Top 5 Scariest Ghost Houses in India!

Date: 26-February,2021Last Updated: 26-September,2022
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Have you heard about these Haunted Houses in India?

We all grew up listening to horror stories from our cousins and playing ghost pranks on our friends. We grew up watching Evil Dead, Chucky's curse, and Casper The Friendly Ghost! And, it taught all of us one thing, that ghosts are real, and they are here!

You may or may not believe them, or you are someone who doesn't believe in ghosts until you are walking on a dark street alone at night.

We can never know if they exist for real or if they actually followed you home that night! However, there have always been rumours about ghosts, and ghost houses from all over the world, from time unknown.

So, where are these ghost houses in India?

Here's the list of the top 5 haunted houses in India:

  1. Bhangarh Fort, Alwar, Rajasthan

  2. Vrindavan Society, Mumbai, Maharashtra

  3. Brijraj Bhawan Palace, Kota, Rajasthan

  4. Writer's Building, Kolkata, West Bengal

  5. Bonacaud Bungalow, Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala

1. Bhangarh Fort, Alwar, Rajasthan

Bhangarh fort is located at the foot of a hill on a very steep sloping terrain. The Bhangarh Fort is on the Sariska Reserve border in the Aravali range of hills in the Alwar, Rajasthan.

This fort is also a very popular haunted house and a major tourist attraction that is bound to spook the hell out the bravest person in your gang!

There are rumours that people often hear sounds like a ghost shouting, a woman crying for help, and the clinking noise of bangles.

The legend goes that a wizard named Sinhai, who was skilled in black magic, fell in love with a beautiful Bhangarh princess named Ratnavati. And one day, the wizard followed her to the marketplace and offered her a love potion, but she refused and threw it onto a large rock that rolled onto the wizard and crushed him to death immediately.

And it is believed that the wounded ghost of the wizard haunts the fort till today!

2. Vrindavan Society, Mumbai, Maharashtra

Mumbai is one of the densely crowded cities in the world, yet it has plenty of tales of haunted houses. One such story is the rumours surrounding the Vrindavan Society.

This housing complex had been in construction since the 1980s, and after about ninety years, Vrindavan became a sought-after address in Thane. There are about a hundred buildings in the complex, and the area is also very densely populated.

Despite the number of people every once in a while, rumours of ghosts slapping people come out and stay. Rumours are that an invisible force slaps people and especially security guards on duty.

The story behind this haunted house in India is that a middle-aged man who lived in building 66B died by suicide in his flat. The man decided to jump from the balcony of his house and killed himself. Although a vast majority of people did not experience anything paranormal or believe in it, some people believe that things have been different at Vrindavan Society ever since that fateful day.

3. Brijraj Bhawan Palace, Kota, Rajasthan

Brijraj Bhawan Palace in Kota, Rajasthan, is a 180 years old property that is situated on the banks of the Chambal River. It captures the old world charm with its exquisite decor, beautiful and large drawing rooms, regal delicacies, expansive lawns, and breathtaking views. If you were told that it was a haunted house, you wouldn't believe it, in the day.

It was originally built in 1830 to function as the residence of British officials, prominent colonial officers and influential Indian leaders have visited this place. About sixty years later, it was made the state guest house.

This imperial palace is one of the scariest haunted houses in India because it is believed that a ghost roams around the premises at night.

It is rumoured to be the spirit of a British officer named Major Charles Burton. He lived with his family at Brijraj Bhawan Palace for 13 years and later was killed during the Sepoy Mutiny.

People who have experienced paranormal activities in this place say that Charles Burton's spirit wanders throughout the palace as a harmless resident. Sometimes, with a walking stick.

4. Writer's Building, Kolkata, West Bengal

Writers Building is known as one of the spookiest haunted houses in India. It is located in the densely populated bustling city of Kolkata.

Some of the rumours include that people hear sounds of someone crying in the middle of the night, noises of footsteps at night and voices from inside the building speaking and laughing, and even the appearance of a lady in white clothes, a figure appearing and disappearing at night.

However, the most shocking story is that the spirit of Simpson still resides here and haunts the place. Colonel N .S. Simpson was a British Inspector General of Police who was infamous for his brutal oppression of political prisoners, most of whom were Indian freedom fighters. He was shot dead by Indian revolutionaries.

5. Bonacaud Bungalow, Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala

Bonacaud in Kerala is a place popular for its breathtaking beauty. But, a Bungalow known as Bonacaud Bungalow is one of the scariest haunted houses in India.

Bonacaud is a tea estate that was set up by the British right below the Agasthya mountain ranges in Trivandrum. During British rule, this bungalow was famous for its expansive tea plantations.

One fateful night, two young children who lived here died mysteriously. After this incident, their parents who were the owners of the house, a British couple, returned to London.

Since then, visitors often spoke about the frequent wandering of a young spirit in the bungalow and the noise of breaking glasses. Sometimes they have also heard the screaming of a child and the appearance of a ghostly boy wandering in the surrounding.

All the stories could be true or not, but cultures all around the world have believed in ghosts or spirits that outlive death. Spirits or ghosts are actually among the most universally believed paranormal phenomenon.

You can mock these stories, laugh at them, or even get terrified. No matter what your views are about ghosts, nothing can be conclusively proved, at least yet.

Maybe they are all just rumours, but our lives would be a lot less interesting without them. It has given us hundreds of fascinating folklores, blockbuster movies, novels that keep you on the edge of your seat, and some really exciting stories to share with your friends!

So, planning to visit these haunted houses in India yet?

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