5 Eco Friendly Lighting Tips for your Home

Date : 8-May,2020|Read: 5 mins

Perfect lighting can change the aura of your home increasing its aesthetic appeal. It can transform the ambience from ordinary to extraordinary. These eco friendly lighting ideas will reduce your carbon footprint and cut down the electricity bill. Here are some ways in which eco friendly lighting can be incorporated into the decor of your house.

5 Easy Ways to Save Energy

Switching to Natural Lighting

Natural lighting is a good eco friendly lighting option which saves electricity bill and adds up to the mood lighting increasing the elegance of the room. The sharp beam of sunlight, the shadows that peep through the curtains and the sober moon light can greatly enhance the ambience of a house. Keeping the blinds open, reflection with the help of mirrors, piping light using fibre optics or other channeling resources are the simplest ways to add environment friendly lighting to your home. Choosing a sober colour for your walls and glossy finishes can also help you create a brighter atmosphere by allowing the reflection of light sources.Consider installing skylights or solar tubes if you feel that you are not getting sufficient natural lighting.

Following Good Habits

Turn off the lights when not in use. Make it a habit and you'll see a significant reduction in your electricity bill. Inspire others to follow suit and make sure that you tell them about the benefits of saving electricity.

Eco Friendly Fixtures

Switching to eco friendly lighting doesn’t only mean the installation of energy saving lights but also the usage of eco friendly materials for your fixtures. Lamps, pendants and other fixtures made of reused, recycled or natural materials like Bamboo and Plywood are environment friendly. Other recyclable fixtures include those made with copper wire, rice paper, scrap metal and so on. They last longer and are less prone to damages unlike the conventional glass chandeliers.

Smart lighting

Smart lighting is another option to save electricity. Installation of technological features such as motion sensor lighting, smart switches or an automated lighting system will reduce energy wastage at home. Motion sensor lights will turn off automatically when someone leaves the room, smart switches and other lighting can be controlled by using remote control.Setting up different configurations and programming lights to turn off and on can be set up depending on the habits and the time of the day. Hasn't technology eased the way we live while giving us reasons to save electricity?

Replacing Incandescent Bulbs with Eco-Friendly Lighting

Green bulbs are an answer to environment friendly lighting. Regular incandescent bulbs consume a lot of energy which is why many countries have discouraged and banned its usage.Australia was the first country to ban incandescent bulbs. Light emitting Diodes (LEDs) have become the most popular solution for environment friendly lighting due to its durability.LEDs don't contain mercury vapour and are eco friendly.LEDs are more expensive than other solutions and use up to 90 per cent less energy and last approximately 100,000 hours more than a conventional bulb. Compact fluorescent lamps (CFLs) are another possible lighting solution that you can use to replace incandescent bulbs. They are less popular than LEDs, but still eco-friendlier and more efficient.They produce less heat and contain less mercury than incandescent bulbs.

Halogens are another popular option for environment friendly lighting although they are more expensive than conventional sources of lighting. They have a bright, white glow and must be installed in special fixtures. However, they also generate more heat than other solutions, so you shouldn’t go overboard with their use. Always keep light bulbs clean. A dirty lampshade or bulb will obstruct half the light. Always make sure that you are only using the required number of bulbs in the wattage that is required. A brightly lit room will defeat the purpose and also add up to the electricity bill.

Have you switched to energy efficient lighting? If not, this is the best time. Spare a thought for the environment. Eco friendly lighting will additionally be easy on your pocket which is like killing two birds with one stone.

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