10 Creative Navratri Decoration Ideas For Your Home

Date : 3-October,2019|Read: 5 minsLast Updated : 27-July,2020

Navratri is here and you might have started doing the arrangements, all excited to decorate your house with Navratri colours, fragrances and pretty objects to welcome Goddess Durga in her different avatars.

The advancement of autumn soaks the Indian neighbourhood in the spirit of festivity. The "nine-nights" at the beginning of autumn mark the auspicious period in Lunar Calendar when the omnipotent Goddess “Maa Durga” is worshipped with passion and devotion. Each night is dedicated to worshipping one of the many forms of Goddess Durga. It is believed that during these pious days, the holy spirit marks its presence in your home and around the surroundings. The surroundings should be therefore kept clean and fresh, to embrace the pristine divinity. Yellow and red are the colours that are used to paint the walls or incorporated into the decorations to prepare for Navratri festivity. With the plethora of Navratri decoration ideas that are available in the market, here are a few ideas to decorate your home.

1) Cleaning your Space

The first step that you need to take before getting about decorating your house is to clean it up. It is necessary to get rid of the old cobwebs and the dust accumulated on the furniture. You can also organize your wardrobe and make sure that you give away old clutter that is heaping up in your house. Make sure to give those curtains and cushion covers a thorough wash as well as vacuuming your rugs and carpets.

It is imperative to give attention to details and every corner of your house. For many families, this time of the year is the annual cleaning ritual.

2) Using Navratri decoration items like wreaths and garlands

Welcome Navratri by adorning your home with wreaths and garlands made of marigold flowers around the entrance of the house and the windows. This signifies the beginning of Sharad Navratri. You can even use flowers to deck the entrance door, home temple and other parts of the house. The fragrance of these flowers will fill the house with the sweet fragrance of the celebration.

3) Colour your space

Make sure that your interiors look bright and beautiful this Navratri. Indians love vibrant colours and what better way to display them on your walls. Go for ethnic and true colours of India like earthy green, reds, yellows and orange which will create a rustic ambience in the house. Go for wall makeover if your budget allows you. The best and simplest solution is to replace furnishing and decorative items.

4) Beautiful Diya decoration

Diyas, Colourful Scented Candles, Tea Light Candles can be an integral part of Navratri decoration items. Diyas are used to decorate temples or to welcome a person or greet them. It is an important religious symbol. If you are looking to incorporate the diya in your home decor for navratri decorations then you'll get a lot of creative options to do it.

A lot of fancy diyas are available in the market which can be placed in the living room or puja room to add a rustic devotional touch. Apart from diyas, you can also use scented candles that are easily available online or in stores. These can be used along with diyas to mark the homecoming of Goddess Durga.

You can place the decorative Diyas in the Living Room and the Pooja Room to brighten up your Pooja activities. The soft lighting on the deities and the tea lights candles in various colours can give a graceful look to the room.

You can add your personal touch to the terra-cotta diyas by painting them with bright colours and pasting craft pieces. Burlap lanterns, mason jars and decorative lamps can also be used to illuminate the festivities at home. The area around your favourite deity can be lit up by adding a string of fairy or LED lights. They will make the altar shine in vibrancy.

You can bring in some ethnicity to the festivity by using brass Vilakkus (tall brass oil lamps that use oil) and tea light candles in the prayer room. You can also place floating candles in a brass vessel spread with flower petals to add a touch of ethnic charm to your room.

5) Beautiful Rangoli decoration

Rangoli has a religious significance to it while adding captivating charm to the festive decorations. Whether it is handmade or purchased, the significance of Rangoli is tremendous. You can lay it in the living room, puja room or drawing room or any other place that you wish to decorate in your house. A pooja is incomplete without a Rangoli whether you have made it with colours or flowers. They will surely add bloom and freshness to your navaratri decorations.

6) Potpourri of Fragrance

You can fill your glass tray or decorative jar with potpourri. It is a mixture of dried petals and spices placed inside a bowl to spread a mild scented aroma in the room. It is not only soothing to the eyes of the visitors but also spreads the sweet earthy fragrance to mark the beginning of Navratri!

7) Figurine decorations

Ma Durga figurines are popular choices for decorating your homes and prayer rooms during the Navratri season. There are lots of different figurines available in the market, which is why you would be overwhelmed with choices. Welcome Goddess Durga into your home by decorating it with her images and figurines of various shapes and sizes.

8) Decorative Bells and Hangings

You can also buy some traditional room dividers and bells to adorn your homes or for acting as dividers. These can also be hung outside the pooja room as decorations.

9) Navratri Special Toran

Hanging a ‘Toran’ in your pooja room and at the entrance door is considered auspicious and also a decorative embellishment. There are many traditionally decorated varieties of torans with embroidery & mirror work which you must opt over the plastic varieties. Pearl beaded torans are also very popular so are torans made of mango and coconut leaves.

10) Ornamental Idols

In South India, Golu is a popular practice followed as a part of Navratri decorations. As per this tradition, Goddess enters into a meditative phase before killing Mahishasura. Nine steps made of wooden planks depict these nine nights. All these 9 wooden planks can be cleverly covered with subtle shades of silk cloth. Idols of various Gods and Goddesses are kept on these steps in a particular fashion with an attractive centre piece of your favourite deity.

You might already be looking forward to seeing the Navratri colours brightening up your Navratri decorations. Get your creative minds working during this Navratri season!

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