Smart Cities - Present & Future

Date: 16-February,2022Last Updated: 26-September,2022
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Smart City is a term that most of us have heard quite frequently over the last few years.

Indian Government is on a mission to transform many of the existing metro cities into smart cities or even develop many others to completely revolutionize the country's urban spaces.

The 100 Smart Cities Mission launched by our Hon. Prime Minister Narendra Modi is an initiative, as the name suggests, to develop 100 smart cities across the Indian states, and thereby inspire other nearby cities as well as rural regions, to transcend into the next level of habitable spaces.

But before exploring further on this, let's understand in detail,

What is a Smart City?

Smart City is a transformative urban space that incorporates technology and information to develop the infrastructure and enhance daily operational efficiency.

Smart Cities also give great importance to the environment and green spaces. The greenfield cities are actually a variant of smart cities. These cities will also use extensive communication technology are used in public transportation manufacturing industries to reduce the use of resources for a sustainable future.

These cities will also have the next level of public infrastructure, and hygiene too shall play a great part.

The major technologies that will be incorporated in Smart Cities

1) Cloud Computing

2) Mesh Networking

3) User Friendly Apps integrated with Public Amenities

4) UI Based Interfaces ( ATM Counters, Bill Payments, Ticket Counters, etc.)

5) Transportation ( Metros, Bus Transit, Taxi Services)

6) IoT

All these technologies will be used to enhance the living standards of the general public, covering almost all of the elements involved in an urbanscape. Perhaps the smart city initiatives can be summarised simply as a better management system through the use of technology for making lives easier and more comfortable.

There are many examples for this; for instance imagine a citizen right from getting easily to their workspaces without the traffic hindering him/her to easily finding the next parking space and getting documentation done with the least effort from the governmental offices, etc

The First Step

Urban Planning is the first step to the creation of any Smart City. Infact it is urban planning that made sure that our civilization proceeded to the next level and prompted us to evolve as a society.

The idea of Smart Cities has been prevalent from the early 1950s to the 1960s - the era of newfound peace and stability after the world wars. Ever since then, all the major global cities have more or less taken an approach to bring in the sense of quality living for their denizens.

Importance of Smart Cities

As mentioned earlier, the whole concept of Smart City is to incorporate Smart Life for the general populace, thereby ultimately eradicating the elements of discord to provide sustainability to the masses and future. If the populace is at peace and has the basics taken care of, they shall direct their focus onto more important things that shall help the human race to its advancement.

Sustainability and Eco-Friendliness are the ultimate aims of the present Smart Cities, whereas Future Smart Cities are expected to take this up a notch and bring forth complete harmony between the digital and physical worlds.

Most Popular Planned Smart Cities in the World


NEOM City in Saudi Arabia is perhaps the most famous upcoming smart city in the world. With an estimated cost of over 500 Billion dollars, it is said to be the ultimate realization of our time's smart cities. It has also been in the news recently as the linear city shall also incorporate within it the tenets of Metaverse, thereby building what a completely futuristic blend of virtual and real living spaces is. Right from Digital Jurisdiction, Healthcare, and other features, this highly anticipated wonderland.

New York

Already known as one of the greatest cities in the world, New York has adopted various urban planning developments from a long time back. Now the LinkNYC is one of their major features, which provide an all in all digital space for the populace like free wifi spots, device charging stations, digital maps, kiosks, etc.


More than Smart City, the Singapore Government vies to bring a Smart Nation that completely revolutionizes the entire urban structures, from combining physical infrastructures to the big data networks to form the next level city-state that is the stuff of dreams.


Dublin, Ireland, is referred to as the unexpected capital of Smart Cities! Administered by the Smart Dublin program, the project is considered to be one of the finest in bringing both technology and everyday life closer.


Madrid is Spain's contender for Smart Cities around the world. The MiNT Madrid Inteligente/Smarter Madrid platform is one of the key features of the program that has made the city into a bustling network of human activity and big data for easier lifestyle across. From Recycling to the Management of Green spaces, Madrid is definitely a great example for the smart cities around the world to adopt more sustainable features.

Smart Cities in India

As mentioned above, under the 100 Smart Cities program, the Government of India will be focusing on developing these cities within the next few years, transforming them into the torchbearers for modern India.

Popular Cities in India nominated for Smart Cities Challenge

  1. New Delhi

  2. Bangalore

  3. Hyderabad

  4. Mumbai

  5. Chennai

  6. Kochi

  7. Amaravati

  8. Jaipur

  9. Thiruvananthapuram

  10. Mangalore

  11. Port Blair

  12. Panaji

  13. Agartala

  14. Chandigarh

  15. Ahmedabad

  16. Indore

  17. Lucknow

  18. Amritsar

  19. Dharamshala

  20. Raipur

  21. Shillong

  22. Kohima

  23. Srinagar

  24. Coimbatore

  25. Warangal

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