Ideas for Pet-Friendly Homes

Date: 12-November,2019Last Updated: 26-September,2022
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Are you a pet lover and in search of tips for pet friendly homes? Then, you are in the right place. It is said that pets have more love and compassion in them than most humans and yet, who wouldn’t want someone waiting at the doorstep of your home for you to come back from work? Nowaday’s people are transforming their houses into pet-friendly homes.

According to the India International Pet Trade Fair (IIPTF), the pet population in India has grown from 7 million to a whopping 10 million in 2011. India’s pet dog population is nearly 10,200,000 which makes it among the top 10 countries. To transform your house into a pet-friendly sanctuary, here are a few ideas and tips. What is a Pet-Friendly Home?

If you are a cat or a dog person? Or maybe you just like pets in general then, you might be wondering what are pet-friendly homes after all? In that case, then pet-friendly homes are places where people welcome pets of all types with open arms. Agreeing to the opinion that pets are family too and they deserve to be with us.

Unlike olden days, today it is easy to find an apartment complex with pet-friendly features and amenities. As long as owners ensure hygiene and no nuisance to other fellow residents, buildings in localities like Koramangala in Bangalore welcome pets. If you are thinking that is there a good pet-friendly society in Bangalore? Then, yes there are many projects by builders like Bren, Purvankara, and Brigade and more.

Also, as per the latest guidelines passed by the Animal Welfare Board of India, they are in favor of keeping pets in an apartment or even a Society. The important points to be noticed are:

  1. It is mentioned that no Resident Welfare Association has the right to ban a resident from keeping their choice of pets.
  2. Even if a majority of residents are in favor of the ban, this ban cannot be enforced.
  3. No one can enforce a ban for invalid reasons, for instance, barking of a dog.
  4. A society’s by law or regulation cannot validate a pet-related ban.

Here Are Some Tips for Pet-Friendly and Paw Friendly Homes

There are a few things you need to keep in mind before you think of turning your house into a pet-friendly home. Did you know, that 94 percent of pet owners say that their animal pal makes them smile fairly more than once in a day? Then, why can’t we do our bit in making their life a bit more comfortable? Here are a few tips and tricks for your beloved pets:

1. Fur-Free Fabrics

You should keep in mind of fabrics and upholstery which your pet will be using. Fur can irritate them and fuzz can be bad for their respiratory system. Avoid fabrics that can attract pet hair like velvet, mohair, velour, chenille or corduroy. Don’t use any fabrics which can be easily destroyed by your pet like silk. Instead, use smooth tapestries, leathers and synthetic fibres that can withstand their claws.

2. Wood-free Furniture

Your pet may want a teething toy and can go directly to your wooden furniture and start teething it. Don’t buy furniture with exposed wicker, rattan, and sisal. Opt for metal and chrome that will ensure your pet safe and he/she can look for another toy that is much safer.

3. Squeaky Clean Flooring

It is always better to go for flooring that is easy to clean, especially when your pet is learning how to toilet-train. Avoid, hardwood floor that scratch or dent very easily and need continuous cleaning. Also, hardwood floors stain very quickly and you don’t want to end up sitting and cleaning instead of playing with the little one. Laminated flooring, stone or ceramic tiles are better as they will also be cooler during hotter weather. This step is important when you want your home to be a pet-friendly home.

4. Playzone

All pets love playing and so, they need a play zone that demands space in your home. Don’t strain your little friend to chase and play in the entire house as they need to play chase ball, tug of war which is not possible in some of the areas of your house. So, create a play space that is suitable for your pet to even play when you aren’t around. Their toys should be stored neatly but also easily accessible.

5. Neat Kitchen Space

Don’t you want your kitchen to shine, glisten and stay neat without pet bowls and poop? Then don’t leave food and water bowls in plain sight. You can slide them underneath kitchen cabinetry. Also, it is better to bring them out for food and placing water dish at corners where you are ok with spillage.

6. Wall Problems

Don’t go overboard with wall designs, they can become a headache for you as you might need to clean all the fur. Furry walls can attract your pet’s hair and you might have to end up cleaning. You can opt for a satin or semi-gloss paint, that might help in turn keeping the walls clean.

7. Comfy Bed

Just like you would, your pets also need a comfortable bed, if the pet is small in size then you can make their corner into a very comfy spot based on their needs. Never choose designs that don’t go with your personal style, make sure the pet’s bed is made of high-quality material, enough space for their relaxation. They should love going to bed after all.

8. Easy Breezy

Imagine your pets peeping out of your window watching from your home and to just bask in the sunshine. Would you want them to get stuck in those thick fabric curtains? No, right! Instead, why not go shop for lightweight, fabric sheer curtains that might allow their easy passage. This will make them play around, stay happy and you wouldn’t have to worry about them getting tangled.

9. Unbreakable Bond

There might be lot of breakables like your favourite vases, glasses and even candles. Don’t buy tables that sit too low, which holds all your special glassware. You just can’t blame your bushy friend if it’s you who invested in low lying furniture. Pets do not mean to cause harm to their surroundings.

Your pets can’t talk so it is your responsibility to understand their needs and provide them a comfortable home. For ensuring their safety you can also install pet-friendly home alarm systems that will alert you when your pet is in danger at home. If there is a fire or some burglary, the alarm may buzz and you would know that your little friend is in danger. Follow these tips and support the idea of pet-friendly homes.

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