Smart Homes in India - 2023

Date: 26-May,2023Last Updated: 5-June,2023
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With Technological advancements, especially in home security and the Internet of Things (IoT), such as enabling home monitoring remotely.

In the latest trend, IoT is buzzing with the numerous applications of smart home technologies.

Home buyers are adapting to new technological applications like - smart devices communicating with others, to create interactions that are beneficial.

Imaginations and dreams of smart homes a few years ago are now a reality. Many working professionals have the tendency of forgetting to turn off their geysers after their morning bath, or not sure if they have turned off the gas stove after making tea, or if they left the A/C on not certain of it being turned off.

Many such circumstances can lead to uneasiness and unsettled feelings, also hampering the work at the office. the smart home is a solution for such helpless situations.

The smart Home system installed in your house; can help monitor your house using your smartphone. Control appliances in your house, using your smartphone.

IoT system which responds to your voice commands with a triggering mechanism can help control the house appliances. For instance: Watch who is at the door and open the door to let them in following your voice instructions, turn off Geysers, turn off lights, fans, A/C, smart door locking, etc... control them all from a distance from your office using your smartphone.

Switch on the AC to keep your home cool when enter your house, open curtains or time it, and automated coffee machine to prepare and pour coffee in your mug with the set temperatures of the coffee and at the right time. With automated Lights that turn on when you walk around lighting your way, the possibilities are endless, with smart home applications.

From a time when "Smart homes" were expensive affordability remained a question to many. Smart Homes were primarily a concept of houses of luxury living standards in India.

However, Smart Home automation has come with a long journey over a few decades. With the latest lifestyle, Smart Homes automation has become a living standard.

Smart Home systems are not limited to efficiency and comfort, soon it is on the verge of becoming a requisite for improved security, efficiency and comforts and modernisation of homes.

According to a recent study -32% Of Indian consumers may spend 25K - 50K on smart-connected devices in 2023. The cost affordability will be the key driver for people opting for smart home devices such as smart lights, smart AC and air purifiers, etc.,

The smart light is one of the major contributors to smart home elements and helps improve comfort by setting the right amount of light to set the right mood.

Home automation systems can benefit consumers by increasing convenience, increased savings, utility bills, increased security, and

the potential to control the house from anywhere.

Benefits of Home Automation

Home Automation can be beneficial in numerous ways. Some of the key benefits are listed below:

It is Convenient

Any device imaginable can be controlled with the IoT for seamless experiences. Smart home automation makes our life convenient and reduces costs by saving energy.

Turn your A/C on just before reaching home after long working hours on a blistering summer day. So that the home can be cool when you reach home. our turn-off light; surprise your loved ones by playing their favourite songs.

Voice Automated are a boon for children and elderly people, with the ability to automate can complete tasks in fewer steps. Making it easier, more productive, and healthier, while raising its bars to new heights.

It's Secured and Smart

A house with a Home Automation System protects the house and the inhabitants. The smart home system helps residents to access easily and control devices, and reduce accidents in forgotten circumstances or lack of lighting.

For Instance: Motion sensors can trigger light when people walking in the dark and can avoid falling on the staircase or in corridors.

Wifi IP cameras are also beneficial for monitoring the house and keeping a watch on your pet in your when you are away. From these remote surveillance systems, you can get live video feed on your smartphone keeping intruders away and your home safer, enjoy your vacation.

It is Cost Effective

Due to the expensive costs of improving traditional security systems can opt not to improve their Home's security systems.

However, the Home automation system offers a cost-effective alternative remote accessible system, to control doors and permit entry to trusted guests and keep intrusions out.

Indian consumers are known for valuing each purchase they have made and the expenses made on long-term purchases. Opt for options that can ease up the connection to the smart devices with little investment.

In recent times high-speed connectivity and fresh experiences drive consumers to seamless experiences across channels. The home automation industry has grown over the past few years due to the growing user base by manifolds.

Every day, a variety of smart home products for different applications are introduced to help consumers with effective smart home devices.

IoT are transforming the way we live our lives, with normal homes turning into smart homes for consumers' convenience and providing substantial solutions to their needs. Connected intelligence, security, and lifestyle, are the aim of smart homes making lives better.


The alarming rate of robbery cases in the city demands an Intelligent and constantly monitoring security system - Smart Home System.

Smart Home Systems allow us to constantly keep a check on house security.

Remotely operate home appliances, and turn them off or on when required. With automated smart home systems, controlling homes has become simple and easy just with a few clicks using your smartphone.

Home appliances such as geysers, TVs, lights, fans, AC - can be turned on using smart home apps. When rushing to the office or travelling on a vacation, Automated smart home systems can help you remotely monitor your homes and ensure your home's safety and security.

Such intelligent, convenient, secure, and cost-effective smart home systems serve as the most comprehensive solutions for consumers' home requirements.

Changing living standards of home dwellers for a better and luxurious lifestyle.


Q. Are there smart homes in India?

A. With emerging latest trends in real estate in India, Homes demand smart, secured advanced remote home monitoring and control systems. Because these cost-effective systems help remotely monitor houses and secure homes, smart home systems are gaining popularity and have become compulsory home security systems in India.

Q. What is the future of Smart homes in India?

A. The recent Market research, the Indian home automation market is expected to reach $5.5 Billion by the end of 2023, with a compound annual growth rate of 22.4%.

Increased homeowners' convenience is the most impacting factor in increased home automation.

Q. What is the biggest problem with smart homes?

A. Sensors devices such as -smart watches, Cameras, and motion sensors equipment consume batteries and in case of dead batteries, the smart home devices may not function and keep the doors and other security devices locked, which can be only unlocked by a technician.

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