and lightfoot that they are said to have hunted and chased deers. They are also known for their adaptability and are easily trainable. However, the species is on the verge of extinction, and only a few are found in Thoothukudi, Tirunelveli, and Virudhunagar districts.


Rajapalayam is the legendary Indian Guard dog breed that originated in the Rajapalayam area of Tamil Nadu. It is also one of the most sought after and well recognized Indian dog breeds with a dashing pink nose and milky white coat.

Legends has it that the royalty and the warrior class of the region bred and used Rajapalayam in many battles, including the ones against the British Cavalry. It has been used by many defence agencies especially in Kashmir borders.


Did you know this Desi Dog Breed was bred by the royal families of Chippiparai near Madurai district in Tamil Nadu, India?

The Chippiparai was and still continues to be a symbol of royalty and dignity amongst the Tirunelveli and Madurai rulers and especially known to be fierce hunters and were bred for this express purpose making it the ideal south Indian Dog Breed. The Chippiparai were predominantly used to find and kill their prey, mainly deer, wild boar, and hare. One of the many sighthound Indian dog breeds originating in India, this dog is bred and used for hunting boar, deer and hare and was later kept as a symbol of royalty and dignity.


Gaddi Kutta literally means Shepherd Dog and is also called Mahidant Mastiff. The large and bulky mastiff-type Indian Dog breed, sometimes referred to as the Indian Leopard hound or the Himalayan Sheepdog, has its origins in Northern India.

Often mistaken for the Tibetan Mastiff (one of the most expensive dogs out there), the Gaddi Kutta has a more sleeky and lion-like black tan and is not that bulky.

However, this Indian dog breed is not for everyone, as they are often prone to be very active and standing tall at 34 inches, they are not easy to handle.

Though they had their origins as a hunter breed, they soon became a shepherd breed for their toughness to handle even stronger snow leopards. They are also very intelligent and smart enough to guide the sheep back safely.

Mudhol Hound

Mudhol is a familiar sight in and around the states of the Deccan Plateau and is called "Karwani", though the name changes all across these states. They were used primarily as guardians as well as hunting hounds. However, INKC (Indian National Kennel Club) and KCI (Kennel Club of India) are divided about the name of this particular Indian dog breed! The former selected the name "Mudhol Hound", whereas the latter calls it " Caravan Hound".

The Mudhol has the feathered variety of this desi dog breed which is known as 'Pashmi'. Talk about one dog with multiple personalities, right?

Indian Pariah Dog

Indian Pariah Dogs (INDdogs) are yet another familiar breed among the Indian dog breeds.

One of the oldest in the country, this ancient breed of dog is featured across various folktales and mythic tales. Related to the Dingo itself, this Indian Dog breed is seen all across the country.

Nowadays, because of urbanization and interbreeding, they are often mistaken for stray or mongrel breeds out in the streets every day.

Though there are a handful of purebreds in India, make sure that you go for the home-bred ones. These homebred or the pure village dogs do need much maintenance at all and make adorable family pets if you socialize them early too! You do not have to look any further to get one home; you can adopt one of the numerous puppies available around you in the streets or from the shelter near you and just share with them your cosy and loving home.

Indian Mastiff

The famous Indian Mastiff, which is also known as the Bully Kutta, this Indian dog breed originated from the time India was undivided, thus now both in India as well as Pakistan. This Indian dog breed is predominantly found in the Punjab region. It is also called 'Bohli' because it means "heavily wrinkled", and the excess skin is a special feature of the breed, especially under the chin and around the neck, while' Kutta' means 'the dog or puppy '.


Here is another beautiful South Indian dog breed, the Kombai or the Combai. It has its origins dating back to the 9th Century when this powerful dog breed was used for hunting the usual prey such as deers, boars and, on occasion, bison. Their Jaws are said to be very powerful hence the favourite hound among the hunters. It usually features a sleeky tan coat with a black muzzle. However, now it is considered to be endangered, and only a handful of special kennels breed them out.

Born and bred in Tamil Nadu, India, the Kombai is a sighthound that is way par excellence. Yes, they do make lovable pets and are also known to guard their home and family with their lives with extreme loyalty to their loved ones. The stocky, muscular Indian dog breed Kombai is rumoured to be strong enough to kill a bear! Their lineage and upbringing in the diverse subcontinent ensure that they have very few breed-related health issues, so they're capable of living and living well in most kinds of weather which makes your trips to the vet way less strenuous.

Rampur Hound

Rampur Hound has always been associated with royalty for a very long time. Often bred by the Maharajas of Rampur and nearby kingdom states of Bareily and Delhi. As said before, they were bred as hunting hounds to

catch even big games like jackals and lions because of their speed and endurance.


Jonangi is yet another Indian dog breed famous across the country. It is found mainly in Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh and West Bengal. The agile breed is known for its speed and is not recognized by the kennel clubs.

The breed has an exceptional knack for hunting fish, and this what led to the mass extinction as the local fisherfolk and farmers killed them off in the past. However, now the breed is making a comeback, and many breeders are actively helping them to thrive once again.

So which among these Indian dog breeds have captured your attention. Do share your thoughts in the comment section.

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