Drones and the Upcoming Revolution in Construction Industry

Date: 6-May,2021Last Updated: 26-September,2022
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You must have surely seen them buzzing around or at least have heard about them

Whether capturing unique aerial footage or flying around town, drones have become the new trend in the construction industry.

The construction industry has transformed into a phase of a revolution wherein the introduction of drones has impacted the real estate industry towards a whole new level of futurism

Nowadays, we witness that the construction sector is moving forward from being resistant with an unresponsive mindset to accepting the growing innovations. The industry is embracing the new technologies and looks to deliver results in varied proportions.

Drones have now evolved to be a highly viable technical tool with numerous applications in various sectors, especially in the construction industry.

Drones have now become the go-to option for many construction companies. The industry has experienced a huge growth rate with the implementation of drones. A drone's data-collecting abilities and aerial vantage point make them an important and useful tool.

The photos and videos taken from drones gives a whole new aspect about project information, provide real-time updates, and track building progress.

As the construction industry evolves and grows in the future, the impact of drones in construction projects will become more beneficial.

Read on to know more about how these drones have become a revolution in the construction industry.

How are drones used in construction industries?

With the unique aerial advantage and real-time data recording, drones can enhance efficiency, streamline workflow, and cut costs.

Take a quick glance at the way drones are used in construction.

Land surveys and Topographic mapping:

Topographic maps are needed to execute complex and large-scale construction projects. Though these topographic maps are helpful, they can be expensive as well.

Riding on the benefits of mapping wide quantities of land, drones can exponentially decrease the time to visualize a site's topography. Drones will stay on the project's schedule and match the accuracy levels before a project has been initiated.

Moreover, the high-resolution images manufactured by drones can be transformed into 3D models that help to pinpoint challenges during pre-construction and save time and money in the long run.

Equipment Tracking and Automating:

Handling equipment can be a tedious task for every project manager. When the equipment goes misplaced, it becomes pretty tricky to find them. However, Drones can come in handy for tracking your equipment. Especially within vast projects, these tools, machinery and equipment can be easily misplaced. These drones even recognize if the equipment needs to be terminated to avoid expensive accidental extensive charges.

Equipment malfunctions are also a significant issue in the construction industry. The recording facility of drones can be utilized to access the problems taking place remotely so as to ensure there is no tampering done. Drones offer visual representation that aid in conveying the issues. The recorded information can be sent to the respective technicians for accurate and quicker diagnostics.

In future, drones enjoy the feature to guide and direct autonomous vehicles, which will revolutionize the industry on a new scale.

Remote monitoring and progress reports:

Monitoring progress reports remotely is a valuable feature of drones in the construction industry. Drones can give you impressive aerial views and inform clients about the project's progression, especially when the customers are not available for a site visit.

Adding to the client's communication aspect, drones can enhance internal collaboration in your team. At a flyover, drones can send information directly to your software. Designers, construction managers, engineers, workers, and owners can access the data anywhere and anytime. Drones can also develop a valuable trail of documents when required.

Security Surveillance:

If a piece of equipment is stolen, you very well know how devastating that could be. A boom lift or an excavator stolen could mean a loss of ten to thousands of dollars. Equipment security is one of the essential aspects that need to be looked upon by construction companies.

To solve this crisis, a drone operator can quickly look at whether the equipment is in a secure place or not. The surveillance camera can also be utilized to check if unauthorized individuals are roaming around the site. These benefits can prevent theft long before it occurs.

Personnel Safety:

Employee safety is one of the top essentials looked upon by construction organizations. While taking manual measurements, workers often stumble at unsteady heights and stroll through hazardous conditions. Drones are your couch of support in these stressful situations. They mitigate the risk that construction organizations face daily.

Construction managers use drone video cameras that monitor the job site for safety concerns. They ensure that workers are properly balanced with no equipment that tampers the working conditions.

Drones have elevated safety measures by making hard-to-reach measurements on behalf of workers. They monitor accidents and major falls as well.

Structure Inspection and Photography:

Construction companies have relished the benefits of having photos and videos of their projects from a bird's eye view. Drones have been very instrumental in helping construction workers.

Due to their manoeuvrability and their small size, drones have a unique ability to access views of construction projects commencing from ground level to various heights and viewpoints of the site.

Aerial Images taken by drones help plan the placement of stored materials, workers' flow and identify the potential issues with installed construction packages.

Drones can be used to inspect heavy machinery and bulky scaffolding. They can be flown over places to check stability and fine details with high-resolution images for analysis.

Let us now give you a small peek into the types of construction drones.

Two Major Types of Construction Drones

There are various types of drones and commercial drones that are used in construction. Few of the models have fixed-wing, while others have rotating blades. The main difference between the two are usage and design.

Fixed-wing drones:

With its aeroplane like design, the fixed-wing drone can ride on a set path and reach higher altitudes. These drones look efficient for mapping topography and gliding past surveying distances.

Rotary Drone:

For closer photography and aerial inspections, the rotary drone is the best option. They are easy to control and can hover over and remain stable at the same time.

Both the fixed and rotary drones are equipped with cameras, thermal sensors, GPS units, and infrared sensors. The collected data from the drones can be sent to a computer through drone software that permits users to interpret and analyze the data. These characteristics allow construction projects to be more efficient.

As and when the impact of drones in the construction industry escalates, they are in contention to transform how construction projects are being handled.

As long as technology passes zoning hurdles and federal aviation, it is safe to picture that drone technology in construction is here to stay for a really long time.

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