16 Great Coffee Table Books

Date: 19-March,2021Last Updated: 26-September,2022
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From being meaningful, inspirational, beautiful decors! Coffee table books are an easy and failsafe way to bring aesthetic and literary charm into the mix with the best coffee table books.

Whether you’re shopping or a new homeowner who’s looking to warm up their space or you want to look for something yourself to keep your guests entertained while they come to visit, worry no more; the almighty coffee table book is what you need! A simple stack of books can give an uninspired tabletop a new sense of style and purpose.

So we have for you blow the coolest—and chicest—coffee table books to buy (or gift!) this year!

1) The Brown Bohemians -

As the name suggests, this is one of the best coffee table books as it takes you into the idea that stories sculpt our collective narrative. It holds the essence and voice of an underrepresented demographic, the creative people of colour. Apart from being an inspirational coffee table book, he images and the story, the artistry is just breathtaking! It brings to light the true history and the much needed attention to absolutely stunning people of colour defining what bohemian is to them.

2) History of Photography Coffee table book -

This book makes you enter the time travel portal and takes you back 200 years ago. If you are a history-buff yourself, then this is the best coffee table book for you to engulf yourself into while sipping that earl grey in your china. The only piece of hard evidence we have of most historical lifetimes and culture is through photography, and this book does just about that with its black and white photography, so if your living room is looking for a taste of refinement, this book may be just what you need. It explores the most iconic photographs and the best photographers of the past perfectly captured in time.

3) Art History Coffee Table Book –

This is for all you lovers of eye satisfying images! Apart from just having an eye-catching accent, this is the best coffee table book to explore and dive into artworks that date back to iconic artists from Picasso and Van Gogh. Feed the art lover in you with these coffee table books. It will also stir up interesting conversations with your guests if they are art lovers too!

4) Van Life: Your Home on the Road –

Always dreamt of owning a mobile home, but your 9-5 job does not seem to let you go? Well, then drift your thoughts with a company of your freshly brewed coffee and this best coffee table book; you can read about how it is like to live a life on the move on your own caravan and always seeking that adventure and feeding yourself an extra dose of adrenalin.

5) Make the Most of Your Time on Earth -

As the name itself suggest, this inspirational coffee table book is about living a fulfilling life in a blissful way! Taking paths and choosing situations in a way you are making the most of your time on earth and not letting the smallest things let you down is what this book will give you. Especially with the way the pandemic has hit us mentally and all the time we feel we have wasted, it could be the best coffee table books 2021 to start off this year with. Having philosophical guests over? Then look forward to appealing conversations with them after they pick up this book!

6) The Star Wars Coffee Table Book -

Want to flaunt the geek in you any chance you get? Then this Star Wars Coffee table book is for you. Go ahead and place it anywhere in your house, especially the living area and it will surely grab the attention and awaken the force in any Star Wars fan that comes to visit your home. With a classy look and expand your knowledge both with this book beside you.

7) Flower Coffee Table Book –

Tired of changing flowers or the vase cause someone keeps knocking it over all the time? Well, now you can have both at the lowest to none of the maintenance cause it is in a book! With minimal text and maximum floral illustrations, feed the gardener, artist, or simply someone who loves looking at refreshing illustrations then this is the best coffee table book by Pierre-Joseph Redouté (1759–1840). Some artists even use this book as an inspiring resource to incorporate into their paintings.

8) Frank Lloyd Wright Coffee Table Book -

A perfect blend of architecture, stunning photography with extremely satisfying images and inspirational to the core, this book brings both the beauty and serenity of Fallingwater directly into your homes. Being the best coffee table book to guide you and your guests through Frank Lloyd Wright’s iconic craftwork right in the comfort of your own home is what it does, along with Fallingwater’s importance to the sustainability-movement; this book has a little something for everyone who adores architecture and its art.

9) The Monocle Guide to Drinking and Dining -

Yes, there are many books for anyone who loves destination weddings, but what about someone who loves to eat? Do they not deserve to know where to go to get the perfect Margareta pizza with just the right amount of thickness to their crust? Well, worry no more because this is the best coffee table book for 2021 to make you miss travelling more that you were before you picked it up. If you are someone who has a separately made bucket list just for destination eats, then this is for you!

10) The Incomplete: Highsnobiety Guide to Street Fashion and Culture

Seeing the word ‘SUPREME’ on most people’s outfits these days and wondered what it meant? Well, didn’t we all? Highsnobiety’s first book tracks down the complete evolution of men’s fashion, especially with how many are willing to break the beauty standards and stereotypes and express themselves in many ways these days. It highlights the top brands like Supreme and Comme des Garçons that have gained cult followings in recent years and why it has happened.

11) Pet-tecture: Design for Pets –

Obsessed with owning pets and always spoil your pup with the most luxurious lifestyle even though you cannot afford to treat yourself that way? Then this is the best coffee table book for the animal lover looking to be transported to the future where 3D-printed fish tanks are deemed quotidian. From the perfect tower, for your cats to cling onto to the coziest canals, the future to pet lifestyles is here.

12) 200 Women: Who Will Change the Way You See the World -

Does reading about women and men breaking gender role stereotype and soaring high in their fields get your eyes a little misty and shiver down your spine? This inspirational coffee table book will do just about that, if not more. Covering inspirational women in every field and shedding light on the intricate ways they have influenced and continue to influence the world will give you the push you need to work harder and be the best version of yourself.

13) Of Cats and Men –

Heard of an obsessive cat lady, but what about cat men? This book makes you feel less embarrassed to be falling into that category as it dives into history’s most notable cat-loving men! Nikola Tesla! Sir Isaac Newton! Freddy Mercury! YES, ALL OF THEM LOVED CATS! With some stylishly accompanying illustrations in this best coffee table book, feel no shame and embrace the fur ball loving man in you!

14) Interior Decorating Coffee Table Book –

Do unorganized and scattered places make you feel uncomfortable that the very chance you get to help your friend revamp their homes or living space you spring to help them out? This interior design book won’t only add a touch of luxe gold to your decor, but it is chock-full of inspiration to you. Having everything based around the idea that a home’s decor shouldn’t be based around trends is all about the quality and timelessness of the work make you understand how to recognize quality decor pieces by exploring a wide variety of interiors as a perfectly inspirational coffee table book would do.

15) Coffee Coffee Table Book –

When talking about the best coffee table books, how can we miss out on this one! Be a little quirky and throw this onto the table! The coffee table book about coffee! Exploring the origins, production methods, and brewing techniques, and also a piece of decor that will help keep your guests awake while they’re in your living room without any caffeine needed!

16) Coyote Doggirl -

If you are a huge fan of the show Bojack Horseman, this is the best coffee table book as it is a Western-style graphic novel from the delightfully twisted mind of the producer and production designer Lisa Hanawalt. Now you have something to keep you entertained with the humour even when you are off the screen!

Coffee table books being a fantastic way to add a colourful accent to your living space or simply to show off your personality through your taste in décor. However, it does not stop there; these hardcover books play a much more major rule than sitting there and looking pretty from before the introduction of smartphones. Yes, coffee table books were used to entertain guests while the host was occupied! They make great conversation starters, so choosing the best coffee table book must be very wise as it will be what you will spend time talking to your guests too when you come back with their tea, so keep it interesting!

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