Best Romantic Movies To Watch With Your Partner This Valentines Day!

Date: 5-February,2021Last Updated: 26-September,2022
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Planning a movie night along with your loved one? Wondering which romantic movie is the right one to set the perfect mood? Worry not, we just have the right list for you!

Best Romantic Hollywood movies

The Shape of Water

The Shape of Water is an Oscar-winning movie that is out of this world!

The story takes place during the Cold War. A girl in love with a creature, it is a humanoid amphibian that's captured by the Colonel, under whom she works as a cleaner.

She starts to meet him in secret, as she is mute and uses sign language, communication between the both is not a barrier. The problems she faces while she tries to save and protect him is what defines her love for him.

This is an emotional treat, it leaves you speechless and beguiled.

A Walk to Remember

A classic Nicholas Sparks novel turned movie. A Walk to Remember is a movie about the kind of love that would strike the chords of your heart.

The pure love that Jamie and Landon share is what we wish to have all our life. Jamie suffers from leukemia and avoids mingling with anyone; although Landon knows her his whole life, he starts to be fascinated by her character and nature after she helps him in a play.

The story involves teen drama, everyday college life, and finally, the journey of how Jamie and Landon end up. Will she open up to him? Will he discover the truth about her?

You've Got Mail

As the title itself suggests, You've Got Mail is a love story that happens over the exchange of mails.

Kathleen and Joe communicate through different identities with each other and choose not to reveal any details about themselves. Both are bookshop owners, one is well established while the other is a regular around the corner shop.

Face-to-face they are rivals, and on the mail, they plan to meet each other. Wondering how that would turn out? Well, you've got to watch the movie.

The Fault In Our Stars

Cancer is a sensitive topic to use as a plot; the Fault in our Stars is about two people who are cancer patients falling in love and fulfilling each other's dreams as they count their number of days.

They share a bond of friendship, love and care, sharing hobbies, and getting to know each other while battling the inevitable. The struggles and pain are always a part of their life, and now they have one another to support them.

Fighting cancer and cherishing the very little moments of life, this love story is a must-watch.

Me Before You

Me Before You is a romantic movie that will definitely tear up your eyes. A rich businessman who met with an accident, lost his body functioning abilities, and now needs help all of his life, and a girl with no certain goal ends up working and taking care of him.

Her personality and her way of handling the situations in a fun and creative way is what brings them closer. She brings a lot of colours into his colourless life and makes sure that he enjoys every bit of his time with her.

At last, the decision he makes about his life changes the future of both. This movie will want you beliving in self-less love and teach you to live in the moment.

The Vow

The love story of a married couple, they meet with an accident at the start of the movie, and the wife, Paige, loses all her memories of Leo and that particular period of time.

Leo struggles to get Paige to recall their marriage, the love she had for him. At the same time, Paige doesn't believe it and moves on with her family and her life. Leo tries to be involved in all of her life events, and one day she agrees to spend time with him and make an effort to see if what they had was such a strong bond.

Will she recover all the memories and finally realize her love for him, or will Leo give up? To know what happens, you will have to watch the movie.

When Harry met Sally

Two friends who have different views of love meet each other at different points in their life. From dating one another at a young age, setting up each other with their friends, ending up on bad terms, and being the best of friends that fall in love.

For Sally, friendship has a definition that cannot be influenced by any attractions or feelings, and making Sally realize the love he has for her is a huge task for Harry.

This a perfect movie to watch with your partner, clear all the misunderstandings, and convey your love.

Best Bollywood romantic movies


Janardhan Jakhar, a.k.a JJ, aspires to be a rockstar like Jim Morrison. A friend tells him that unless he experiences a life-changing heartbreak, he'll have something important missing as an artist. So, he sets on to try his luck at love, and he comes across a beautiful Heer, who lives life like there's no tomorrow.

Both start spending time together as friends and doing all sorts of crazy things. JJ was happy to be with her and also took part in her wedding. During the last moments spent with her before the wedding, Heer realizes that she has feelings for JJ and coins his name as Jordan. She moves to Prague with her husband, and they part ways.

JJ faces many family problems and establishes a name for himself as a singer, he gets a chance to go to Prague, and he meets Heer again. Heer being a married woman reunites with JJ and has an intimate relationship with him. She later feels guilty and rejects JJ when he conveys his love for her.

The events that take place after the incident in Prague are what shapes JJ as a rockstar. This is one story that will always be forged in your mind.

Ram Leela

An altogether different take on the tragic drama 'Romeo & Juliet.' Two rival families of the same town. Ram and Leela, who belong to either of these clans, fall in love and maintain a secretive relationship.

As both the families come to know of this, Ram and Leela elope and get married. Striving to keep them apart, the rival families do everything possible to avoid any kind of communication.

After many unpredictable circumstances, both Ram and Leela are left with no option but to lead their own clans. With love in their hearts and hatred on their mind, this movie will fill your hearts with love and emotions you've not come across.

Veer Zaara

A love story between a Pakistani girl, Zaara, and an Indian Air Force officer, Veer.

He is imprisoned for 22 years in Pakistan under false charges of being a spy. He narrates his love story and the circumstances under which he ended up in prison to his lawyer.

His lawyer reunites the two when she discovers that their love has still left them waiting for each other. The movie is an emotional treat for the audience.

Rehna hai tere dil mein

This is one love story that almost everyone knows of. A guy called Maddy uses a fake identity to get to know the girl he loves. When Reena comes to know of his true identity, she is heartbroken and starts to avoid him as he tries to explain his love for her.

The journey of the heartbroken couple and how they come across to reunite is a very interesting plot. A Love story with a happy ending!


Barfi is a deaf and mute boy who falls in love with a rich girl named Shruti. They spend time together and plan to end up with each other. As Barfi is not rich and has disabilities, Shruti's family doesn't approve of it and gets her married to a rich guy.

Barfi then spends his time working, taking care of his father, and occasionally meeting his autistic friend, Jhilmil.

After the death of his father, he feels lonely, and he and Jhilmil end up staying together. They meet Shruti a few years later and how that turns the events between Jhilmil and Barfi is an interesting twist.

Lunch Box

As the name suggests, this a simple love story that happens over the exchange of letters in a lunch box. Saajan is a bank employee who is lonely and has a routine life. Ila is a housewife living with her husband and her kid.

The conversations they enjoy with each other are what keep their daily lives interesting. The love and trust that they share are what keeps the plot fascinating.

Yeh Jawaani hai deewani

Yeh Jawani Hai Diwani is a love story between two people with very different views of life. Naina Talvar, a shy nerdy girl, played by Deepika Padukone, falls in love with Bunny, an outgoing, flirtatious guy played by Ranbir Kapoor.

They meet after eight years at their best friend's wedding, and she will fall in love with him all over again and confesses it to him. Now, he has to choose between his alluring life and the girl he is falling for!

Enjoy your date night with these amazing movies!

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