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Precast Construction Technology Major Advantages & Disadvantages

Date: 29-May,2020Last Updated: 1-October,2020

With the emergence of the 21st century, the construction sector has made leaps and strides across technology. One such advancement is called precast construction technology or better known as precast concrete technology.

The arrival of such advancement has stretched the limits of construction capabilities throughout the world. We are going to show you a glimpse of what it is capable of.

Among the tenets of Real Estate Technology, Precast construction technology is a smart, safe, and cost-efficient way to build buildings or houses. Affordable projects to large stretching sky scrappers can all be built using this technology. A streamlined approach to building in the 21st century originating from the Scandinavian countries back in Europe.

With heavy criticisms that are ramped up against the construction industry for being too Labour-intensive and leaving a massive carbon footprint. Pre cast technology began to propel to its position to one of the best ways to build

The Construction Industry is currently one of the biggest adapters to newer innovations and improvisations. Check out ConTech and the latest construction techniques in India.

Precast Slab

Under this technology, all the units used in the construction process such as slabs, tiles, windows, doors, etc. are fabricated in precast manufacturing units wish to run on computer-based systems. These computer systems help cut down wastage of materials and precision along with strengthening the building while reducing the gross cost of the building by nearly 15%. Plus, it is eco-friendly.

Why Precast construction technology?

Precast technology has many benefits:

1. Cost-cutting

2. Ensured quality

3. Increased climate resistance

4. Eco-friendly

5. Anywhere and anytime

6. Easy to handle and use

Just to name a few, precast method helps by letting the construction happening on the ground and not in the air. With the mould system that precast technology uses, you have the perfect fit for the construction. Using computer and latest generation AI that decide the shape, size, ideal concrete mix, etc. you are getting the best from what you have.

Another major advantage of the precast technology system is that you can build in any climate without having to slow down or even in some cases, stop construction completely. Rather than going in for the traditional types of bricks used in building, Pre Cast Construction Technology uses concrete building blocks that mimic them. With the building materials pre-made, all it requires is for the part to be secured into its place on the construction site.

The specialized equipment now used across industries help in the moving of these gigantic parts to their proper place and removes much of the labor from being anywhere near dangerous areas on the site.

This remains the main reason why pre cast technology is slowly being raised to one of the best techniques out there for construction.

How does precast construction technology work on-site?

As we said earlier, pre cast technology is the process of creating a cast or mould into which the concrete is poured to create parts of a building such as walls. When these parts are brought onto the site, they need to be connected to the rest of the building to complete that segment of construction. There are mainly two ways in which these happen.

1. They are bolted together, using steel connectors embedded into the concrete during the time of casting and curing. This is considerably more difficult, but it is a popular method followed.

2. They can be concreted together. Using concrete, the parts are connected by steel loops that come with each part. When fixed in place, each part’s loops meet other part’s circles. Once they met, concrete is poured into it to secure it in place.

The precast technology in the modern-day comes with two options that can be chosen from:

On-site Precast Technology:

This is primarily done in places where there is a lack of infrastructure. It is widely used in the making of mass housing projects. It helps save on the additional cost of transportation and taxes.

Under this system, the cement is casted into a mould of the desired shape. Once the cast is completely set, the cast piece, ( a slab, wall or panel) is taken into the desired location and secured firmly.

Using precast method in such a manner can reduce costs and help in making more accurate designs that would be required at the site.

Precast Process in Factory

Factory Precast Construction Technology:

As the name suggests, this method involves creating the moulds in the factory set up to which the concrete will be poured into later sites. The factory precast method helps in using more advanced machines only available in factories to make faster and more efficient moulds.

Which will then be transported onto the site to have concrete poured into and secured to the building. However, this method incurs increased transportation cost with which comes taxes and not a very cost-efficient way.

Some of the best properties in Bangalore, like Sobha Dream Acres was built with Pre Cast Technology. It is getting popular by the day as more and more developers like Sobha Ltd embraced the technology.

What are the disadvantages of precast construction technology?

  • Since each piece is made independently, the structure of the construction is not one solid piece. Still, multiple small pieces attached with glue or, in this case, concrete. There might be minor structural differences between each part that can be problematic.

  • The weight of the building purely rests on the joints that are holding them together. If the joint is compromised, then the whole construction can come apart like building blocks.

  • The project usually becomes more capital-intensive when used as we need heavy machinery to move large pieces across the site to fix them in place. This can be an issue if you do not have those many machines unless one plans on long construction time.

  • The joints must be sealed to be waterproof as these joints are the points at which the entire weight of the building rests.

Precast Blocks

Just as the precast construction technology, MIVAN Construction Technology is also one of the popular techniques practiced in India. Explore it further here!

Precast construction technology can be used to make slabs, walls, columns, water tanks, etc. Using innovative and advanced capital-intensive technology to create an efficient and uncompromised building that scrape the skies. With precast concrete technology making its leaps, it is being used in India for Urban projects. It will soon make its way across the country.

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